Minor Patch – 0.19.3 (Nov. 16, 2020)

During the 3 days that followed Shoichi’s update, all data indicating character performance, excluding pick rate, was rather low, delaying our decision to release any changes.

When a new character is released, we usually see a high pick rate for the first 3 days before it decreases again, but Shoichi hovered around 15% through the weekend. Players were learning how to play him, increasing the amount of data we have for character performance. We recorded higher than average kills for him.

The culmination of all this data means we’re pushing a patch for Shoichi a bit early, and moving Wednesday’s typical balance patch to Friday for us to study his new data.


As an assassin, Shoichi is a character more powerful when managing space and staying at a distance, but a bit weaker in melee. However, due to his low HP, he was more difficult to handle than we initially thought. When facing Shoichi, it required more micro-focused skills or targeted equipment to counter him.

Focusing on his level 6 power-spike, we are reducing the early game power of skill amplification builds, and are changing the (hard to counter) root from Ruthless (R).

Phony Deal (Passive)

  • Critical Strike Chance per stack 3/4/5% —> 3/5/7%
  • Base damage of thrown daggers 50/75/100 —> 25/60/95

Good Faith (Q)

  • Damage 30/65/100/135/170 —> 30/75/120/165/210

Bottom Line (W)

  • Base Damage 10/60/110/160/210 —> 10/40/70/100/130
  • Range 6m —> 5.5m

Ruthless (R)

  • 1-second root—> 30% slow (1 second)
  • AOE Damage 150/200/250 —> 50/150/250
  • Dagger damage 50/75/100 → 25/60/95

Team Mode Variables

  • Damage dealt in Duo mode 100% → 97%
  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 100% → 94%

Item changes

  • Mount Slicer
    • Attack Power 30 → 33
    • Skill Amplification 40 —> 35
  • Fan
    • Skill Amplification 16 —> 11