Welcome to the Eternal Return World Invitational

The top players from around the world battle in the ERWI.

ERWI will consist of 9 teams. Two teams from America, one from Europe, two from China, one from Asia Pacific, one from Japan, and two from Korea.
The 9 teams will compete against each other to be called World Champions.

How are the teams selected?

If you think you and your partner have the skill and talent to become the ERWI champion, try and qualify!
What have you got to lose?!
Details for qualifiers will be announced on the official website.

2022 ERWI

How to watch
Watch the entire series on Twitch or on select streaming platforms in each region.
All matches will be streamed so fans can enjoy watching anywhere in the world without missing a single moment!

Explore the 2022 ERWI

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