Patch Notes – 0.21.0 (Dec. 9, 2020)

Hello friends. Aesop here with your favorite thing in the world: Patch Notes.

Got a couple things headed your way this patch, like some awesome new weapon types. Let’s jump into it.

The 0.21.0 Update will go live after maintenance on Wednesday, December 9th (10PM to 12AM PST).

New weapons

As you may have seen, we’ve given some characters new weapon types.

  • Yuki – Dual Swords
    Dual Swords are not available as a starter weapon, but Yuki can craft them after starting with Two-Handed Swords.
  • Xiukai – Dagger
  • Sissela – Throw


Saved Plans

  • Purchasing Saved Plans slots
    • You can now purchase Saved Plans slots per character.
    • We must sell each slot separately to minimize server load. 1200 A-Coin or 90 NP.
    • 6000 A-Coin will be sent to your accounts to help purchase some Saved Plan slots! This will occur December 10th 12am to Dec 17th 11:59pm KST.
  • Saved Plans ID: You can retrieve your Saved Plans by using a Saved Plans ID.
  • Version filter: New filter for latest game version first added. On the latest version it’s organized by number of shares/uses.
  • Reorder function: You can now rearrange route order.
  • We will remove the default Saved Plans Recommendations from the shared list.

Handling improvements

  • If you right-click an area where you cannot access, you will move to a section where you can go without stopping.
  • No longer unable to get items after clicking them in boxes. (Clicking and moving your mouse a little bit is no longer recognized, so you should be able to loot more smoothly.)


  • Improvement of character resources: Xiukai, Jackie, Adriana, Hyunwoo
  • Optimization of bushes
  • Optimization of background graphics

Other improvements

  • When queue pops, Eternal Return will be brought to the front of your screen. “Match Accept” button has been postponed to the next update.
  • Beginner video guides recommended in game for players under level 10.
  • When you open the scoreboard (Tab) in spectator mode, the order applied is fixed to team order.
  • Sound effects now occur when you install or use a trap.


Character Stats and Balance Update
Many of you are curious about our balance methodology — we base our balance decisions on data and statistical analysis. By default, four indicators are used for average number of kills, win rate, rank, and pick rate. These are complemented by detailed analysis on other factors like skill order, item builds, and mastery data.
Some of the balance changes are centered around high-tier players. If certain data points from high rank matches are outliers, they become a priority for adjustment. Naturally, we also look at any of the aforementioned indicators being outliers as well. If the key indicators are mixed, we observe further. When the win rate and the average number of kills don’t line up, we approach with caution. Balance can be greatly compromised if we make even the tiniest wrong adjustment.
Statistics mainly respond to ‘dramatic’ values. If the number of kills is significantly high, action is likely to be required in a different sense other than ‘balance’.
Character balance also varies greatly by mode, which is where our current system is limited. Because the mode-specific values have been developed per character, it is difficult to adjust if other weapons are strong per mode.
For example, assault rifle Aya is strong in solo, but in squads, data shows pistol performs better. Although Aya’s pistol in solo and Aya’s assault rifle in squad show poorer performance, they cannot be adjusted.
This is often the case with the statistics of the played modes vs actual patches going in different directions. To address these limitations, we are developing a “character-weapon specific mode adjustments.”


  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 85% → 82%


  • Nickname is no longer hidden under the nameplate when using the Sniper skill.


  • Damage dealt in Duo mode 97% → 95%
  • No longer sometimes disappears when using Plague (R) during Hart’s Peacemaker (R)


  • Fiora – Spear Normal Attack speed 0.705 → 0.665
  • Fente(Q)
    • Range indicator is now more accurate
    • Movement speed slow on hit: 15% for 1.5s
    • Full Touché stacks: 70% slow for 1.5s
    • Damage 40/80/120/160/200 → 60/120/180/240/300
    • Full Touché stacks damage: 200% + Critical Strike damage increase → 110% + Critical Strike damage increase
  • Marche & Rompre(E)
    • [REMOVED] 15% slow on hit
    • [REMOVED] Full Touché stacks: 70% slow on hit
    • Full Touché stacks: 110% Damage + Critical Strike Damage increase
    • Attack Power ratio: 50% -> 40%


  • Flanger(E) no longer able to be used in succession when near walls.


  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 85% → 82%
  • Attack Power per level 2.3 → 2.5


  • HP per level 85 → 80


  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 85% → 82%


  • Hack and Slash (Q) indicator is now more accurate.
  • Leaping Strike(E)
    • Base Damage 10/80/150/220/290 → 10/70/130/190/250
  • Chainsaw Murderer(R)
    • Movement Speed increase: 30/35/40% → 20/25/30%
    • Final Damage: 300/500/800 → 300/500/700

Li Dailin

  • HP per level 92 → 89


  • HP per level 100 → 91
  • Bike From Hell(R)
    • Cooldown 80/70/60s → 90/80/70s


  • Damage dealt in Duo mode 93% → 91%
  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 85% → 83%


  • Defense 24 → 27
  • Damage dealt in Duo mode 97% → 95%
  • Phony Deal(P)
    • Critical strike chance increase per stack 3/5/7% → 3/6/9%


  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 100% → 96%
  • Radar Gun(Q)
    • Damage 30/60/90/120/150 → 30/65/100/135/170
  • Spare Tire(E)
    • Damage 70/85/100/115/130 → 80/100/120/140/160


  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 85% → 82%
  • Defense per level 1.5 → 1.7
  • Play With Us!(E)
    • Projectile length1.5m → 1.3m


  • Damage dealt in Duo mode 95% → 93%
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect blow range and effect range when changing directions while using Burnt to a Crisp(R).
  • You can now use Stop (S) and Hold (H) while using Burnt to a Crisp(R).
  • Crafted items no longer disappear when your inventory is full and Xiukai cooks food that’s not made from his ingredients.


  • Damage dealt in Duo mode 95% → 92%
  • From Head to Toe(Q)
    • Base Damage 30/55/80/105/130 → 20/45/70/95/120
  • No longer causing additional damage to occur via passive when attacking with the VF buff (Wickeline buff)


  • Damage dealt in Squad mode 85% → 88%
  • Vayvayastra(E)
    • Eye of Azrael airborne duration: 1.5s → 1s



  • Love&… (D)
    • Charm duration 2s → 1.5s
  • Satisfaction Normal Attack Extra Damage 14 → 12


Sniper Crossbow range 1.2m → 1m

  • Expulsion Shot (D) indicator is now more accurate.
  • Ballista Movement Speed -0.05 [REMOVED]


  • Harpe Skill Amplification 45 → 42

Sniper Rifle

  • Tac-50 Movement Speed -0.07 → -0.03


  • David’s Sling Attack Power 75 → 80


  • Tactical Tonfa Attack Power 65 → 70


  • Divine Fist Movement Speed -0.1 → -0.05
  • Brasil Gauntlet Movement Speed -0.1 → -0.05


  • Full Swing (D) indicator is now more accurate.
  • Spy Umbrella Attack Power 50 → 60
  • Monkey King Bar Attack Power 140 → 150


  • Armor Piercing (D) indicator is now more accurate.
  • Evening Star Attack Power 145 → 150

Mastery and Experience

  • Defense Mastery per level Normal Attack Damage decrease 1.3% → 1.2%
  • HP Mastery per level maximum HP increase 1.3% → 1.2%
  • Meditation Mastery per level maximum SP increase 2% → 1.7%
  • Hunting Mastery Experience needed – Level 2: 180, per level: 150 → Level 2: 180, per level: 170
  • Crafting Mastery Experience needed – level 2: 380, per level: 130 → level 2: 430, per level: 120
  • Weapon Mastery condition for acquiring experience: 100 Damage dealt to player: 60 → 63

Bugs fixed

  • Animals no longer randomly drop aggro sometimes.
  • All steps of the tutorial are now working normally.
  • Saved Plans number, the number of status icons, Character info and stats are correctly displayed in all resolutions.
  • Items are now shown normally after picking them up from the floor when you’re unarmed
  • Characters now face only the water when fishing.
  • Now correctly displays inventory after some items were used when dragging them in inventory slots

LP Adjustment

  • LP has been adjusted for games that occurred with the exploit on December 7th.
  • Players who abnormally disconnected more than a certain number of times before November 30th, Suspensions and LP deductions will be made processed.