MINOR PATCH – 0.31.2 (May 5th, 2021)

Any Eternal Returners? Aesop here with a little balance patch for you all. This is just a minor patch with some number adjustments and some bug fixes. (Although, we do have the first RARE skin coming out…)

Server maintenance, and all future maintenance, will occur on Wednesday (7PM PST) instead of the previous date of Tuesdays.

Due to the change of maintenance to Wednesday, patch notes will also now be posted every Tuesday

Patch Notes – Quick Look


This week’s stats

We have made a graph to show some kill hotspots for the first week of Season 2.

Balance Patch System

As mentioned in our balance framework post, we’re implementing our new ‘Eternal Return Balance Patch System’ next week after reviewing the stats from the previous 2 weeks.

The Balance patch system will be the standard for us balancing characters based on their statistics being either too high or too low. (Please note that the Balance Patch system is not the Gold Standard – rather the ‘A’ standard. Check out our balance framework post for more info.)

Balance and Player Feedback

We receive lots of balance feedback from players across all tiers. We constantly look into it and take it into account when adjusting. A problem with player feedback is that sometimes player ideas may become excessively involved. To stop this, the principle is to cross-validate opinions and data as much as possible, and verify parts that cannot be explained by basic statistics.

We also need to solve inconveniences and irrationality that go beyond just strengths and weaknesses. Although Zahir has above-average data, he has some issues. Putting more points into his ult is meaningless and a player’s skill alone is not enough to land his Narayanastra (Q) and Gandiva (W) in the late game. These both need to be addressed.

These kinds of improvements take time. They involve more than just adjusting numbers or moving some sliders around – often requiring additional coding or animation effects. For our ever growing character roster, we will aim to improve one or two skills for each major update so that all characters will feel healthier and maintain some ability of skill expression.

New Skin

Gilded Reaper Zahir is now available!


Our new balance framework is rolling out, so we’re only adjusting a couple things that we noticed were sticking out in the new system. Stay tuned for some more exciting changes in the future.

Li Dailin

We got a lot of feedback about Dailin – especially her silence. We’re adjusting that a bit, along with her power in the later game, to keep the Spirited Master in check.

  • Spirited Kick (Q)
    • Base Damage 25/45/65/85/105 (+Attack Power 60%) → 25/45/65/85/105 (+Attack Power 50%)
    • Enhanced Damage 28/56/84/112/140 (+Attack power 70%) → 28/56/84/112/140 (+Attack Power 60%)
  • Bottom Shelf (E)
    • Silence Duration 2s → 1.6s
  • Striking Tiger (R)
    • Damage per Hit 40/70/100 (+Attack Power 20%) → 25/55/85 (+Attack Power 15%)


Silvia has been zooming around Lumia, doing well in every mode and every tier. This should help just bring her down a touch.

  • Attack Power per Level 2.2 → 2.0
  • Lumia Grand Prix (P) Attack Speed & Skill Amplification 0.6/0.9/1.2% → 0.4/0.8/1.2%


  • A-Coin Cost reduced: (9900 → 8020)
  • Now playable in Ranked

To stop Sua spamming her Q for a near infinite stun after stacking cooldown reduction, we’re adjusting Odyssey (Q)’s cooldown.

  • Odyssey (Q)
    • Cooldown: 14/12/10/8/6 → 12/11/10/9/8s


Although Alex is a bit lacking in Solo, he’s doing surprisingly well in team modes. We’re going to give him some love but adjust his team mode prowess.

  • Base Attack Speed
    • 0.12 → 0.18
  • Gauss Pistol (Ranged Q)
    • SP Cost 50/60/70/80/90 -> 50/55/60/65/70


Zahir has trouble hitting people late game when everyone is flyin’ around Lumia.

  • Narayanastra (Q)
    • Delay when cast 0.65s → 0.53s


We gave the Highschool Heavyweight a slight adjustment in the last patch, but he’s still lacking a bit. We’re tuning him up just a little bit more.

  • First Attack (E)
    • Cooldown Reduction on Hit 20% → 25%


Just a few adjustments to some weapons that were too strong.


  • Magnum-Boa
    • Movement Speed 0.15 -> 0.1


  • Quick Cut (D)
    • Quick Cut(D) Damage (Attack Power 200% + Critical Strike Damage Increase %) -> (Attack Power 175% + Critical Strike Damage Increase %)

Two-handed Sword

  • Hovud
    • Max HP 300 → 260


  • Death Rune
    • Recipe Change
      • Charm + Tree of Life → Charm + Powder of Life


We’re adjusting some armor we believe are showing either too high or too low results


  • Battle Suit
    • Skill Damage Reduction 12% → 8%

Team Mode Adjustments


Alex has a lot of tools that made him pretty strong in team modes – mainly his area control with Double Agent (E) and EMP Barrage (R)

  • Damage dealt in Duo 97% → 94%
  • Damage dealt in Squad 95% → 92%



  • Some boxes have been added/adjusted to balance spawn points and optimize routes

Area Item Frequency Adjustments

We have fixed item quantities in Avenue, Factory, Archery Range. More common stuff in more places.

  • Archery Range
    • Paper 7 -> 8
  • Factory
    • Alcohol 6 -> 7
    • Hatchet 4 -> 5
    • Bandage 8 -> 9
    • Nail 8 -> 9
    • Scrap Metal 11 -> 12
  • Avenue
    • Battery 11 -> 12
    • Surveillance Camera 6 → 5
    • Playing Cards 7 -> 8
    • Watch 7 -> 8 

Features on watch

New or persisting problems

  • Extra Normal Attack Damage Equipment
    • Extra Normal Attack Damage equipment forces players to visit Chapel, so over-saturation in certain areas and uniformity in routes are becoming a growing problem.
    • We are currently planning some changes – including recipe changes and the introduction of new lower tier items.
  • Accelerated tempo meta
    • We’re looking into adjusting mastery & exp gain while also introducing new systems to deal with this
  • Skill indicator clarity for certain skills (Chiara’s Judgement, Barbara’s Sentry Gun etc.)
    • We plan to improve or add effects for skills with ranges that are hard to judge on the fly.
  • Weapon skill – Axe, Hammer, Sniper Rifle etc.
  • Combat in temporary restricted areas

Planned Improvements

  • Item related
    • Weapons with high base attack power (Axe, Spear, Sniper Rifle, Hammer etc.)
    • Extra Skill Damage armor
    • Archery Range spawn point selection ratio
    • These issues will be addressed in a following major patch. We will continue to monitor them in the meantime.
  • Uptown Starting Point
    • Our improvements to the Uptown Starting Points are complete and will be implemented during the next major or minor patch.

0.32 Patch preview

  • Adding new functionality to items
    • Reducing trap damage
    • Character stats per level
    • Armor penetration
    • Negative values of items will no longer be affected by mastery level.
  • Change in mechanism of Barbara’s BT-Mk2 Sentry Gun (Q) (Cooldown/Mastery)
  • Calibration of damage reduction for Aya’s Steady Shot (W) when hit repeatedly

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved crash (forced shutdown) issues
  • Enhanced chat-related security
  • The free-rotation information is now properly displayed
  • Sua: No longer ‘skates’ when doing things like collecting after using Don Quixote (E)
  • Adela: Objects summoned by Adela now are correctly displayed and properly disappear.
  • Silvia, Alex, Bernice: Ping alerts for normal attacks are now properly displayed