ER Pass Season 6: Beachside Splash
  • Perfect weather for swimming your heart out!
    Ah, the sweltering summer heat! Sua, Rio, and Leon have chosen Lumia Island,
    known for its blue skies and dazzling sea, as their vacation spot.
    Wanna join them? Better head over to the beach!
    Take on all sorts of missions and collect ER Pass points.
    There's over 100 rewards to help you beat the heat!
  • * Sua, Rio, and Nicky were the winners of season 4's popularity contest.
    Their special skins were originally scheduled to come out with season 7's ER Pass or pack,
    but they've hopped in a little faster to be able to enjoy summer with all of you.
    We've also updated the rarity of the skins as follows:
    1st place: Epic, 2nd place: Rare, 3rd place: Rare > 1st place: Epic,
    2nd place: Epic, 3rd place: Rare

ER Season 6 Pack

All sorts of new content for Season 6, all in one pack!
Exclusive rewards at an unbeatable price!

4 New Characters



Season 6 Pack

Available for purchase in-game

Deal Expired

Extended Sale Period : ~ June 22th before maintenance
* The Season 6 Pack is only available for purchase during the sale period!
* ER Pass, characters, and skins will be available for purchase individually later on,
but excluisive rewards will not be available for purchase.
* Items you already own will be fully refunded via in-game mail.
(Refunds for owned characters will be in A-Coin, and refunds for owned skins will be in NP.)

ER Season 6 Pack

The following items are included in the Season pack:
<ER Pass (Level 1) / 4 Characters / 11 Skins / 1 Exclusive Skin / 1 Exclusive Emote / 1 Exclusive Tombstone>
Items will be added automatically to your account at the time of release.
This pack will be in the shop for only a month, and will kick off at nearly 70% or 50% off! A spicy hot deal to match the spicy hot summer!

*If you already own an item included in the Season 6 Pack, the price of the character (in A-Coin) or skin (in NP) will be refunded to you.
Check your mailbox to receive your refund.

Season 6 Pack Availability Ends In

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

ER Pass Launch Sale

(May 26th after maintenance ~ Jun 9th before maintenance, for two weeks (KST))


ER Pass



Available at the Store in-game!

Unlock lots of cool content with the ER Pass!
Every time you gain 100 ER Points,
your ER Pass levels up! (Capped at Level 100) Enjoy the rewards!


ER Pass+



Available at the Store in-game!

ER Pass+ includes the ER Pass plus a 19 level boost.
That means if you currently have no progress and you purchase the ER Pass+, you'll start off at Level 20!
Purchase ER Pass+ to zoom through the levels! Show off your new skins sooner!
※ The ER Pass+ grants you 1,900 ER Points. Your ER Pass will gain 19 levels, regardless of your current progress! Each level of the ER Pass takes 100 ER Points.

ER Pass Upgrade

Thinking of purchasing the ER Pass? Already have it, but wish your progress was faster?
You can upgrade your ER Pass to ER Pass+ by purchasing the ER Pass Upgrade!
Upgrading your ER Pass to ER Pass+ via the Pass Upgrade instantly boosts you 19 levels up!
(ex: Level 1 > Level 20)
Please note: The ER Pass is capped at Level 100. The ER Pass Upgrade is non-refundable.
Get your ER Pass Upgrade at a discount!


Weekly Missions: Weekly missions are open at the corresponding week and can be cleared throughout the entire season.
(e.g. Mission 'Slay 7 Chickens' is open at the first week and can be cleared until the end of the season.)

When the new season begins, your ER Pass will be automatically changed to that of the new season.
You can reactivate your previous ER Pass with 300NP. Cleared mission progress will be saved.

  • How do you purchase ER Pass?

    ER Pass can be purchased in-game with NP.
    Launch Eternal Return, go to the ER Pass tab, and the ER Pass will be available to purchase. NP can be also purchased in the in-game store.

  • What happens if I buy my ER Pass late in the season?

    You’ll receive all of the rewards up to your ER Pass level based on your current season level. For example, if you reach season level 20 when you unlock the ER Pass, you'll unlock all rewards for every level up to 20.

  • Can I keep leveling my ER Pass after the season ends?

    After the end of the season, ER Pass leveling can be done until the preseason of the next season.

    The new ER Pass will be automatically activated with the start of the new season.
    Those who already purchased the ER Pass for the previous season can reactivate it with 300NP.

    * There can only be one activated season. ER Points will stack only from the activated ER Pass.
    * Activating each season's ER Pass will require a certain cost.

  • Do I keep my ER Pass rewards after the season ends?

    Yes, you keep every ER Pass reward you've unlocked after the season is over.

  • What if I don't buy the ER Pass? Can I still earn rewards for free?

    Yes, free rewards can be earned even if you don't purchase the ER Pass. To earn all the rewards you have to purchase ER Pass.

  • What are ER Pass Missions?

    ER Pass Missions are missions that give you ER points upon completion. Every 100 ER points will grant you a season level. Some missions can be only completed by playing Normal and Ranked matches.

  • What are ER Pass/Plus/Pass Upgrade?

    ER Pass: Unlocks the paid rewards for the purchased season.
    ER Plus: Instantly boosts your season level by 19.
    ER Pass Upgrade: If you've purchased only the ER Pass, you can still purchase ER Plus and it will only cost you the difference in cost between the two.

  • What if I don't buy the ER Pass? Can I still earn rewards for free?

    Yes, free rewards can be earned even if you don't purchase the ER Pass. To earn all the rewards you must purchase the ER Pass.

  • Is it possible to purchase ER Pass/Plus/Points with the unlocked unactivated ER Pass?

    Yes, it only affects the paid rewards and your level in the season Pass you purchased.

  • Which season will gain ER Points through in-game mail?

    It will be accumulated in the current activated ER Pass.

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