Minor Patch 0.36.0d – (July 12th, 2021)

After examining the data over the weekend, we’re going to push out a quick little balance update.
No client update is needed. The hotfix will only affect games that begin after the hotfix is deployed.


Neon Huntress Nadine will be available for purchase.

MMR adjustment (Kills)

The effects from the update regarding LP gains for early kills decreasing, and LP gain for late game kills increasing (June 10th) has been mitigated.

  • Points for early kills are increased.
  • Points for late kills are decreased.
  • Late game kill points will be slightly higher, but the difference is smaller than before. The average kill point is slightly higher as well.



  • Nicky is now playable in Ranked.
  • Base Attack Power 25 -> 22
  • Base HP 620 -> 660
  • Guard & Reverse(W)
    • Cooldown 18/17/16/15/14s -> 20/19/18/17/16s
  • Pure Rage Uppercut!!(R)
    • Cooldown 100/90/80s -> 90/75/60s


  • Free-Electron Laser(W)
    • Cooldown 4s -> 5s


  • Base SP Regen 1.1 -> 1.6


  • Spy Umbrella
    • Attack Power 65 -> 62

It’s the end of the season, so we’re being a bit more cautious to ensure that any balance changes don’t overly affect rankings. There may, however, be additional hotfixes for some characters based on an increase in data from characters.