Eternal Return Challenger League (ERCL) Rulebook

Definition of Terms

1.1 Game / Round

A game/round is a single game of Eternal Return played with 18 players participating in a custom lobby, and play will continue until the last survivor is decided under a specific ruleset.

1.2 Match

A match is a set of games, and the final standing of teams/players will be determined by summing the points that each team/player has earned over all rounds. If there is a tie in point totals, we determine the standings according to section 4.2 Tiebreaker.

  1. Event Overview

2.1 The Eternal Return Challenger League (ERCL)

The ERCL is the official esports event series hosted by Nimble Neuron Corp that all ER users are allowed to participate in.

2.2 Game Client Version

Every match in the tournament will use the latest version of “Eternal Return : Black Survival”. If there is an update during the tournament period, the updated version will be immediately available for tournament use. 

2.3 New Character Releases

The latest character released is subject to being blocked from use based on the organizer’s decision. Generally, if a character is unavailable in ranked, they will be disabled in the tournament as well.

2.4 Third-Party Tools

If the organizers recommend the players to use specific third-party tools (Discord, etc) the players should follow the organizers’ decision.

All entrants of ERCL must join the official ERCL Discord Server in order to receive news and communicate with the tournament staff.

2.5 Prize Distribution

Players who win prizes in the tournament will be contacted for their necessary payment information. If the player refuses to provide the needed information, their prize payout will be subject to delays or cancellation. If there is a player who violates the rules in section 3: Player Eligibility, their whole team will be disqualified and the prize will be canceled. Tax charged for prize money will be paid by Nimble Neuron Corp and the player will receive the exact amount written in the notice. Prize money transfer will be transferred within a month after the tournament is finished.

  1. Player Eligibility

3.1 Account Ownership

The player must own a Steam account to participate in the tournament. If the associated Eternal Return account is currently or has been previously banned temporarily or permanently after 2/23/2021, the player will not be allowed to play in the tournament. The duration of tournament suspensions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Using an alternate account to try and circumvent a ban will result in immediate disqualification. Teammates of a banned player will also be punished for helping to circumvent a ban. Account sharing is not allowed. Players may not play on another user’s account under any circumstances. All disputes over account ownership will be investigated and handled by the organizers.

The player must also own a Discord account that is in the ERCL Discord Server at time of tournament registration.

3.2 Age Limitation

In accordance with Steam TOS, all players must be age 13 or older on the first day of the tournament.

3.3 In-game Nicknames

Players cannot use nicknames that include sexual, political, or offensive words or phrases. Players using inappropriate nicknames will either be disqualified from the tournament or asked to change their nickname. Players should use the same nickname that they submitted in the registration form. If not, they will not be allowed to participate.

3.4 Sportsmanship

All players should be familiar with all rules and guidelines in this rulebook. Players must play to their best effort in the tournament. Players may not drop from an on-going set of games due to poor performance. Players should also follow the tournament staffs’ instructions and accept any final decisions made by referees or organizers. Treat all fellow players and tournament staff with respect.

3.5 Substitute and backup players

For solo tournaments, ERCL will maintain a small list of backup players that will be called to play in the tournament if any starting player drops out or is disqualified prior to the first round. For duo and squad tournaments, each team will be allowed to declare up to one substitute player to call in cases of a starting player unable to arrive on time or experiencing game errors. Substitute players cannot be called in for strategic purposes.

  1. Tournament Structure

4.1 Point Matrix


4.2 Point Total Tiebreaker
After all matches have finished, the final standings will be determined by the following steps in order.

  • (Default) Total Points

The team with more total points will be ranked higher.

  • Total Kills

If the total points are tied, the team with more total kills will be ranked higher.

  • Last Round Placement

If the total round kills are tied, the team with higher placement in the last round will be ranked higher.

4.3 Round Placement Tiebreaker
In the case of two players or teams dying at the same time in a round, the final standings will be determined by the following steps in order.

  • (Default) In-Game Result Screen

The player or team with higher placement as displayed by the in-game result page will be ranked higher.

  • Replay Analysis

If players have differing result screens showing on their game client, a frame-by-frame replay analysis will be conducted by a tournament staff. The result will be used to determine which player or team survived longer and will be ranked higher.

  • Average of Placement Points

If a Replay Analysis is conducted and both players or teams are found to have perished on the exact same frame, we will give both players or teams the same ranking and assign each team an equal number of placement points. This number will be determined by the average of both possible placements. (e.g. If there are two 1st places in a solo game, both players will receive 14 placement points.)

4.4 In Game Settings

  • Acceleration of Restricted Areas

All matches will have the ‘‘Acceleration of restricted areas’ option enabled.

  • Hide Nickname from Enemy

All players must have the ‘hide nickname from enemy’ option enabled.

4.5 Structure

Group Stage93Top 6(Solo), 2(Squad), 3(Duo) advances to Semis
Semifinal33Top 6(Solo), 2(Squad), 3(Duo) advances to Final
Final15Final prize payout depends on format
  1. Pause and Errors

5.1 Definition of Terms

  • Unintentional Disconnect

A network failure, PC or hardware failure, game client crash, or platform error causing the disconnect of a player. 

  • Intentional Disconnect

A player voluntarily disconnecting from the game, such as terminating the client or using the “quit game” option. All disconnections caused by players are considered as intentional disconnects. 

  • Server Problems

All disconnects caused by game server, client bugs, or the venue’s network.

5.2 Rehost

Failures to start a match caused by server problems, natural disasters, or specific technical problems can result in a rehost of the lobby. If the game is to be rehosted, all players should maintain the same picks. Rehosts will also sometimes occur in the case of player disconnections, according to section 5.3 Disconnect during Online Match.

5.3 Disconnect during Online Match

Unintentional disconnects or crashes occurring prior to match start, during the loading screen, or within the first 30 seconds of game start may result in a rehost. For player-side issues, up to 2 lobby rehosts can be offered as a courtesy. If a player cannot play the game normally after that, the match will proceed normally.

  1. Penalty

6.1 Cheating

The following behaviors are categorized as cheating and will be penalized. Players may report another player’s violation of rules if they have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and a penalty will be determined. The default penalty is a 1-round forfeit if there is no exact penalty specified. All decisions are made at the discretion of the tournament organizers.

  • Late arrival

All players must join the game lobby and the designated Discord voice channel (if applicable) on time. If they fail to join on time, they will be disqualified from the tournament. 1st offense – disqualification from current tournament. 2nd offense – ban from ERCL tournaments for 1 month. 3rd offense – ban from ERCL tournaments for 3 months.

  • Teaming

Teaming is strictly prohibited in all modes. If multiple teams or players collude to gain an unfair advantage, all teams or players will be disqualified from the tournament. This will be applied if multiple teams or players do not deal damage to each other even if they are in combat range. Rulings on teaming will be handled on a case by case basis by ERCL organizers.

  • Outside communication

Communication with anyone outside of your team in the case of squads or duos is not allowed during the tournament. Outside communication undermines the competitive integrity of the tournament and is strictly prohibited.

  • Emotes

All in game emotes will not be allowed.

  • Bug exploit

Do not exploit any bugs, including known bugs and bugs discovered during the tournament if any. 

  • Dying in a restricted area/Quitting

Dying in the restricted area or quitting the match while alive even if the player is not in a combat is strongly discouraged. All points from a players death will be given to the player or team that most clearly forced the player’s death to occur.

6.2 Offensive Behavior

Behaviors that can offend other players, the audience, tournament staff, tournament organizers, or other related personnel are strongly prohibited. These behaviors will be subject to immediate punishment and potential grounds for disqualification or bans at the tournament organizer’s discretion. All players should respect other people participating in the tournament as well as all tournament staff. Punishments can be given for inappropriate behavior without warning.

6.3 Hate speech

Hate speech of players is strongly prohibited. Hate against gender, sexuality, race or anything else will not be tolerated and result in strict penalties.

6.4 Disobeying Organizers’s Instructions

Players disobeying the organizer’s instructions for proceeding the tournament will result in penalties.

6.5 Penalty Dispute

If a player wants to dispute a penalty, they can only dispute it on the day the penalty is decided and announced.

6.8 Penalty index

Referees can give the following penalties to a team or a player if a rule has been violated. Type of penalty given depends on the severity of the violation.

  • Warning
  • Disqualification
  • Ban from Tournament (1 month, 3 months, or permanent)
  1. About the Rules

7.1 Application of Rules

Rules, player eligibility, match schedule and format, and penalty index are the fundamental rules in organizing a tournament. The content in this rulebook acts as a guide for referees to make specific decisions in unexpected circumstances. The semantics of any content in this rulebook cannot be a target of dispute.

7.2 Modification of Rules

Rules can be modified for fair and flawless operation of the tournament, and the modified categories and effective date will be announced before any changes are made effective.

7.3 Responsibility of Organizers

  • Organizers will do their best to protect the fairness of the tournament, and prevent any abuse of authority within the tournament staff team. 
  • Organizers can require a player to participate in marketing/advertisement related to the tournament, and players have a duty to follow the requirements to a reasonable degree.
  • Marketing/advertisement can include interviews, video taking, and profile picture taking. Organizers have the rights to use this media in accordance to copyright and other related laws.

7.4 Responsibility and Right of Players

  • Players can report problems that occurred during the match within 1 hour of the tournament ending.
  • All tournament footage belongs to the tournament organizers, and is not available for re-upload, unless footage is being uploaded for problem reporting and internal review.
  • Players cannot stream the match unless it is allowed by the tournament organizer. In cases where streaming is allowed, players must follow the designated stream format.
  • In the case of a violation regarding streaming, organizers can request the player to stop uploading/streaming the tournament. If the request is ignored, the player may be penalized.