PATCH NOTES 0.31.0 – APR 27th 2021

It’s finally here. Season 2! As the pre-season chapter comes to a close, join me, your good friend Aesop, as we guide you through this novel of a patch. It’s so long, you might need to bookmark it and come back later.

Okay. That’s enough book puns Aesop.

Let’s get started!

Servers will be down for maintenance for a few hours beginning 7PM PDT on April 27th to apply the patch.

Patch Notes – Quick Look

New Character – Sua

The reserved librarian is checking into Lumia Island.

For the first week, she’ll cost 9,900 A-Coin and will not be available in Ranked matches.

Bookworm (Passive)

After Sua uses a skill, her next normal attack deals 20/60/100(+Attack Power 60%)(+Defense 60%) damage to her target and 10/30/50(+Attack Power 30%)(+Defense 30%) damage to targets in a 2m range. 

She recovers 30% damage dealt as HP. 

Each stack of Bookworm increases her attack speed by 40% (Max 3 stacks). 

Hitting an enemy reduces her basic skill cooldowns by 1.5s. 

If multiple enemies are hit, cooldown reduction is still applied only once.

Odyssey (Q)

Sua manifests two books in a targeted direction that collide at the center, dealing 45/75/105/135/165(+Attack Power 40%) damage to enemies in range and leaving a bookmark on the enemy for 3.5 seconds.

Creating a new bookmark procs the old one, dealing 20/40/60/80/100(+Attack Power 60%) damage.

Enemies hit in the center are stunned for 0.75 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 14/12/10/8/6s
  • SP cost: 50/60/70/80/90
  • Vision Range : 8m
  • Damage Range : length 6m , width 2m
  • Stunning Range : Center radius Ratio 0.4m

The Curious Case (W)

Ally cast: Sua shields her target for 50/90/130/170/210 (+Attack Power 20%) damage and makes them unstoppable.

Enemy cast: Sua’s bird attacks a targeted enemy, dealing 25/50/75/110/135 (+Attack Power 40%) damage and blinding them for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s seconds.

  • Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18s
  • SP cost: 70/85/100/115/130
  • Vision Range : 6m

Don Quixote (E)

Sua manifests a lance and flies forward, dealing 90/120/150/180/210(+Attack Power 40%) damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 50% for 1 second.

Enemies stunned by Odyssey instead take 120/160/200/240/280(+Attack Power 60%) damage and are knocked airborne.

Hitting enemies reduces the cooldown of Don Quixote by 20%.

  • Cooldown: 20/18.5/17/15.5/14s
  • SP cost: 90/110/130/150/170
  • Movement Range : 8m

Memory (R)

Sua remembers the last skill she used, and can use it again with greater effect.

Memory of Odyssey: Enemies hit by the book collision take 55/110/165(+Attack Power 40%) damage and a bookmark is attached to enemies hit for 3.5 seconds. Making a new bookmark procs the old one and deals 20/60/100(+Attack Power 60%) damage.

Enemies in the range of the book collision are stunned for 0.75 seconds.

Memory of Curious Case:

Ally cast: Sua shields her target for 80/160/240(+Attack Power 20%) damage and becomes unstoppable.

Enemy cast: deals 50/100/150(+Attack Power 30%) damage and blinds enemies for 1.1/1.3/1.5 seconds.

Memory of Don Quixote: Enemies hit take 100/160/220(+Attack Power 40%) damage and are slowed by 50% for 1 second. Enemies stunned by Odyssey instead take 150/240/330(+Attack Power 60%) damage and are knocked airborne.

  • Cooldown: 60/50/40s

New Skin

Maid Emma is coming to sweep up Lumia Island!

Season 2 Ranked Start

Season 2 will kick off with a bunch of new improvements and features, and will last about 5 months.

  • There will be a soft-reset based on your Pre-Season Rank, and the season will start with placement matches.
  • For the Ranked season, pre-season corrections such as queue width and penalties based on MMR difference will now be reverted to normal.

Titan & Immortal Tier Revamp

Titan and Immortal will no longer be tiers, and Immortal tier will consist of the Top 200 players from Titan.

  • The top 200 players (Titan & above) from each mode, Solo, Duo, and Squad, will move up to Immortal tier.
  • Immortal tier will be refreshed every day at 12 AM PDT. 16:00 (Korean Standard Time).

Team Mode Kill Score Revamp

The original system which awarded points for wiping a squad will be removed. Points will instead be granted for downing an enemy.

  • Kill/Death scores are still shared between teams.
  • Points will not be awarded for downing enemies twice or more. Downing an enemy that your teammate has downed before will also not grant any points.
  • After being downed once, you no longer lose points for being downed again.
  • All scored kills (kills that yielded points) will be displayed as TK. (Team total Kill)

‘Second Chance’ Promos

If you have cumulative LP remaining after you fail your promos, you’ll get a second chance to reach your new tier!

Low Elo Low Placement Calibration

Points lost will be lower when you place near the bottom in lower tiers (Gold tier or lower).

  • In Solo, 18th will count as 16th.
  • The lower the tier, the higher the calibration values are, so in Iron 18th will count as 14th.
  • Calibration will also be applied in team modes.

High Placement Calibration

Even if the average MMR of the lobby is lower than yours, you won’t lose points if you place 3rd or higher in solo or 2nd or higher in team modes.

First-timer Calibration

The first time you use a character, the system will calibrate your placements to a 14th place minimum until you have played 5 matches with that character in solo mode. (Even if you get 18th place, you’ll be calculated as 14th)

Demotion due to inactivity

Immortal has a grace period of 10 days. A day is defined as 24 hours since your last match. Every time you play a match, a day is added to the grace period, for a maximum 10 days.

Titan also has a grace period of 10 days. A day is defined as 24 hours since your last match. Every time you play a match, 3 days are added to the grace period, for a maximum 10 days.

These changes are applied separately per mode.


Crafting tree for targeted items

Targeted items will now be shown as a crafting tree in the UI on the top-right side of the screen.

This will help you see the materials you need and easily craft on the fly.

Auto-loot & build improvements

We’re adding this function to help beginners understand the basic rules of item gathering and complete the training period.

  • Targeted items (yellow triangle) in boxes will be sorted on the top-right side of the screen.
  • Targeted items will be collected automatically 2 seconds after opening a box.
  • An effect will display the items going into your inventory.

Broad view of remaining items

If the target area becomes a restricted area or if you need to bail on a saved plan because you couldn’t collect the materials you needed, you can take a quick look of the areas where you can still find your needed materials.

If you hold the Alt key while your expanded map is open, you will be able to see all the items you still haven’t collected.

The effect is also applied to Hyperloop map.

Displaying teammates’ saved plans


It’s now easier to determine when and where to meet your teammates after taking a glance at their saved plans.

Hold CTRL while you’re on your expanded map to see your team’s saved plans.

Also applied to the Hyperloop map.

Team modes downed/reviving UI & Result screen improvements

Downed and revival states are now clearer.

  • Unique UI displayed for each state: downed and reviving
  • Furthermore, in team modes, teammates will be displayed together even in the defeat (result) screen.

Visual effects for kills

More SATISFYING deaths

  • Enemy HP bar disappears until revived
  • A new lighting effect appears when the player is killed.
  • Mastery experience for kills is also displayed.
  • Dealing burst damage makes the HP bar shake!

New alert for completed weapons & Battle ping improvements

Once a complete weapon is crafted (weapons with no higher tier), a unique ping alerts everyone in a 30m range. Yeah, that means Nadine has her Ballista so it’s time to go…

  • Every ping, including pings during combat, now has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Exceptions: player death, hyperloop arrivals and weapon complete pings do not have a cooldown.

Wild animal warning & differentiation per level

We’re safe from night 1 Monkey King Bars!

A claw mark will appear on the ground when a wolf or a bear is about to appear. The redder the claw, the closer a wild animal is from arriving.

  • Level 5 bears no longer drops VF Blood Sample or Force Core.
  • The probability that later bears drop VF Blood Sample (2% → 3.8%) or Force Core (6% → 7.55%) has increased.

Time until arrival: >120s

Time until arrival: < 120s

Time until arrival: <60s

Right before arrival

Custom/Spectator mode improvements

Can’t wait for the ERCL!

  • You can now check players’ inventories during spectator mode.
  • You can now write your team’s name in custom games. Your team name will be displayed to spectators.

Saving key shortcuts on server

You can now play with your original saved settings in other PCs.

  • Key shortcut settings are now saved on the server.
  • Other settings such as sound, screen, etc are not saved.

Buff effect for Dr. Wickeline kills

Players who killed Wickeline can now be easily identified.

  • A buff effect will be displayed under the feet of players with the Wick Buff.



Adriana has actually been burning up lower elo by harnessing the early game strength of Incendiary Bomb.

  • Base Attack Power 31 → 28
  • Fire Escape(E) Cooldown 20/18.5/17/15.5/14s → 20/19/18/17/16s


We’re giving Adela some flexibility by giving her more time to set up her Sicilian defense or whatever it is I don’t know chess terms.

  • Attack Power per Level 3 → 3.3
  • Promotion(Q) Stack Duration 5s → 6s


People don’t put points into Double Shot early, leaving it as a one-point wonder until late on most builds. This will take away a bit of that early ‘free damage’

  • Double Shot(Q) Second Shot Damage 40/90/140/190/240(+Attack Power 20%) → 35/90/145/200/255(+Attack Power 20%)


Barbara gets too pushy when fighting around objectives like Tree of Life or in restricted areas. We’re lowering her damage on Sentry Gun and Free-Electron Laser and giving some love to R->Q to encourage a bit more dynamic playstyle.

  • HP per Level 71 → 74
  • BT Sentry Gun Mk.II HP 150(+Barbara’s maximum HP 21/24/27/30/33%) → 150(+Barbara’s maximum HP 12/16/20/24/28%)
  • Free-Electron Laser(W)
    • Damage 20/60/100/140/180(+Attack Power 25%) → 30/60/90/120/150(+Attack Power 25%)
    • Sentry Gun Laser Damage 40/80/120/160/200(+Sentry Gun’s Attack Power 50%) → 40/80/120/160/200(+Sentry Gun’s Attack Power 40%)
  • Overclock(R) – When using Overclock(R) on Short Circuit(Q): Cooldown Reduction 20% (NEW)


A doctor always has to be precise. We’re adjusting Amputation(W)’s damage again to reward skillful play and good spacing.

  • Amputation(W)
    • Damage 35/70/105/140/175(+Attack Power 30%) → 35/70/105/140/175(+Attack Power 20%)
    • Outer Edge Additional Damage 45(+Attack power 20%) → 45(+Attack Power 35%)


Emma is a force once she gets her Change☆ rolling. We’re lowering some of the damage but making her hats a little easier to land.

  • Base Attack Power 40 → 37
  • Hat Trick(W) Damage 100/150/200/250/300(+Attack Power 75%) → 60/120/180/240/300(+Attack Power 75%)
  • Change☆(R)
    • Cooldown 18s → 24/21/18s
    • Explosion time when used on hat 0.5s → 0.3s


Fiora has been showing good stuff across the board. Just a simple adjustment for early game strength should help level her out.

  • Attack Power 31 → 28


Hyunwoo really be stompin’ out there now. Stomping Foot kind of falls to the wayside behind First Attack, but this should help him land some nice haymakers later.

  • Stomping Foot(Q) Cooldown 9/8/7/6/5s → 8.5/7.5/6.5/5.5/4.5s


We’ve given him a couple weeks of gameplay, but he’s still flying under the radar – and it’s not because he’s invisible.

  • Base HP 490 → 520
  • Base SP 420 → 450
  • Incursion/Gauss Pistol (Q) Buff Duration 12s → 15s
  • Gauss Pistol (Q) Damage 40/80/120/160/200(+Attack Power 30%) → 50/90/130/170/210(+Attack Power 30%)
  • Recognition Signal (Ranged W)
    • Damage 40/60/80/100/120(+Attack Power 30%) → 40/60/80/100/120(Attack Power40%)
    • Vision and Normal attack range increase Duration 2/2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4s → 2/2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8s
  • Double Agent (Melee E)
    • Critical Strike Chance Increase(Passive) 3/6/9/12/15% → 6/9/12/15/18%
    • Cooldown 18s → 16s
  • Blowback (Ranged E)
    • Attack Speed Increase(Passive) 3/6/9/12/15% → 6/9/12/15/18%
    • Damage 60/90/120/150/180(+Attack Power 30%) → 60/90/120/150/180(+Attack Power 40%)
    • Cooldown 22/21/20/19/18s → 22/20/18/16/14s
  • EMP Barrage (R) First Hit
    • Movement Speed Decrease 40% → 50%
    • Movement Speed Decrease Duration 0.4s → 0.6s


With the introduction of EMP Drones, we’re compensating Isol by buffing MOK Operational Mine(R)’s early power.

  • MOK Operational Mine(R) Slow when hit 10/20/30% → 20/25/30%


Jackie had a mechanical problem where the duration of her ult would be extended with each point in the skill, but with no way of deactivating it. We’re giving her the agency to make her own choices now with it!

  • Chainsaw Murderer(R)
    • Duration 10/15/20s → 15s
    • (NEW) Can now toggle skill for deactivation after 7s
    • (NEW) The later it’s triggered, the more the damage
    • Damage after deactivation: 300/500/700(+Attack Power 100%) → 150/300/450(+Attack Power 70%) ~ 300/450/600(+Attack Power 100%)


Lenox has got the AOE prowess. We plan to adjust her team mode power level while also preserving her 1v1 combat power.

  • Recoil(Q) Damage Reduction when hitting 2 or more enemies 30% → 45%


17 vs 1 is a little more powerful and rewarding for hitting enemies. He’s a bit slower but he can’t be stopped. Nobody really can stop that body’s (reduced) speed!

  • 17 vs 1(W)
    • Cooldown 8s → 16s
    • Movement Speed Reduction 15% → 20%
    • Cooldown Reduction when hitting enemies: 1s per tick (NEW)
    • Gains Unstoppable during duration (NEW)


We made some general changes to healing reduction in earlier patches, and Rozzi’s total heal reduction was showing to be too effective.

  • Flutter(W) Defense reduction and 100% Healing negation for 2.5s → Defense Reduction and Healing Reduction for 40% for 3s
  • Semtex Bomb Mk II(R)
    • Movement Speed Reduction when attached 20/25/30% → 15/20/25%
    • (NEW) Movement Speed Reduction when blown up immediately 20/25/30%


We’re reducing Silvia’s early power but rewarding skilled play through her winning the Lumia Grand Prix!

  • Base Attack Power 25 → 22
  • Lumia Grand Prix(P) Attack Speed and Skill Amplification 0.6/0.8/1% → 0.6/0.9/1.2%


Sissela uses two powerful but hard to build weapons. (Petal Torrent for Shuriken, Ruthenium Marble for Throw) This makes her early game significantly weak, and makes it hard for us to adjust her despite her low average placements.

Still – Sissela has shown low stats over all elo and all weapons, so we’re buffing her survivability and skill QoL.

  • HP per Level 60 → 63
  • Go Get ‘Em Wilson!(Q) Cast Time 0.07s → 0.04s


Again, a little bit more of a reward for making the holy Fish and Chips.

  • Juggernaut Chef(P) Stack Acquisition per Rarity (Uncommon/Rare/Epic)
    • Level 1: 1/1/2 → 1/1/3
    • Level 2: 2/2/3 → 2/2/4
    • Level 3: 3/3/4 → 3/3/5


We’re changing the rarity and recipes for items based on crafting difficulty and weapon statistics.


  • Per Mastery Level
    • Skill Amplification 1.8% → 1.5%
    • Normal Attack Amplification 2.5% → 2.7%
  • Buddha’s Palm
    • Attack Power 43 → 40
  • White Claw Punch
    • Critical Strike Damage +7% (NEW)


  • The Wall
    • Attack Power 75 → 72
  • Satisfaction
    • Life Steal 15% →20%
  • Teen Spirit
    • Attack Speed 35% → 40%
    • Extra Normal Attack Damage 22 → 25


  • Mount Slicer
    • Attack Power 35 → 30
    • Extra Skill Damage 30 → 33


  • Berserk(D)
    • Duration 6/8s → 8/12s
    • Cooldown 50s → 35s
  • Parashu
    • Cooldown Reduction 10% → 12%

Assault Rifle

  • Overheat(D) Duration 5s → 6s
  • Type 95
    • Attack Power 75 → 77


  • Fang Mace
    • Extra Skill Damage 33 → 35
  • Hammer of Thor
    • Attack Power 115 → 105

Dual Blade

  • Dioscuri
    • Attack Speed 50% → 40%
  • Starsteel Twin Swords
    • Attack Speed 40% → 35%


  • Breath of the Dragon(D)
    • Stuns if charged more than 1s → Stuns if charged more than 0.8s
    • Stun Duration 1.25s → 1s


  • Death Rune
    • Charges 15 → 20
    • Recharge Time 30s → 24s
  • Flechette
    • Recharge Time 20s → 16s
  • Wind and Fire Wheels
    • Attack Power 53 → 55

Two-Handed Sword

  • Monohoshizao
    • Rarity: Epic → Legendary


  • Lightning Whip
    • Attack Speed 20% → 10%
  • Thunder Whip
    • Rarity : Rare → Epic
    • Recipe: Bullwhip + Gold → Lightning Whip + Gold
    • Attack Power 40 → 46
    • Attack Speed 10%


  • Incendiary Bomb
    • Attack Power 66 → 63
    • Cooldown Reduction 10% → 8%
  • Grenade of Antioch
    • Rarity: Epic → Legendary
    • Attack Power 77 → 80


  • [NEW] Argyrotoxus
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Recipe : Longbow + Force Core
    • Stats
      • Attack Power 120
      • Skill Amplification 25%
  • Failnaught
    • Life Steal 15% → 20%


  • We’re changing rarity and recipes for items based on crafting difficulty and statistics.
  • The Archery Range/School/Alley route to build Rocker’s Jacket/Revenge of Goujian/White Rhinos was too strong for how easy it was.
  • Maverick Runner’s power level was adjusted previously by changing its out of combat movement speed option, but some characters still slammed it in their early builds. To keep the original intended design of the item, which was its mobility, we’re adjusting its combat stats.
  • We’re adding an option for increasing the cooldown reduction cap!


  • Sunset Armor
    • Defense 20 → 18
  • Covert Agent Uniform
    • HP Regen 2.5 → 2
    • Defense 23 → 26
  • Rocker’s Jacket
    • Attack Power 30 → 28
    • Defense from Normal Attacks 15 → 13
  • Queen of Hearts
    • HP Regen 2.5 → 2
    • [NEW] Cooldown reduction cap when worn increased to 50%


  • Creed of the Knight
    • HP Regen 1.5 → 1.2
  • Cube Watch
    • Cooldown Reduction 8% → 10%


  • Maverick Runner
    • (REMOVED) Attack Speed Increase + 10%
    • Attack Power -8 (NEW)
    • Movement Speed Increase 0.3 → 0.35
    • Out of Combat Movement Speed 0.25 → 0.3
  • Straitjacket Sneakers
    • Rarity: Rare → Epic
    • Extra Skill Damage 12 → 14


  • Revenge of Goujian
    • Attack Power 18 → 15
  • Lunar Embrace
    • Defense 11 → 15
    • SP Regen 160% → 180%


Some foods were rarely cooked, mostly due to the inefficiency of the ingredients used when combined. Those are better now! Stop ignoring choccy milk!

  • Scrambled Egg
    • HP Recovery 550 → 600
  • Disinfectant
    • HP Recovery 600 → 700
  • Cocktail
    • SP Recovery 300 → 350
  • Lemonade
    • SP Recovery 300 → 450
    • Amount Crafted 4 → 3
  • Chocolate Milk
    • SP Recovery 400 → 450

Traps & Other Special Items

  • With the introduction of the Recon Drone and the EMP Drone, we’re providing players with ways to respond proactively to enemies who may have already claimed a certain area.
  • We’re readjusting traps that were changed previously due to some expected ‘Trap Camping’ in new temporary restricted areas.
  • Max amount of Traps 4 → 5
  • Damage Adjustments
    • Fire Trap Damage 265 → 280
    • Mithril String Damage 285 → 300
    • Hidden Maiden Movement Speed Decrease 30% → 40%
    • C-4 Activation Time 1.5s → 1.2s
    • Double Guillotine Damage 260 → 280
    • Claymore Damage 240 → 260
  • (NEW) Recon Drone
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Recipe: Surveillance Camera + Dead Battery
    • Amount Crafted: 2
    • Range of installation: 10m
    • Active Effect
      • Vision Range: Ratio 5m
      • Duration: 7s
      • Effect
        • While this effect lasts, the drone provides vision from above. (Doesn’t reveal invisible players)
  • (NEW) EMP Drone
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Recipe: Recon Drone + Gunpowder
    • Amount Crafted: 2
    • Range of installation: 10m
    • Active Effect
      • Vision and effect range: 5m
      • Duration: 7s
      • Effect
        • While this effect lasts, the drone provides vision from above. (Doesn’t reveal invisible players)
        • Creates an EMP field that disables all traps/turrets in the effect range while the effect lasts.


  • To decrease differences in weapon recipes, we’re adjusting the weapon mastery gain from crafting weapons. Higher rarity was giving a bit too much exp.
  • Weapon mastery exp gain based on crafted weapon rarity 100/200/350/600/900 → 100/200/350/550/800


  • We’re improving starting points and box positions for the 5 areas with most imbalance in box distribution.
  • Chapel, being in the center of the map AND having a Hyperloop, saw an overly high percentage of fights. We’re adding a new Hyperloop to Factory to spread things out a bit.
  • We made it easier to find key items in some high density areas.
  • We plan to improve starting points, Hyperloops, box locations etc. across the map to decrease imbalance in looting.

Hyper loop location change / New Area

  • (CHANGE) Avenue Fire Station bottom entrance → Avenue Police Station bottom entrance
  • (NEW) Factory control room bottom entrance

Area Item Frequency Adjustments

Some places are getting a little more of everything.

  • Alley
    • Steel Chain 8 → 9
    • Wetsuit 7 → 8
    • Lighter 10 → 11
    • Garlic 7 → 8
    • Honey 7 → 8
    • Ramen 6 → 7
    • Cross 7 → 8
    • Binoculars 7 → 8
    • Running Shoes 9 → 10
  • Avenue
    • Battery 9 → 11
  • Temple
    • Kitchen Knife 6 → 5
    • Oriental Herb 6 → 5
    • Gunpowder 7 → 9
  • Hotel
    • Ice 8 → 9
    • Lemon 6 → 7
    • Whiskey 5 → 6
    • Carbonated Water 6 → 8
    • Scrap Metal 9 → 11
    • Cloth 8 → 9
    • Piano Wire 7 → 8
    • Iron Ore 7 → 8
    • Kitchen Knife 4 → 5
  • Factory
    • Battery 10 → 12
    • Walther PPK 4 → 5
    • Fedorova 3 → 4
    • Iron Ball 7 → 8
    • Oil 8 → 9
    • Scrap Metal 10 → 11
  • Archery Range
    • Cloth 6 → 7
    • Oil 6 → 7
    • Gunpowder 6 → 8
    • Running Shoes 7 → 8
  • Forest
    • Short Crossbow 4 → 3
    • Feather 8 → 9


Yellow: Regular Box

Blue: Box change/adjustment/addition

Purple: Spawn Point




Archery Range


Mode Balancing

  • To make up for the short TTK in Squad mode, we provided all characters with a -3% decrease in damage taken in Squad
  • Barbara & Lenox have been rather efficient in Squad, but we’ll keep an eye on them for another week.

Team Mode Damage Adjustments

  • Wickeline Team Mode Adjustments
    • Duo / Squad Defense +20% → +30%
  • Nadine (Crossbow)
    • Damage dealt in Duo 91% → 89%
    • Damage taken in Squad 97% → 100%
  • Silvia (Pistol)
    • Damage dealt in Duo 88% → 86%
    • Damage dealt in Squad 85% → 83%
  • Yuki (Two-Handed Sword)
    • Duo Mode
      • Damage dealt 92% → 88%
      • Damage taken 104 → 102%
    • Damage dealt in Squad 88% → 86%
  • Chiara (Rapier)
    • Damage dealt in Squad 88% → 86%
  • Hyunwoo (Tonfa)
    • Damage taken in Duo 102% → 100%
    • Damage taken in Squad 105% → 103%
  • Fiora (Two-handed Sword)
    • Damage dealt in Squad 97% → 100%
  • Sissela (Shuriken)
    • Damage dealt in Duo 85% → 87%
    • Damage dealt in Squad 82% → 84%
  • Xiukai (Spear)
    • Damage dealt in Duo 92% → 95%
  • Squad Mode Damage taken for all characters -3%

Features on watch

  • Weapon Skills – Axe, Hammer etc.
    • We’re preparing improvements or remakes for weapon skills with low usage.
  • Weapons with highest base attack power (Axe, Spear, Sniper Rifle, Hammer etc.)
    • Concerning weapons with high base attack power, we usually try to stop them from dominating the early game which forces somewhat stale play styles and low player agency or skill expression.
    • We’re planning to implement new attributes to items and revamping weapon skills for improvements as well.
  • Extra Skill Damage items
    • New attributes are scheduled to be added to compensate for the decreased power level of Extra Skill Damage items after the change in the damage formula.
  • Uptown starting areas
    • We plan to revamp the playground starting point soon.
  • Archery Range Starting Area Selection Percentage
  • Temporary Restricted Area Combat

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Main Improvements

  • FPS optimization was done for Raycasting (Unity’s ‘physics calculator’), the scoreboard, and some other processes that were determined to be causes of frame drops
  • Characters are now sorted by alphabetical order in the Collection and Saved Plans tab. Also, an option to sort based on personal usage is also provided.
  • A-Coin and Exp are provided for AI games for accounts under level 20.
  • Daily quests now reset at 20:00
  • You can now instantly cast skills on yourself using Alt + Q, W, E, R. Keys can be changed for other shortcuts.
  • Added a feature to drag items using left click when using inverted controls.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Info for enemies entering vision is now updated accordingly without delay
  • Items are no longer dropped when dragged between inventory slots
  • CC skills that do not deal damage now properly grant assists
  • Wild animals now properly attack characters that are at the edge of a bush
  • Fishing timer is now accurately displayed
  • Team colors are no longer switched when a teammate is revived during spectating on team modes
  • Tree of Life overlays now properly expire when collected during spectating
  • Routes are no longer changed to the top route in your collection when reconnecting
  • Food HP/SP regen icons no longer overlap each other

Character/Weapon Improvements

  • Nadine: Squirrel Trap(W) no longer shows purple textures when disappearing
  • Luke, Shoichi: Now accurately stops animation when turning on CCTV
  • Li Dailin: Striking Tiger(R) now ends immediately after target dies
  • Barbara: Overclock(R) is no longer usable on cooldown, when equipped with a cooldown reduction item
  • Barbara: Sentry Gun’s are now accurately targetable by right click when installed next to a security console/hyper loop.
  • Barbara: Sentry Gun’s are now correctly taunted by Alex’s Double Agent(Melee E)
  • Barbara: Sentry Guns now properly obtain vision from Barbara
  • Silvia, Alex: When a skill that shares keys for multiple forms is on cooldown for one form, it no longer displays the wrong indicator when used in normal cast.
  • Sissela: Wilson now properly disappears after Sissela dies in team modes.
  • Sissela: Vision provided in a bush by Wilson is properly removed when Sissela dies
  • Sissela: Now accurately counts assists when used Play With Us!(E) on an ally
  • Adella: Promotion(Q), Knight Fork(W), Castling(E) no longer cancels previously inputted movement commands
  • Isol: Hitting installments that were placed by a target hit with Semtex Bomb(Q) no longer triggers the stacking sound effect for Semtex Bomb(Q).
  • Alex: Holograms created by Alex now display a hologram portrait
  • Alex: Holograms no longer teleport when hit with charm or fear
  • Alex: Now correctly resets the count for infiltration when undergoing an interaction
  • Alex: Now properly displays warning range if one Alex is inside the vision range of another invisible Alex
  • Alex: Now properly auto-reloads pistols
  • Alex: EMP Barrage(R)’s effect and range in now accurately displayed
  • Alex: EMP Barrage(R) now properly pulses the amount of times it is supposed to
  • Alex: The first effect of EMP Barrage(R) is now accurately displayed
  • Alex: When using EMP Barrage(R) while normal attacking with a two-handed sword, the weapon is properly displayed.
  • Emma: Dove Dealer(Q) no longer passes through Barbara’s Sentry Guns.
  • Emma: CheerUP (P)’s damage per level is now properly applied
  • Yuki: Coup de Grace’s indicator is now changed to accurately changed to reflect its actual range
  • Chiara: Hand of Corruption(Q)’s MS debuff icon no longer refreshes several times
  • Fiora: Movement is no longer canceled when using Garde(R)
  • Fiora: Garde(R) now properly uses stamina when killing an enemy with normal attacks
  • Fiora: No longer overlaps animation when using Garde(R) while collecting
  • Tonfa: Reflecting damage from Quick Spin(D) no longer stacks on one another when hitting multiple enemies with Quick Spin(D).
  • Game Tooltips have been improved overall.

Lobby Improvements

  • Ranked matches are now always displayed correctly in the game results screen
  • EXP and A-Coin are now accurately displayed in the results screen when spectating
  • Can now properly report players after ending a game while spectating
  • Team invite popups are no longer displayed when receiving a Steam invite for a different game.
  • Vsync no longer changes when changing unrelated graphic settings
  • Frame settings for the lobby (60FPS) now work properly even when VSync is enabled.
  • You can now disable the FPS cap when VSync is enabled.
  • We have removed the Hz display in the Resolution menu.
  • New loading tip images added
  • Now moves to lobby immediately after completing Tutorial 5.
  • Replaced video for Assault Rifle’s weapon skill ‘Overheat.’
  • Screen no longer overlaps when rapidly clicking Match History
  • Video sounds for character skill introductions are now properly stopped after finding a match