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PATCH NOTES 0.50.0 – JANUARY 19TH, 2022

Hey gang, Aesop here with the big 5-0. Update FIFTY. We got Aiden, we got skins, we got items, we got bug fixes (Bianca W fix anyone?). Let us begin.

Servers will go down January 19th at 6 PM (PT) to apply Update 0.50.0.

New Character - Aiden

“Nobody's life is that simple.”

The two-handed sword wielder Aiden is now here on Lumia Island.

Aiden will cost 9,900 A-Coin during the first 2 weeks after release. He will be available in ranked matches starting from January 25th (KST).

Overcharge (Passive)

Aiden gains an Ampere every time he hits an enemy with a skill. When Aiden has 5 Amperes and there are no enemies within a radius of 2.6m, he becomes Overcharged for 10 seconds, gaining 5 bullets and ranged basic attacks.

While Overcharged, Aiden’s basic attacks will always critically strike, and he gains additional critical strike damage based on his critical strike chance. However, he loses 0.25 base attack speed and 15% critical strike damage.

After Overcharge expires, Aiden's movement speed is increased for a few seconds.

  • Attack Range when Overcharged : 5/5.5/6m

  • Critical Strike Damage Increase per 1% of Critical Strike Chance:  0.2/0.3/0.4%

  • Movement Speed Increase after Overcharge : 7/10/13 %

Lightning Strike / Volt Cannon (Q)

Lightning Strike: Aiden thrusts his gunblade forward, dealing 25/50/75/100/125(+Attack Power 55%) basic attack damage to the first enemy hit and gaining 2 Amperes. Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Lightning Strike by 1 second.

During Overcharge, Aiden can use Volt Cannon.

Volt Cannon: Aiden fires 1 bullet in the targeted direction, dealing 30/65/100/135/170(+Attack Power 80%) basic attack damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them by 45% for 0.65 seconds. Hitting an enemy with Volt Cannon decreases its cooldown by 50%.

Lightning Strike and Volt Cannon are not affected by Cooldown Reduction.

  • Lightning Strike Range : 3m

  • Volt Cannon Range : 7m

  • Lightning Strike SP Cost : 20/25/30/35/40

  • Lightning Strike Cooldown : 5/4.5/4/3.5/3s

  • Volt Cannon SP Cost : 60

  • Volt Cannon Cooldown : 5/4.5/4/3.5/3s

Dissipation (W)

Aiden slows himself while he channels high voltage into his gunblade.

When recast, or at max duration, Aiden deals 25/35/45/55/65(+Attack Power 40%) ~ 50/70/90/110/130(+Attack Power 80%) skill damage to enemies nearby based on charge time and slows them by 45% for 0.65 seconds.

If fully charged, Aiden leaves behind a Sparkring for 2.5 seconds, dealing 30/75/120/165/210(+Attack Power 25%) skill damage to enemies that touch it and rooting them for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 seconds.

  • Range : Radius 3.25m

  • Sparkring Duration : 2.5s

  • SP Cost : 75

  • Cooldown : 15/14/13/12/11s

Backstep/Bolt Rush (E)

Passive: The cooldown of this skill is reset upon reaching full Amperes.

Backstep: Aiden steps back and fires an electric bullet, dealing 15/30/45/60/75(+Attack Power 20%) skill damage to the first enemy hit and marking them. The mark provides vision to Aiden and enables him to use Bolt Rush. Aiden’s movement speed is increased for 2 seconds after using Backstep.

Bolt Rush: Aiden dashes to the marked enemy, dealing 75/105/135/165/195(+Attack Power 45%) skill damage. Aiden can use Bolt Rush while charging Dissipation (W).

  • Backstep Range : 5.5m

  • Movement Speed Increase after Backstep : 5/8/11/14/17%

  • SP Cost : 50

  • Cooldown : 20/18/16/14/12s

Electrostatic Surge (R)

Aiden discharges a thunderbolt at the targeted location, dealing 40/70/100(+Attack Power 35%) skill damage and slowing enemies by 30% for 1 second. Enemies hit in the middle instead receive 80/140/200(+Attack Power 70%) skill damage and are stunned for 1 second.

Aiden then discharges a second thunderbolt at the same location, dealing 80/120/200(+Attack Power 50%) skill damage and slowing enemies hit by 30% for 1 second.

If the first thunderbolt hits an enemy, Aiden can recast Electrostatic Surge to teleport to the thunderbolt’s location, immediately triggering the second thunderbolt and fully charging Aiden’s Amperes.

  • Thunderbolt Range : Radius 2.75m

  • Thunderbolt Center Range : Radius 1m

  • SP Cost : 120

  • Cooldown : 120/90/60s

New Skins & Emotes

Arctic Expedition Nathapon (Uncommon) will be available for purchase.

“I'll try my best to capture all of this perfect scenery through the lens of my camera.”

Wistful Heritage Sua (Rare) & Dragon Dance Li Dailin (Rare) will be available for purchase on January 28th. (KST)

“Remember, every new year is the first page of your new story.”

“Don't worry, Dragon Dailin is here to ward off all those pesky evil spirits following you around!”

New Year Emotes will be available for purchase on Jan 28th (KST). Happy New Year everyone!!


Auto Equip Feature

How many times have you been walking around wearing a watch but a perfectly good Sheath of Shah Jahan is in your inventory.

  • Crafting an item in your Saved Plan will automatically equip the item based on rarity.

    • Ex: If you’re wearing Bracelet and craft Radar, Radar will automatically be equipped.

    • Crafting a Vital Sign Sensor will automatically equip the item.

    • Higher rarity items, such as Bracelet of Skadi, are not auto equipped.

  • The Auto Equip Feature can be enabled in Settings.

Collectible UI Improvements

Smarter UI. Nice.

  • Now notifies you for situations where only Branch, Stone, or Leather are needed for crafting.

  • Originally, the UI only notified you when the full item can be crafted. The UI now also notifies you in situations when lower tier items can be crafted as well.


Untargetable Downed Targets

Don’t waste your skills on an already downed enemy!

  • After a target is downed in team modes, the target will become untargetable for 0.5s.


Ranked Matchmaking & LP Improvements

Wider matchmaking for top tiers in Solo was causing some issues with high/low queueing. LP regarding team modes is also getting a small adjustment.

  • Matchmaking in top solo tiers (Titan or above) will be slightly tighter.

  • LP gain from kills(TK) is slightly increased in team modes.

  • Killing an enemy that revived is now also counted as a TK in team modes.


Matching UI Improvements (Quick Start etc.)

A more improved and refined matching UI!

  • A Quick Start option is now available for team modes too.

  • The Quick Start option will include teammate search and matchmaking all in one button. 

  • Improved effects for finding teammates.

  • Implemented notifications for successful teammate search and matchmaking start.


Chat Improvements

Don’t you just love chatting? All chat when???

  • Multiple tabs can now be created for whispering.

  • Tabs are divided into System, Custom chat, Matchmaking & Premade, and Whisper.

Chatting has been improved for in-game as well.

  • A unique sound effect has been added for chatting and whispering.

  • Scroll wheel now works for in-game chat.

  • Areas for allied hyperloops are also displayed. (Includes cancelation alerts.)

    • Aesop is hyperlooping to Forest.

    • Aesop has canceled their Hyperloop.

  • Your hyperloop destination is also shown through the UI. (Not through chat)

Loading Tips

  • New tips regarding lore have been added!


Hyperloop Adjustments

The hyperloop activation change from 4s to 3s improved the rhythm of the game, so we’re keeping that change. However, it has made it harder for players to react to incoming hyperloops. The more unstable version of hyperloop should help with the issue.

  • Untargetable upon hyperloop arrival for 1s -> 2s

  • Unable to use basic attacks, skills, items and slowed by 30% for 1.5s upon hyperloop arrival -> Unable to use basic attacks, skills, items and slowed by 20% for 2.5s


2nd Projectile Improvements

Projectiles mark a target as ‘hit’ as soon as a test subject touches any edge of the projectile, which can result in hitting enemies in the opposite direction when the caster is close to an enemy.

Please let us know if you still see it happening. This update we’ve covered:

  • Cathy Suture(E)

  • Crossbow Expulsion Shot(D)


Some augments were weaker and didn’t see much use, so we’re adjusting a few of them to see a bit more augment variety. 


  • Frailty Infliction

    • Defense Reduction : Level*0.8 → Level*1

  • Frenzy

    • Damage Taken Increase 7% → 5%

  • Red Sprite

    • Damage 10+Level*5.5 → 7+Level*2

    • Cooldown 18s → 10s

  • Quench

    • No longer works on summons. (Barbara Turret, Nina etc.)

    • Effects on Androids (Alpha, Omega, Wickeline) have been drastically reduced.

    • Damage dealt to Wild Animals 12% → 20%

    • Omnisyphon on Wild Animals 10% → 15%

    • Damage dealt to Androids 12% → 6%

    • Omnisyphon on Androids 10% → 4.5%


  • Diamond Shard

    • Defense Increase 20+Level*5 → 20+Level*5.5

    • Cooldown 45s → 25s


  • Healing Factor

    • Cooldown 25s → 10s

  • Healing Drone

    • Heal 3+Level*0.25% → 3+Level*0.2%

  • Amplification Drone

    • Duration 3.5s → 4.5s

  • Assembly

    • Shield : Level*10 → Level*11

    • When receiving another shield from Assembly within 7 seconds, the shield is decreased by 50%.


Character Price Reduction

Cheaper characters! Who would’ve guessed it!

  • Mai

    • A-coin 9,900 → 8,020

  • Shoichi

    • NP 1,075 → 970

    • A-Coin 8,020 → 5,290

  • Isol

    • NP 970→ 870

    • A-Coin 5,290→ 4,340

  • Magnus

    • NP 870 → 645

    • A-Coin 4,340 → 2,140

  • Fiora

    • NP 645→ 285

    • A-Coin 2,140→ 620

  • Aiden, Emma, Li Dailin, Isol, Zahir’s costs are set to be reduced on February 3rd (KST).


Daniel’s skill weaving and overall strength resulted in him having a high pick rate and good results in higher tiers.

  • Dusk Shears (Q)

    • Dusk Shears (Q), Shadow Glide (E) Cooldown Reduction on Center Hit 35% → 25%


Mai’s debut fashion show was a bit lackluster across all tiers.

  • Haute Couture (P)

    • Extra Damage per Defense 8/12/16% → 8/13/18%

    • Extra Damage per Stack 6.5% → 8%

    • The floating UI will now change to show the maximum amount of pins you can have.

  • Catwalk (E) Strut (E2)

    • Taunt Duration 1.35s → 1.45s

    • Damage 50/80/110/140/170(+Attack Power 45%) → 50/80/110/140/170(+Attack Power 60%)

    • Sync for animation is slightly improved.

  • Exclusive (R)

    • Enemy Cast : Damage 50/100/150(+Attack Power 60%)(+Defense 24/30/36%) → 100/200/300(+Attack Power 100%)(+Defense 24/36/48%)

    • Ally Cast

      • Range 6m → 7m

      • Heal : 25/50/75(+Attack Power 30%)(+Defense 12/15/18%) → 50/100/150(+Attack Power 50%)(+Defense 12/18/24%)

    • Can now be cast on self.

      • Receives same effects as when used on an ally.


How did he manage to break that bullet? 

  • Broken Bullet (Q)

    • Projectile Speed 19m/s → 21m/s


We totally rewrote the code for Sanctuary. It should (hopefully) work 100% of the time now. 

  • Sanguine Javelin (Q)

    • The circular damage radius upon arrival will now be added to the indicator.

  • Sanctuary (W) can now be canceled by recasting the skill.

    • Can no longer be canceled with movement or basic attack commands.

    • Being CCd or activating Circulation (E) or Reign of the Vampire Queen (R) still cancels the skill as before.

    • Can not be cast for 0.5s after initial cast.


In higher tiers, Celine’s explosion radius was proving to be a bit too much for enemies to react to. 

  • Blast Wave (E)

    • Explosion Radius 3.5m → 3m

  • Magnetic Compulsion (R)

    • 5 Stack Bomb Explosion Radius 5m → 4m


Some more utility when using Play With Us! in a supportive capacity.

  • Play With Us! (E)

    • Cooldown Reduction on Ally Hit 2s → 3s


Compared to her compatriots of Lumia, Adela’s base stats were rather high.

  • Max HP per Level 88 → 82


Isol had a quite an easy time confirming kills and performing above average in the higher tiers. He should be more careful when using his skills now.

  • Semtex Bomb (Q)

    • Attach Range 1.3m → 1.2m


Early game Echion was slapping a little too hard.

  • Base Attack Power 38→ 35

  • Max HP 740 → 702


The mastery granted from his censer felt like a step in the right direction, so we’re going to buff that up a bit. (Check team mode adjustments as well for compensation changes for him)

  • Transcendent Censer (W)

    • Weapon Mastery gain based on damage dealt by allies with the attack speed bonus

      • 30% of ally damage → 60%


Eva was pretty strong across the board in the last patch. This should help bring her in line and have players think before spamming Eruption.

  • Light Triad (Q)

    • 1st Hit Damage 30/50/70/90/110(+Attack Power 25%) → 25/45/65/85/105(+Attack Power 25%)

  • Phase Vortex (W)

    • Damage: 40/70/100/130/160(+Attack Power 50%) → 35/65/95/125/155(+Attack Power 50%)

  • Amethyst Flow (E)

    • Cooldown 9/8/7/6/5s → 9/8.5/8/7.5/7s

  • VF Eruption (R)

    • Cooldown 5s → 10s


We love QoL fixes.

  • On Air! (E)

    • The screen will zoom out further to allow a better view for choosing your cast location.


Floating above the corpses of his enemies across all tiers, Zahir needed a slight adjustment to his overall damage.

  • Gandiva (W)

    • Damage 20/50/80/110/140(+Attack Power 30%) → 20/40/60/80/100(+Attack Power 30%)

  • Vayvayastra (E)

    • Cooldown 20/18/16/14/12s → 18/16.5/15/13.5/12s


Jenny’s early to mid objective control was proving to be quite overbearing.

  • Persona (E)

    • Damage 10/20/30/40/50(+Skill Amplification *1.75) → 8/16/24/32/40(+Skill Amplification *1.75)


VF Prosthetic

  • Deathadder (Rare)

    • Biotic Infusion

      • Damage : 8 per Level → 5

  • Deathadder Queen (Epic)

    • Biotic Infusion

      • Damage : 8 per Level → 5

  • Deathadder Queen MT (Legendary)

    • Biotic Infusion

      • Damage : 10 per Level → 7

  • Deathadder Queen FC (Legendary)

    • Biotic Infusion

      • Damage : 10 per Level → 7

  • Deathadder Queen VBS (Legendary)

    • Biotic Infusion

      • Damage : 10 per Level → 7


  • Uppercut (D)

    • Can not be used when Rooted or Grounded.

  • Mark of the Phoenix

    • Smolder

      • Damage : 1% Max HP per second → 0.85%


  • Maleficent Helix (D)

    • Can no longer be used when Rooted or Grounded.

  • The Juggernaut

    • (NEW) Attack Speed 20% 

    • Vigor

      • Attack Speed per Stack 12% → 8%

  • (NEW) Axe of Pangu

    • Rarity : Legendary

    • Recipe : Battle Axe + Force Core

    • Stats

      • Attack Power 145

      • (Unique) Tenacity 30%

Assault Rifle

  • Attack Speed per Weapon Mastery Level 3.7% → 3.3%


  • Sniper Crossbow

    • Attack Power 85 → 83

    • Attack Range 0.85 → 0.75


  • Base Attack Range 1.45 → 1.55

  • Cerberus

    • Attack Range 0.75 → 0.5


  • VF Dispersion (D)

    • Damage 40/60(+Attack Power 50%) → 40/75(+Attack Power 50%)

Two-Handed Sword

  • Laevateinn

    • Smolder

      • Damage : 1.2% Max HP per second → 1%

Sniper Rifle

  • Base Attack Range 6.5 → 6.1

  • Intervention

    • Vision Range 4 → 3


  • Blazing Lance

    • Smolder

      • Damage : 1.3% Max HP per second → 1.2%


  • Skill Amplification per Weapon Mastery Level 3.3% → 3%


  • Smokescreen (D)

    • Slow 10/25% → 5/15%

  • Dyadic Prism

    • Attack Power 110 → 115



  • Mithril Crop

    • Attack Speed 12% → 18%

  • Áo Dài

    • Defense 60 → 65

Mode Balancing

Team Mode Damage Adjustments

  • Daniel (Dagger)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 102% → 103%

  • Leon (Glove)

    • Damage taken in Duo 100% → 98%

    • Damage taken in Squad 100% → 97%

  • Li Dailin (Glove)

    • Damage taken in Duo 98% → 96%

    • Damage taken in Squad 96% → 95%

  • Li Dailin (Nunchaku)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 102% → 103%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 102% → 103%

  • Mai (Whip)

    • Shield gained in Duo 100% → 118%

    • Shield gained in Squad 100% → 118%

  • Magnus (Hammer)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 91% → 93%

  • Bernice (Sniper Rifle)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 88% → 87%

  • Celine (Throw)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 90% → 86%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 88% → 84%

  • Sua (Hammer)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 97% → 95%

  • Sissela (Shuriken)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 88% → 87%

  • Silvia (Pistol)

    • Damage taken in Duo 100% → 98%

    • Damage taken in Squad 97% → 96%

  • Johann (Arcana)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 120% → 112%

  • Yuki (Two-Handed Sword)

    • Damage taken in Duo 100% → 98%

    • Damage taken in Squad 97% → 96%

  • Yuki (Dual Swords)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 98% → 100%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 95% → 97%

  • Jenny (Pistol)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 95% → 96%

  • Camilo (Dual Swords)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 94% → 92%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 96% → 94%

  • Chiara (Rapier)

    • Damage taken in Squad 94% → 95%

  • Fiora (Rapier)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 97% → 102%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 102% → 104%

  • Fiora (Two-Handed Sword)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 100% → 102%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 100% → 104%

  • Fiora (Spear)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 100% → 102%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 102% → 104%

  • Hart (Guitar)

    • Recovery taken in Duo 100% → 105%

    • Recovery taken in Squad 100% → 105%

  • Hyejin (Shuriken)

    • Damage dealt in Duo 92% → 94%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 85% → 87%

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Vision Related Improvements

The logic regarding vision has been reworked.

  • Wolves and Bear indicators will no longer be visible through fog of war.

  • CCTVs have been improved and fixed overall. 

  • Specific skill effects being visible through fog of war have been fixed. (Chloe & Nina’s connection line, Silvia Front Flip, Jan Tetragon etc.)

  • Ally sprays will now be properly visible through fog of war.

Gameplay Improvements

  • For items that are taking up 2 slots of the inventory, crafting will now prioritize the slot with the smaller amount. (Ex: 3 bottles, 1 bottle)

  • Switching saved plans will no longer cause the craft feature to go out of order.

  • Health Bar UI will now be moved to the front of the overlay UI.

  • Meteor fall damage will now be properly blocked while in Stasis.

  • The cooldown state for Temporal Refraction will now be properly removed from the buff state UI.

  • The cooldown for Cathode Lash’s Streamlined passive will be properly displayed.

  • Fixed error pop-ups for moving the timeline for replays.

  • Team colors for the UI and health bars will be properly displayed in team mode replays.

  • Various other bugs have been fixed overall.

Character & Weapon Improvements

  • Daniel: Queueing basic attacks while Masterpiece (R) is being used no longer causes Daniel to basic attack after casting.

  • Bianca: Sanctuary (W) no longer cancels itself upon an enemy leaving the attack range of Bianca.

  • Celine: The indicator for Blast Wave (E) will now be properly displayed on all occasions.

  • Celine: Quickly using Magnetic Compulsion (R) - Detonate (W) will no longer queue detonate on a Plasma Bomb rather than the Magnetic Compulsion bomb.

  • Adriana: Using Adriana’s skills in a specific order no longer disables Smokescreen (D) for usage.

  • Isol: MOK Operational Mine (R) can now properly proc Frailty Infliction.

  • Alex: Using Alex’s skills in a specific order no longer causes Caltrops (D) to disappear upon usage.

  • Echion: Using Dry Bite (E) on multiple enemies no longer calculates each instance of damage dealt as a separate skill.

  • Adela: Knight Fork (W) will now properly apply airborne to summons.

  • Adela: Can now properly move when targeting an object while casting Checkmate (R).

  • William: No Hitter (P) stacks are now properly reset when William is downed.

  • Eva: Eva’s enhanced basic attack from Amethyst Flow (E) now properly procs Biotic Infusion. 

  • Eleven: Sliders from Ground Beef (P) will no longer be destroyed by summons such as Cameras.

  • Eleven: Picking up a slider while casting a skill will no longer cause the enhanced effect to be canceled after the skill is cast.

  • Various other bugs have been fixed overall.


Lobby Improvements

  • Cellular damage will now be properly displayed in the post game stats.

  • Changing, deleting, saving names for friend categories while searching will now work properly.

  • Automatically deleted friend category names can now be properly used when trying to recreate the category.

  • Various other bugs have been fixed overall.

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