PATCH NOTES 0.25.0 – Feb 3, 2021

Eternal Return will undergo temporary maintenance starting Tuesday, February 2nd from 6 PM to around 9 PM PST to apply the 0.25.0 update.

Hello my dear friends. Aesop here with some big ole’ patch notes for you. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff for you today – new character, new skin, new features, new stats on items!

Let’s jump right into it with some details about the newest character to come to Eternal Return, Luke


The Cleaner is ready to start taking out the trash all over Lumia Island.
(Note: Luke will not be available in Ranked matches for 1 week.)

Neat n’ Tidy
Neat: Luke recovers 5/8/12% lost HP upon killing a player or 20/25/30% lost HP upon killing Wickeline

Tidy: Luke gains a stack of Tidy upon killing players, killing wild animals, or opening air supplies.

  • Gain an evolution point at 10/30/50 stacks
  • After 50 Stacks, every 10 stacks of Tidy increase the effect of Neat by 1%.

Gaining Tidy Stacks:

  • Chicken, Bat Kill: 1Stack
  • Boar, Wild Dog, Wolf, Bear: 3 Stacks
  • Player Kill: 5 Stacks
  • Wickeline Kill: 10 Stacks
  • Opening air supplies: Uncommon/Rare: 1, Epic: 2, Legendary: 5

Clean Sweep(Q)
Luke throws a bottle of his favorite cleaning product in the targeted direction, dealing 30/50/70/90/110 (+Attack Power 50%) damage to enemies hit and granting him vision of them. Reactivate this skill within the next 3 seconds to dash to the enemy hit, dealing 50/80/110/140/170(+Attack Power 100%) damage and destroying their shield.
Evolution Effect:: Reactivating Clean Sweep heals Luke based on damage dealt.

  • Cooldown 10/9.5/9/8.5/8s
  • SP Cost 30/50/70/90/110
  • Range 10m, Width 0.6m, Reactivation Range 11m

Elbow Grease(W)
Passive: Reduces duration of CC on Luke by 20% (airborne/slow/root/stun/suppression).
Active: Luke strengthens his normal attacks for 5 seconds, dealing 20/35/50/65/80(+Attack Power 20%) extra skill damage to enemies hit.
Hitting an enemy increases his attack speed by 12% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

Evolution effect: Every time an enemy is hit by the enhanced normal attack of Elbow Grease, the cooldown of Clean Sweep is reduced by .5 second.

  • Cooldown : 6/5.5/5/4.5/4s
  • SP Cost 20/35/50/65/80

Dirty Work (E)
Passive: Luke does not cause pings on the minimap when attacking or killing an enemy.
Active: Luke teleports behind a targeted enemy and shoots them, dealing 60/90/120/150/180(+Attack Power 40%) damage.
Evolution effect: Enemies damaged by Dirty Work are slowed by 70% for 1 second.

  • Cooldown 18/16/14/12/10s
  • SP Cost 70/85/100/115/130
  • Range 3m

Pressure Washer(R)
Luke fires a bullet from his concealed gun, dealing 250/300/350 (+Attack Power 80%) ~ 500/600/700(+Attack Power 160%) damage to enemies hit based on their missing HP, slowing them by 50% for 2 seconds, granting him vision of them, and pushing himself back.
Evolution effect: Hitting an enemy with the bullet resets the cooldown of Clean Sweep.

  • Cooldown 100/80/60s
  • SP Cost 120/140/160
  • Range 10m, Width 1.5m


Skins & Executioner Jackie

The skin system is in place and the Skins are now here!

Executioner Jackie will be the first skin ever available for purchase in Eternal Return: Black Survival.

Going forward, we aim to have every major update include a new character and a new skin.

New Lobby Addition – Collection

We have added a tab in the lobby for you to view all your skins and emotes

You can access emotes settings in the new collection feature. New emotes will be on the way in the future!

Spawn Point Improvements

Spawn points have been limited to 5 per area.

  • Boxes have been added to some areas to ensure each spawn point has access to a relatively even amount.
  • If there are more than 6 players that start in one region, two players will start adjacent to one spawn point (within 2m)
  • Hyperloop will use the same points as before.

Normal Matches MMR System Reorganization

Normal Match MMR is divided by mode, when a player starts another mode for the first time, your MMR will be at 0. This would cause imbalance and instances of new players getting crushed by veterans. MMR will now match each mode a bit more accurately.

  • MMR now varies by about 50% when queueing up for different modes in Solo, Duo or Squad.
  • Following the patch, your Solo, Duo and Squad Normal MMR will be based on the mode with your highest MMR

Penalty for declining queue
You will now be penalized for declining 2 consecutive queues.

Finding Game Shortcut Key (Stream sniper protection)
You can now find a match using key commands. When in the lobby, press one of the buttons to instantly start searching for the match of your choosing. Your time in queue and selected mode will not be displayed. Pressing the key again will cancel the match.

Normal (Solo/Duo/Squad): F5, F6, F7

Ranked (Solo/Duo/Squad): F9, F10, F11

Mouse Shortcut keys

(We did it guys, we finally did it!!)

Mouse buttons (MB3, MB4, MB5)can now be mapped as hotkeys.



  • Squirrel Trap Health 9 → 10
  • [Bug Fix] Squirrel Traps now connect when placed on top of each other.


Lenox has been shining a bit in Solo mode, so we’re adjusting her a bit, but still allowing her to deal the same damage when expertly pulling off skill combos.

  • Attack Power per level 2.8 -> 2.4
  • Damage Dealt in Duo mode: 100% -> 94%
  • Damage Dealt in squad mode: 94% -> 91%
  • Recoil(Q) Damage 40/70/100/130/160 30/60/90/120/150 + (+Attack Power 30%) → 25/55/85/115/145 15/50/70/100/130 + (+Attack Power 30%)
  • Recoil (Q)Outer Ring Damage 5/5.5/6/6.5/7% Max HP → 5.5%/6%/6.5%/7%/7.5% Max HP
  • Recoil(Q) Skill Animation speed adjusted a bit
  • [Bug Fix] Skills will now work properly when “Queued up” after normal attacks
  • [Bug Fix] Tooltips now appear correctly in each language.

After Rozzi’s first couple of weeks, she’s still showing to be a touch weak across all modes. We’re giving her room to make big plays, thus allowing Rozzi to be STRONK.

  • Casting time after targeting reduced by .06s.
  • Dual Wield(P) – Shooting speed is now proportional to her attack speed
  • Dual Wield (P) – Attack Power Ratio 70%, 60/70/80% -> 60%, 50/60/70%
  • Easy Shot (Q) – Range 5m -> 5.5m
  • Easy Shot(Q) – Size and Color of skill improved for clarity.
  • Flutter (W) – Movement Speed 50% increase for .5s -> 100% increase for .4s
  • [Bug Fix] Using Flutter after Easy Shot no longer hides the Flutter animation
  • [Bug Fix] The second use of Gun Vault now properly hits enemies when something may block the projectile

Li Dailin

Ms. Dailin is just a tad too strong.

  • Defense per Level 2.5 -> 2.2
  • Nunchaku – Solo Mode Damage Dealt 103% -> 100%
  • [Bug Fix] Bottom Shelf (E) animation now ends at the proper time.


Maggy here likes to build defense anyway, so let’s move some of that HP he gets and promote him to be aggressive, too.

  • HP per Level +91 -> +82
  • Attack Power per Level 1.9 → 2.2


We’re making it so that the Cunning Businessman needs to decide where to fight a bit more carefully.

  • Ruthless (R) Cooldown 110/90/70 → 120/100/80
  • [Bug Fix] Ruthless (R) no longer occasionally sends knives out in incorrect directions.


Silivia is pretty strong early, but towards the late game she tends to run out of gas a bit. (See what I did there?!)

  • Lumia Grand Prix (P) Skill Amplification from visiting all 15 areas 15% → 18%
  • Finish Line(W) SP Cost 25/35/45/55/65 → 35/40/45/50/55
  • Finish Line(W) Cooldown 15s → 15.5/15.0/14.5/14.0/13.5s
  • Powerslide(Bike Q) Cooldown 2.5/2.25/2/1.75/1.5s → 2.75/2.5/2.25/2/1.75s


Nothin’ to see here, just some bug fixes.

  • Go Get ‘Em Wilson! (Q) no longer ‘pops out’ in unintended places when sending him to an inaccessible area (like terrain)
  • The projectile of Play With Us! (E) no longer occasionally goes in random directions when using.

We’re giving the Inferno a little love to her Oil Slick!

  • Oil Slick (W) Cooldown 24/20/16/12/8 → 22/18.5/15/11.5/8s
  • [Bug Fix] Oil Slick (W) now always goes in the intended direction when using.
  • [Bug Fix] No longer stops casting Oil Slick (W) and Cocktail Party(R) when using them out of max range.


Rebel Assault causes the Guerilla to be a bit too aggressive at times.

  • Rebel Assault (W) – Cooldown 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 –> 16/15/14/13/12
  • [Visual Adjustment] Semtex Bomb(Q) trajectory now more accurately represents the skill.
  • [Bug Fix] MOK Operational Mine no longer causes problems when placed on another trap


Givin’ early game Emma a bit of love.

  • CheerUP♡(P) Damage 2%/3%/4% → 3%/3.5%/4%
  • CheerUP♡(P) Shield Health 90/120/150 + 3%/6%/9% SP → 100/125/150 + 3%/6%/9% SP
  • Bunnymorph (E) HP Recovery when using SP: 8%/11%/14%/17%/20% SP cost → 12%/14%/16%/18%/20% SP cost
  • [Bug Fix] Hat Trick (W) now correctly displays the explosion.

Dual Sword is showing to be a bit strong, even with a moderate pick rate. We’re adjusting that so he’s more in line with his other weapons.

  • (Dual Sword) Damage Dealt in Solo Mode (109% → 103%)


We’re promoting Jackie’s ‘chase’ but lowering the ability of her ‘escape’, making for more aggressive play.

  • Adrenaline Rush(W) – Movement Speed Increase 6%/9%/12%/15%/18% Fixed → 8%/11%/14%/17%/20% Decaying
  • Leaping Strike(E) – Now slows enemies who are not bleeding (15% slow for 3s)
  • Two-Handed Sword Damage Adjustment (Solo Mode) 103% -> 100%


  • Mania (E) Visual effect added for clarity when skill ends.
  • [Bug Fix] Using Last Judgement (R) on enemies out of range will now walk you towards them instead of showing an error.
  • [Bug Fix] Cameras can now be placed when Plague (R) is active.
  • [Bug Fix] Hitting an enemy not in vision with Mania (E) no longer displays an incorrect position of the projectile to third parties.


  • [Bug Fix] Garde correctly applies damage to all enemies.


Lumia’s busker was showing a little too weak in the early and mid game, so we’d like to give her a bit of love to play more aggressively early.

  • Overdrive(W) SP Cost – 100/105/110/115/120 → 85/90/95/100/105
  • Overdrive(W) – Evolved Defense Reduction (Evolution Points) – 15/30% → 20/35%
  • [Bug Fix] Evolved Delay (Q) tooltip now correctly displays slow as 30/50%


Giving Hyejin a bit more time to reactivate her E. Hyejukes.

  • Charm of the Nomad (E) 2nd Use Reactivation Time 1.5s → 1.8s


As usual, we’re adjusting some of the weapons that were underperforming or overperforming. Low pick weapons that were weak have been giving some love and individuality.


  • Kelte Vision Range + 1.0


  • Skill Amplification per Mastery Level 2.0% -> 1.6%
  • Brazil Guantlet SP Regen +0.7


  • Stairway to Heaven Cooldown Reduction +10%
  • Teen Spirit Normal Attack Range +1


  • Beam Axe Attack Power 137 -> 127
  • Scythe Attack Power 130 -> 120

Assault Rifle

  • Gatling Gun
    • Vision Range 1.5 -> 2.5
    • Attack Power 50 -> 55
  • AK-12 Attack Power 94 -> 89


  • Durendal Mk2
    • Life Steal +8%
    • Vision Range 3→ 2
  • Sword of Justice Vision Range +1


  • Statue of Soteria Movement Speed 0.1 [Removed]
  • Torch
    • Recipe (Feather Duster + Oilcloth) → (Short Rod+ Oilcloth)
    • Movement Speed 0.1 [Removed]

Dual Sword

  • Skill Amplification per mastery level 1% → 0.8%
  • Attack Speed per mastery level 1.4% → 2.0%
  • Starsteel Twin Swords Extra Normal Attack Damage +8


  • Normal Attack Range 1.4m -> 1.3m


  • Cards of Tyranny Critical Strike Damage +10%
  • Azure Dagger Skill Amplification 24 -> 21
  • Fuhma Shuriken Attack Power 52 -> 55
  • Wind and Fire Wheels Skill Amplification 20% → 23%

Two-Handed Sword

  • Monohoshizao Attack Power 74 → 77, Life Steal 21% → 25%
  • Dáinsleif Healing Reduction (Normal Attacks) -40%


  • Polaris Attack Power 130 -> 125
  • Intervention Vision Range 4.5 → 5
  • [Bug Fix] Sniper (D) can no longer target corpses
  • [Bug Fix] Sniper (D) no longer grants vision over difference in terrain elevation.


  • Gentian Silver Gun Movement Speed 0.2 -> 0.15
  • Pike Attack Power 67 -> 60
  • Dragon Guandao Health 300 → 320
  • Lance of Poseidon Skill Amplification 17% → 21%


  • [Bug Fix] Tooltip no longer incorrectly displays Cooldown Reduction when Grappling Whip (D) is off cooldown.


  • Skill Amplification per Mastery Level 3.2% -> 3.7%


  • Spiky Bouncy Ball Attack Power 42 → 45
  • Incendiary Bomb Cooldown Reduction 8% -> 10%
  • Attacks to destroy Camera / Traps 2 -> 3


  • Twin Bow Vision Range +1
  • Failnaught Attack Speed 15% → 20%
  • Golden Ratio Bow Cooldown Reduction 10% → 15%


Some weaker and hard-to-build items have been adjusted.


  • Legendary Rarity Head Critical Strike Damage Reduction 10% → 12%
  • Motorcycle Helmet Vision Range +1.5 -> +1.0
  • Chinese Opera Mask
    • Movement Speed 0.1 → 0.2
    • Out of Combat Movement Speed 0.4 → 0.3
  • Fire Helmet New Item Icon!


  • Sunset Armor Defense 28 -> 22
  • Covert Agent Uniform Vision Range +1
  • EOD Suit Defense 20 → 25
  • Mithril Armor Defense 65 → 69


  • Burnished Aegis HP 350 → 320
  • Auto Arms Attack Power 40 → 45
  • [NEW] Broken Watch (Rarity: Uncommon)
    • Recipe: Watch + Glue
    • Cooldown Reduction + 5%
  • [NEW] Tindalos Band (Rarity: Epic)
    • Recipe: Golden Bracelet + Broken Watch
    • Skill Amplification: +12%
    • Cooldown Reduction: +12%


  • Maverick Runner Out of Combat Movement Speed 0.55 → 0.5
  • EOD Boots SP Regen + 0.5
  • Mithril Boots Defense 22 → 26


  • Revenge of Goujian Attack Power 13 → 15


We’re always looking at food (yum) and some were healing too much or too little in relation to the difficulty it takes to make them.

  • Curry Bun HP Recovery 360 → 400
  • Orchid HP Recovery 500 → 480
  • Fish and Chips HP Recovery 900 → 920
  • Healing Potion New Item Icon!


We have added some boxes and materials through the Spawn Point improvements.

  • Uptown: 3 small boxes (Added Carbonated Water, Oil, Chocolate, Fountain Pen, Watch, Running Shoes, Piano Wire, Bracelet, Windbreaker)
  • Alley: 1 small box, 1 medium box (Added Steel Chain, 2 Lighters, Hammer, Honey, Running Shoes, Garlic)
  • Factory: 2 medium boxes (Added Nail, Scrap Metal, 2 Lighters, Battery, Curry Powder, Bandage, Oil)
  • Beach: 1 small box, 1 medium box (Added Hammer, Gemstone, Steel Chain, Can, Carbonated Water, Piano Wire, Surveillance Camera)
  • Cemetery: 1 small box (Added Ice, Pickaxe, Feather)
  • Downtown: 1 small box (Added Nail, Slippers, Cloth)
  • Chapel: 1 small box (Milk, Piano Wire, Paper)
  • Forest: 1 small box replaced by 1 medium box, and 1 new small box (Added Long Rifle, Flower, Gemstone, Feather)
  • Archery Range: 2 small boxes replaced by 2 medium boxes (Added Running Shoes, Monk’s Robe)
  • Temple: 1 big box (Added Gemstone, Cloth, Garlic, Kitchen Knife, Paper)
  • Pond: 1 box (Bamboo, Gemstone, Pickaxe)
  • School: 1 big box (Added Bandage, Hat, Bike Helmet, Scissors, Slippers)
  • Dock: 1 box (Added Short Rod, Scrap Metal, Kitchen Knife)

Bug Fixes


  • Can no longer move around the inside of the Research Center
  • Crafting materials no longer occasionally disappear under during crafting
  • You can no longer change the location of an item in the inventory once you’re down to prevent the items from going back to their last spot when the downed player is trying to be revived.
  • The order for quick crafting is now always correct when picking up or discarding items.
  • Burnished Aegis crafting locations are now displayed properly.
  • Restricted areas now always count down properly.
  • Indicators for Yuki and Hyunwoo’s ultimates (R) now appear correctly at all times
  • Sissela (Girl in a Bubble (W)), Chiara (Last Judgement (R)), Rozzi (Gun Vault(E)) are no longer slowed when stepping on a trap in an untargetable state.
  • Crafting Mastery effects are now always applied correctly
  • Weapon Skill icons no longer blink when attacking with Throw or Shuriken.
  • The amount Throw and Shuriken charges are now displayed correctly above characters.
  • The cooldown for Aya’s Steady Shot (W), Nadine’s Bullseye (Q), Hyunwoo’s Haymaker (R), Hyejin’s Five Omens (R), Sissela’s Free at Last (R) and Silvia’s Shift Gears (R) is now correct when they cancel the skill after activation.
  • The frequency of character voice lines has been slightly decreased for moving, collecting, crafting, and looting boxes.


  • You can no longer hear the sounds of the videos of the skill previews if your volume was muted.
  • Unusable weapons are now displayed when searching in the “every item” category.
  • We have improved the purchase system hook with Steam to avoid any payment errors.