MINOR PATCH – 0.30.1 (APR 20TH, 2021)

Hello everyone! Aesop here with the first patch since releasing our new balance framework. If you missed that large dev letter, you can check that out here:

Dev Letter: Balance Framework

This patch will be update 0.30.1 and is a minor patch, featuring only slight balance adjustments and smaller bug fixes and improvements.

This patch will go live April 20th at 7PM PST. The servers will be down for a few hours while we apply the patch. (Yeah, I know it’s prime time for you in NA and it sucks when the servers go down, but we’re in South Korea and everyone is in the office at that time so it’s easiest.)

Patch Notes – Quick Look


It’s the final minor patch of the pre-season, so we’re holding off on any MAJOR changes for now. We’ll save those for the big patch.


Rozzi is in a decent place right now, but could use a little baby adjustment to her mobility.

  • Base Attack Power 28 → 26
  • Flutter(W) Movement Speed increase 110% → 100%

Li Dailin

Glove Dailin has been good, but Nunchaku hasn’t been as good. Lowering her base power but adjusting Nunchaku power (see Weapons below) will help balance her out.

  • Attack Power 33 → 31


Following previous adjustments to Xiukai and Burnt to a Crisp(R), the big boy hasn’t been doing great. We’re granting him some survivability to help him scale a bit easier.

  • Base Defense 34 → 36
  • Base SP Regeneration 0.3 → 0.5


Wanna spam her ult for weapon mastery? Go for it.

  • Free at Last(R) Weapon Mastery experience gain 20% → 30%


Across all tiers and weapons, Aya is weaker than expected. We’re nerfing Aya’s early-game, keeping a close eye on Pistol Aya, and moving some of her strength to her late-game.

  • Base Attack Power 28 → 25
  • Attack Power per level 2.6 → 3.0
  • Defense per level 1.4 → 1.6
  • SP per level 22 → 25


The Guerilla could use some late game survivability but needs a slight damage adjustment to compensate for it.

  • Attack Power per level 2.9 → 2.6
  • Defense per level 1.2 → 1.5


Alex has a high skill ceiling and takes some practice to get used to. However, even considering this, he’s still coming in under the norm. We’re going to give him a little bump this week and see if he needs further adjusting in the next major update.

  • Base Movement Speed 3 → 3.05
  • Attack Power per level 1.9 → 2.4
  • SP per level 17 → 22
  • Infiltration(P) Movement speed increase for 2s 10/15/20% → For 2.5s 10/15/20%
  • Incursion(Melee Q)
    • Cooldown 9/8/7/6/5s → 8.5/7.5/6.5/5.5/4.5s
    • Damage 30/65/100/135/170(+Attack Power 30%) → 30/65/100/135/170(+ Attack Power 40%)
  • Recognition Signal(Ranged W) Range/Vision Increase Duration 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.4s → 2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4s
  • EMP Barrage(R) Cooldown 160/140/120s → 140/130/120s


Yuki is picked a ton (I mean, he’s the most picked character), but he’s still coming in a bit under the radar. We’re keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t become too oppressive with a high pick rate, but this slight buff should help him out a bit.

  • Base Attack Speed 0.06 → 0.08
  • Button Up(W) Cooldown Reduction when damaging others 0.5s → 1s


Zahir was like.. a touch above where he should be, even when looking at his lower pick rate. The tipping point of most of his strength seems to be his late game, so we’re adjusting it as so.

  • Attack power per level 2.7 → 2.4


Outside of Dual Blades, Lumia’s Serial Killer has been lacking a bit. In the next patch, we’ll be looking to make some improvements to Chainsaw Murderer(R) to help her out a bit. Stay tuned.

  • Hack & Slash(Q) Cooldown 10/9.5/9/8.5/8s → 9/8.5/8/7.5/7s


Despite previous adjustments, Cathy was still too powerful. We also noticed Cathy showing a bit too much strength when running HP regen items.

  • Base Defense 27 → 24
  • Attack Power per Level 2.7 → 2.4
  • Post-op(P) Movement speed increase 15/18/21% → 12/15/18%


Across all tiers, Chiara is pretty effective.

  • Base Defense 27 → 25

We were planning to keep an eye on Chiara for another week before applying the following nerf, but we actually previously committed it a bit early. Although unintended, we plan to leave the change for this patch – but will continue to watch over her.

  • Last Judgement(R) Damage 200/300/400(+ Attack Power 120%) -> 200/300/400(+Attack Power 100%)


Overdrive (W) will be a little smoother to use. Please use it…

  • Delay after Overdrive(W) 0.5s → 0.33s


Bluff(W) cooldown in lower levels will return to the about the same power level as previous patches.

  • Bluff(W) Cooldown 36/30/24/18/12s → 32/27/22/17/12s


We’ve changed some items and made some solo mode adjustments to the Star-Crossed Shaman, so this small adjustment is compensatory.

Attack Power per level 2.5 → 2.7


Often picked weapons with higher than average win rates are being adjusted.


  • Damascus Steel Thorn
    • Maximum HP 250 → 220

Assault Rifle

  • Overheat(D) Extra Normal Attack Damage 5/7 → 6/9


  • Durendal Mk2
    • Attack Power 53 → 55
  • Volticletto
    • Attack Speed 45% → 50%
  • Meteor Claymore
    • Critical Strike Damage 15% → 10%
  • Joyeuse
    • Critical Strike Damage 20% → 15%


  • Hammer of Thor
    • Attack Power 120 → 115


  • Spy Umbrella
    • Attack Power 68 → 65
  • Magic Stick
    • Attack Power 55 → 59
    • Vision Range 0.5 → 1

Dual Swords

  • Normal Attack Amplification per Weapon Mastery level 2.5% → 2.2%


  • Attack Speed per Weapon Mastery level 1.7% → 1.9%
  • Cerberus
    • Attack Power 61 → 65


  • Azure Dagger
    • Extra Skill Damage 24 → 20

Two-handed Sword

  • Normal Attack Amplification per Weapon Mastery level 5% → 4.6%

Sniper Rifle

  • The Deadly Ray
    • Movement Speed -0.03 (REMOVED)


  • Sharpened Spear
    • Movement Speed 0.1 → 0.06
  • Eighteen Foot Spear
    • Movement Speed + 0.06


Queen of Hearts seems to have fallen off after the introduction of newer Cooldown Reduction items. We’ll be giving the QoH some extra functionality in a future patch. Keep an eye out.


  • Queen of Hearts
    • Defense 37 → 40
    • HP Regeneration 3 → 2.5


  • Crystal Tiara
    • Defense 21 → 24
    • Maximum SP 600 → 500


  • Steel Shield
    • Attack Power 23 → 20


  • Revenge of Goujian
    • Attack Power 15 → 18
    • Skill Amplification 20% → 15%


Turns out you need ice to make ice cream.

  • Changed name: Lemon Ice Cream → Lemon Custard
  • Fish and Chips maximum stack 5 → 6

Mode Adjustments

Dual Swords characters have been showing slightly higher results than average in high elo and in tournaments.

Bernice wasn’t allowing for a lot of counterplay with his ultimate spreading to grouped team members repeatedly, so we’re toning his team damage down a bit to balance his utility.

Team Mode Damage Adjustments

  • Bernice (Sniper Rifle)
    • Damage dealt in Duo 97% → 94%
    • Damage dealt in Squad 94% → 90%
  • Yuki (Dual Swords)
    • Solo
      • Damage dealt 103% → 100%
      • Damage taken 97% → 100%
    • Damage dealt in Duo 100% → 96%
    • Damage dealt in Squad 100% → 94%
  • Jackie (Dual Swords)
    • Damage dealt in Duo 100% → 97%
    • Damage dealt in Squad 100% → 95%
  • Hyejin (Shuriken)
    • Damage dealt in Solo 105% → 100%

Items on watch

We are planning to improve Extra Skill Damage items by adjusting them or adding new functionality.

  • Weapons: Whip, Spear
  • Extra Skill Damage items

0.31 Patch preview

  • Changing location of boxes for selected areas / Repositioning Hyperloop
  • Additional functionality on Queen of Hearts
  • Adjusted Jackie abilities
  • Adjusted Magnus abilities

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Friend system improvements & bug fixes

  • Online friends are now placed at the top of My Friends
  • Sending requests simultaneously no longer causes problems
  • Having 2 or more friend requests from the same person no longer causes problems
  • Scrolling in My Friends now work correctly
  • Chatting no longer overlaps in the results screen
  • You can now search your nickname in Find Friends


  • Attack Move(A + ground click) when using a skill no longer cancels the attack
  • You can no longer swap weapons of the same item type while in combat
  • Bears now always correctly drop items within their item pool
  • Data for match history is now accurately displayed
  • Recommended plans where items were unable to be completed have been updated
  • Li Dailin: Striking Tiger(R) no longer has an animation bug if the target dies mid-skill
  • Barbara: Free-Electron Laser (W)’s damage number for level 5 is now accurately changed to match with the patch notes
  • Alex: The indicator for weapon switching now properly expires after switching weapons
  • Alex: No longer holds Tonfa in his left hand when crafting while equipping a Tonfa
  • Yuki: The arm animation for Cadet Yuki when moving with Dual Swords is now accurately corrected to match the Default skin.
  • Hyunwoo: Haymaker(R) now properly activates with left mouse click when using Normal Cast
  • Game Tooltips have been improved overall.