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Season 8 Ranked Rewards and Information regarding Changes

Hello, Lumia Island survivors!
We hope you're enjoying Season 8 and climbing up that ladder! 

We're here to announce some of the changes coming to Ranked this season as well as show you guys our upcoming Cadet skin, so please continue reading below for more information. 

1. Season 8's Cadet Skin
- Echion is this season's Cadet!
- You will receive "Cadet Echion" if you achieve over Gold Tier in Ranked before Season 8 ends.

* Players will receive Cadet skin based on their highest ranked mode between Solo, Duo, and Squad.
* We'll keep posting more information regarding season and ranked rewards later in the season

2. [NEW] Mythril Tier
- We are adding a new "Mythril Tier" during maintenance on Wednesday, Feb 15th, 2023.
- Mythril Tier will be between Diamond and Titan tiers.
- Mythril comes after promoting from Diamond 1. Mythril does not have its own detailed tiers.
- Titan will be changed to a ranked tier between Mythril and Immortal. 201-700th place in each mode will now become Titan.

* This information is subject to change at a later date.

3. Time Change for End of Ranked Matches

- March 29th, 2023 (Wed) 17:00 (PT)

* Only points from Ranked matches started before March 29th at 16:59:59 (PT) will be included.

4. Season 8/9 NA/EU/SA Immortal Special Reward Criteria
- You will only be eligible for special rewards if 80% of your Ranked games are in a specific server. 
- Up to 200 players with more than 200 Titan points(2,600LP) will receive special Immortal rewards.

* If you are not chosen for Immortal rewards, you will receive rewards for the tier achieved in each mode. 
* If you do not play 80% of your Ranked matches in a specific server, you cannot receive Immortal rewards, even if you have over 200 Titan points.(2,600LP)

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