Eternal Return
Eternal Return is an exciting new game made with a mix of MOBA style combat, battle-royale matches, and survival game-like item crafting.
Available on Steam
Oh yeah, and it doesn’t cost a thing! Totally free to play.


Find materials to craft strong weapons, protective armor, or delicious food. Or kill your enemies and take theirs.


Strategize solo or team up with up to two friends in games of up to 18 players in exciting MOBA-Style battle royale matches.


Master a character that matches your style and become the ultimate survivor of Lumia Island.


Eternal Return features a growing cast of over 30 unique and awesome characters, each with their own abilities and strengths – with new ones joining the fight often! Find a character that fits your playstyle, master them, and climb the ranks, and become immortal!


The Rookie Cop is on patrol!
She might rookie, but Aya has been practicing her shooting recently – and is ready to put criminals to justice.


Lumia’s Incurable Patient, Sissela (along with her good friend Wilson) takes part of the mysterious experiment taking place on Lumia Island.
Will she find whatever it is she’s searching for…?


The Juggernaut Chef has been known to cook up some delicious meals.
It doesn’t weigh him down though – the big boy has some big moves.


Mission start.
The Enigma flutters around the island with impressive grace and even more impressive precision in her shots.