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[Edited] Season 8 Ranked Rewards

We're quickly approaching the end of Season 8! 
The season comes to a close on March 29th, which means it's time for season rewards!

1. Details
- All ranked rewards are given out based on your highest ranked tier out of the Solo, Duo, or Squad modes at the end of the season.
- Season 8 ends on March 29th, 2023 at the start time of server maintenance (16:59:59 PT).

* Games that start before maintenance starts but end after maintenance has already begun will still be counted towards your season rank. 
* Accounts with a total ban record of 14 days or longer are ineligible for ranked rewards.

2. Cadet Echion Skin
Players who achieve Gold or higher during Season 8 will receive the Cadet Echion skin!

3. Immortal Rewards per server NA/EU/SA (End of Season Rank)
- You will only be eligible for special rewards if 80% of your Ranked games are in a specific server. 
- Up to 200 players with more than 200 Titan (2,600 LP) points will receive special Immortal rewards.

* If you are not chosen for Immortal rewards, you will receive rewards for the tier achieved in each mode. 
* If you do not play 80% of your Ranked matches in a specific server, you cannot receive Immortal rewards, even if you have over 200 Titan points.
<Click here> to check rankings through our API.

4. How to Receive Rewards
 - Rewards will be sent out to player accounts on April 12th, 2023 after maintenance (PT). Make sure you log in to claim them before maintenance on July 12th, 2023!

* Players who achieve Gold in at least two modes (Solo/Duo/Squad) will receive Animated Emote A.
* Players who reach Platinum or higher will receive Animated Emote B.
* Season 8 ranked reward icons, backgrounds, and borders expire upon the start of Season 9 unless otherwise stated. However, Immortal goods are permanent.
* Season 7 ranked rewards expire upon the start of Season 9.

As always, thanks a bunch for playing Eternal Return, and we hope you get to the rank you desire! We will keep you posted with any changes. 

Good luck!

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