PATCH NOTES 0.24.0 – Jan 19, 2021

Eternal Return will undergo temporary maintenance starting Tuesday, January 19th from 6 PM to around 10 PM PST to apply the 0.24.0 update.

Hello Lumia Survivors! Aesop here with some THICK patch notes today. Seriously it’s more like a patch novel. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s start off with the newest character, Rozzi.


The newest addition to Lumia Island is none other than Rozzi, the Enigma!
Note: She cannot be used in Ranked Matches for one week.

Dual Wield (Passive)

After Rozzi uses a skill, her next normal attack within the next 4 seconds will activate twice consecutively, dealing 70% and 60/70/80% damage.

Rozzi gains SP equal to 50% of her HP recovery when she eats food made from chocolate. She gains HP equal to 30% of her SP recovery when she drinks something made from chocolate.

Easy Shot (Q)
Rozzi fires her pistols in the targeted direction, dealing 40/80/120/160/200 (+AP 30%) damage to enemies hit. If she hits an enemy, her next movement command within 2 seconds will be a dash and the cooldown of Easy Shot will be reduced by 2 seconds.

  • Cooldown 6s
  • SP cost 60/65/70/75/80
  • Range 5m, Width 1m
  • Dash range 2.75m

Flutter (W)
Rozzi unloads a barrage of bullets in an area around her, dealing 70/110/150/190/230(+AP 35%) damage to enemies in range, decreasing their defense by 12/14/16/18/20% for 2.5 seconds and stopping their HP regen and food recovery.

While Rozzi is shooting for 0.75 seconds, her movement speed is increased by 50% and she reloads her gun.

  • Cooldown 9/8.5/8/7.5/7s
  • SP cost 70/80/90/100/110
  • Range ratio 3m

Gun Vault (E)
Rozzi vaults over her target and shoots them, dealing 50/70/90/110/130(+AP 40%) damage. While jumping, Rozzi is untargetable and cannot take damage.
Rozzi can use Gun Vault again within 3 seconds of an enemy being hit, knocking them back, dealing 50/70/90/110/130 (+AP 45%) damage, and stunning them if they hit a wall.

  • Cooldown 18/16/14/12/10s
  • SP cost 70/80/90/100/110
  • Jump Range 3m, Landing point behind enemy 2.5m

Semtex Bomb Mk II (R)
Rozzi launches a semtex bomb that explodes 3 seconds after attaching to an enemy or the ground, dealing 100/200/300 (+AP 45%) damage.
Enemies with the bomb attached have their movement speed decreased by 20/25/30%. Normal attacks on the target 5 times will cause it to explode immediately, dealing additional damage equal to 6/10/14% of the target’s Max HP, reducing its cooldown by 30%, and increasing Rozzi’s movement speed by 15% for 1 second. Attacking enemies with a skill while the bomb is attached counts as 2 normal attacks.

  • Cooldown 30/25/20s
  • SP cost 90
  • Range 5m, Attach ratio 1.2m, Explosion ratio 1.75m


Objective Announcements

  • When a Tree of Life is ready to be selected or Wickeline spawns, an announcement now pops up on the screen and notifies all players

Character Skill Videos

  • Videos displaying character skills will now be displayed in the Lobby.
  • We are also planning to add more detailed skill information to the Lobby in the future.

Map movement

  • You can now move using the map (M) to a desired point by pressing Ctrl+Right Click.

Search Box

  • SP cost when searching boxes: 20 -> 15

Mute Chats/Pings Function

  • You now have the option to mute enemy emotes, team chats, and pings.

Team Mode Traps

  • You can no longer place a trap on top of another one in Duo and Squad modes.

Simultaneous Hyperloop Uses

  • Two or more people can now use Hyperloop at the same time. (Finally!)

Japanese Voice-overs

  • Characters now have selectable Japanese voice overs.

Spectator Mode Improvements

  • You can now see the number of kills displayed under the portrait of the survivors.
  • Spectator key shortcuts added. (Select Team: 1~9, Select character on team: Q, W, E)
  • Team color is now displayed around the border of the character level
  • Team color will also be displayed at the border of the character icon on the minimap.
  • Left-clicking an area in the map (M), will bring the camera to that area.



  • Enemies now correctly see the Bullseye(Q) projectile at max range.


  • Skill names are now fully displayed in Gameplay Tips.

Li Dailin

  • “Resting” animation no longer occurs in place of her “neutral” animation when cancelling rest early.
  • Sound and animations now work properly after canceling the preparation of food.

Juggernaut Chef (P) is too strong for it to provide both offense AND defense, so we’re lowering the HP received from Juggernaut Chef to keep it in check.

  • Juggernaut Chef (P) 1 Max Health per Stack 8 → 7
  • Wok It Off (E)’s indicator is adjusted to properly match its range.


  • You can now see Wilson properly even in places with different elevations such as the Pond Bear Peninsula.


  • You can now properly use Wheelie (On bike E) in places with different elevations such as the Pond Bear Peninsula


  • Oil Slick(W) now works properly and is no longer able to be used twice consecutively.

Aya’s Blank Cartridge (R) was a skill that often caused misunderstandings and clarity issues. Instead of changing the skill time, we’ve reworked it a bit and changed the skill to be interruptible, but also giving it a bit of variety so that you can utilize it in various situations.

  • Blank Cartridge (R)
    • Now channeled for up to 1.5 seconds. Can be cancelled from CC.
    • After 0.3 seconds you can reactivate it to fire immediately.
    • Damage dealt and time rooted increase depending on channeling time. (If interrupted by CC, will still deal damage and root based on channel time)
    • Damage dealt 200/350/500(+Attack Power 70%) → Min damage dealt 200/300/400 (+Attack Power 70%) ~ Max 400/600/800 (+Attack Power 140%)
    • Normal 1.5/1.75/2s Suppressed → Min 0.5s ~ Max 1.5/1.75/2s Root


  • Rebel Assault (W)
    • Sound effects no longer trigger twice when the skill is reactivated right before the max time.
    • Assault Rifle sound effects are no longer triggered when activating skills with Pistol.

We have changed Change★ to be a rechargeable skill, enabling Emma to pull off more magically flashy plays. You can see her strength in Solo Mode, and we will continue to work on other parts where she may still be lacking.

  • Hat Trick(W)
    • Diameter 1.8m → 1.7m
  • Change★(R)
    • It recharges up to 2 times. Charging time is equal to the original Cooldown. (18/15/12s)
    • Cooldown 18/15/12s –> 3s
    • Now when you activate Change★, the cooldown for CheerUP♥(Passive) does not decrease.
  • You can now properly click on corpses when Hat and Dove are over them.


  • Zahir’s floating sound (similar to steps) now work properly after activating Gandiva(W),
  • Damage and effect times now match correctly for Bhargavastra (R).


  • Wickeline buff is no longer counted as a bleeding effect.
  • Activating another ability right before the end of Chainsaw Murderer(R) now “queues up” the skill correctly


  • The sound of footsteps work properly now after charging Hand of Corruption(Q) and when it’s cancelled automatically while you’re moving.
  • Effects for Mania(E) are now properly displayed.


  • Effects are now displayed normally when you check the Touché(P) indicator while Marche & Rompre(E) is still activated.
  • Explanations for Gameplay Tips and Tool Tips are now displayed correctly.

Flanger is a skill that can be used fast and continuously, so we’re lowering the damage dealt at the beginning.
Additionally, we will improve Guitars that are not picked as often and would like to encourage her to have a healthier pick rate across all queues.

  • Time between Flanger(E) casts 0.13s → 0.23s
  • Peacemaker (R) now decreases the movement speed of Wild Animals and makes them dance as intended.


  • Haymaker(R)
    • If Haymaker (R) is interrupted by an enemy, it will now be activated to the extent of how fully it was charged to prior interruption.
    • Haymaker (R) no longer causes you to freeze when silenced..


  • Damage dealt with Shuriken increased in all modes: Solo (110% → 112%), Duo(102% → 105%), Squad (96% → 100%)


  • Bike from Hell (R) no longer immediately explodes or goes in the wrong direction.


We looked at some less commonly used weapons and are making some adjustments to add more variety to your weapon selections.


  • Walther PPK Attack Power 8 → 14 / Movement Speed 0.1 [REMOVED]


  • Uppercut(D): Uppercut no longer knocks back enemies that are in close proximity.
  • Bone Gauntlet Movement Speed -0.1 → -0.05
  • Buddha’s Palm Attack Power 33 → 37
  • Brasil Gauntlet Attack Power 48 → 53
  • Divine Fist Attack Power 46 → 50


  • Stairway to Heaven Attack Power 56 → 61
  • Wonderful Tonight Attack Speed 18% → 25%
  • The Wall Attack Power 70 → 75 / Attack Speed 18% → 20%
  • Teen Spirit Attack Speed 25% → 30%
  • Guitar crafting materials are now displayed correctly.


  • Carnwennan Attack Power 37 → 41 / Cooldown Reduction 10% → 12%


  • Beam Axe Movement Speed Reduction -0.1 [REMOVED]


  • Durendal Mk2 Attack Power 51 → 55


  • Spy Umbrella Skill Amplification 25 → 28
  • Mallet Attack Power 80 → 85

Dual Swords

  • Twin Swords 14 → 18
  • Florentine 23 → 28
  • Dioscuri Attack Power 40 → 43
  • Divine Dual Swords Attack Power 44 → 49
  • Starsteel Twin Swords Attack Power 55 → 60
  • Lloigor & Zahr Attack Power 33 → 38


  • Steel Chain Attack Power 11 → 13
  • Nunchaku Attack Power 27 → 29
  • Sharper Attack Power 27 → 29
  • The Smiting Dragon Skill Amplification 14 → 17


  • Caltrops (D) Range 4.5m → 5m
  • Cards of Tyranny Attack Speed 30% → 40%
  • Fuhma Shuriken Attack Power 48 → 52

Two-handed Sword

  • Thuận Thiên Movement Speed -0.05 [REMOVED]
  • Monohoshizao Life Steal 18% → 21%
  • Hovud Attack Power 45 → 50
  • Dáinsleif Life Steal 20% → 25%

Sniper Rifle

  • Sniper Projectile Speed 18.75m/s → 20m/s
  • Intervention Attack Power 115 → 120
  • NTW-20 Attack Power 95 → 100
  • The Deadly Ray Attack Power 95 → 100

There are a lot of spears in the game, but they don’t offer much individuality between them. We’re adjusting them to give a little more flavor to some of them.

  • Dragon Guandao Attack Power 130 → 110 / [NEW] HP 300
  • Lance of Poseidon Attack Power 120 → 90 / [NEW] Skill Amplification 17%


  • Grappling Whip(D) – No longer always drags enemies through walls at any distance. Now restricted to pulling only at 2.5m away.
  • Plasma Whip Attack Power 54 → 60


  • Mai Sok Attack Power 58 → 63


  • David’s Sling Extra Normal Attack Damage 30 → 27
  • Incendiary Bomb Attack Power 70 → 75


  • Elemental Bow Skill Amplification 41 → 38


Head Armor now grants Critical Strike Damage Reduction depending on the rarity of Head Armor. Landing a Critical hit deals damage (200% + Critical Strike Damage increase – Enemy’s Critical Strike Damage decrease) of Normal Attack.

Creed of the Knight’s Critical Strike Damage increase is also being buffed to counteract the new Critical Strike Damage Reduction effect when building around Crit.


  • Common: Critical Strike Damage Reduction 2%
  • Uncommon: Critical Strike Damage Reduction 4%
  • Rare: Critical Strike Damage Reduction 7%
  • Epic / Legendary: Critical Strike Damage Reduction 10%


  • Sunset Armor HP 400 → 360


  • Sword Stopper Critical Damage decrease 10%
  • Sheath of Shah Jahan HP 300 → 260
  • Creed of the Knight Critical Strike Damage 20% → 25%
  • [NEW] Crimson Bracelet Recipe: Bracelet + Ruby → Bracelet + Spiked Plank
  • [NEW] Burnished Aegis
    • Crimson Bracelet + Leather Shield
    • HP 350 / SP 250 / Attack Power 10 / Defense 10


  • Maverick Runner Movement Speed 0.25 → 0.2 / Out of Combat Movement Speed 0.5 → 0.55


  • Feather Movement Speed 0.08 → 0.06
  • Sniper Scope Vision Range 4m → 4.5m / Attack Power 6 → 10


  • Lighter Max Stack 3 → 2


Box Looting Improvements

  • Boxes should now open normally in most cases. (I feel like I write this every patch!)
  • Improved box areas: Dock (Boxes near the Factory side), Archery Range (Boxes near Alley side), Uptown (Car on the South West side).

Vision Improvements

  • The window next to the security console in Hotel has been removed so you can no longer see over the wall.
  • You can no longer fully see higher viewpoints when you’re positioned in lower elevations. (Right side of Archery Range, between Beach and Hotel)

Collision Handling Improvements

  • We modified the terrain in Pond, Factory and Forest where collision detection was inaccurate in some places

Area Material Adjustments

  • Beach: Snare 5 → 3, Mousetrap 3 → 5
  • Archery Range: Bamboo 6 → 5, Paper 5 → 6
  • Chapel Snare 5 → 4, Paper 6 → 7

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Shuriken and Throw now display the right amount of charges when swapped.
  • You can now properly use collectible objects after reconnecting. (We are continuing to monitor issues that occur after reconnection).
  • You can now properly place traps and cameras on top of “summoned” skills, such as Emma’s Dove (Q), Hat Trick (W), Hyejin’s Charm of the Prophecy (W), etc.
  • Your username is now correctly displayed and no longer goes under the HP bar while using skills that change range, such as Magnus’ Bike from Hell (R), Nadine’s Bullseye (Q), etc.
  • No longer able to color code Saved Plans names.
  • Camera no longer locks when you press Spacebar with another Key at the same time in one single frame. (We’re still investigating other cases in which the camera may lock).
  • You can now use Adriana’s Oil Slick (W), Hyejin’s Charm of Despair (Q) and other skills with stacks normally.
  • Wickeline now casts Perfusion in the right direction.
  • Models while fishing now display correctly.
  • The screen now moves correctly when you use your keyboard to move it diagonally.
  • Deleting search words in the Crafting menu now is working properly.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now work properly when searching in English in the Crafting menu.