Minor Patch – 0.16.1 (Sept. 10, 2020)

Hey everyone, we’ll be pushing a quick hotfix for a few things that we’ve noticed since yesterday’s patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing Ctrl to level up skills no longer activates the skill.
  • Tooltip on some weapon skills no longer displays cooldown reduction when there was none
  • Players having problems with the game not recognizing the IP address can now access the game
  • Clicking or hovering on the first slot in the upper left side of your Saved plans.
  • Fixed a slight issue regarding the border between hospital and cemetery
  • All character emotes should now be in the correct locations.


Li Dailin will receive a slight hotfix. We’ve noticed that Li Dailin has a pick rate of over 30%. While we can all agree that she is a fun character, an exceptionally high pick rate like that is troublesome for the health of the game.

Nunchaku and glove both have a high pick rate. Following the update, Nunchaku is picked a bit more, but glove is showing a higher win and kill rate.

Changing skills at this point may risk the emergence of some more serious bugs, so we’ll start with some balance tweaks first.


  • Extra normal attack damage mastery per level 4% → 3.5%
  • Skill amp per mastery level 3% → 2.5%

Li Dailin

  • Attack Power 38 → 36
  • Defense 24 → 22
  • Movement Speed 3.2 → 3.15
  • Glove base attack speed 0.75 → 0.73
  • Nunchaku base attack speed 0.65 → 0.63