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Season 5 ER Pass Notice

Starting with Season 5, the new ER Pass and ER Pass Hub system will be introduced! You'll be able to get any ER Pass you want!

What is ER Pass Hub?
  • This is the system where you can manage ER Passes from previous seasons.
  • Players can unlock ER Passes from any season via the ER Pass Hub.

With the start of Season 5, the Season 4 ER Pass will end and a new ER Pass will begin.

  • Season 4 ER Pass Ends: Feb 16th, 2022 18:00 (PT)

With the release of the Season 5 ER Pass, we'll be running the ER Pass at a discount for two weeks!

More rewards can be obtained via the Season 5 ER Pass and ER Plus so pick up the ER Pass and get tons of dope rewards!

Season 5 ER Pass
  • Sale Period: Feb 16th, 2022 after maintenance ~ March 2nd before maintenance
  • Price:
    • ER Pass 1,190 NP (Originally 1,550 NP)
    • ER Plus 3,190 NP (Originally 3,990 NP)

During Season 5, you can still purchase Season 4 ER Pass at the original price. If you purchased it previously, you can continue leveling it up.

Note: For those who have already purchased it, it is possible to reactivate the Season 4 ER Pass by spending 300NP for the activation cost.

*It is also possible to accumulate ER Points by switching between Season 4 and 5. Only 1 ER Pass can be active at a time!

*If you unlock or activate the Season 4 ER Pass, the Season 5 ER Pass will be suspended and ER Points will be accumulated in the currently active ER Pass.

Get yourselves the ER Pass and get ready for Season 5!


What are ER Pass/Plus/Pass Upgrade?

  • ER Pass: Unlocks the paid rewards for the purchased season.
  • ER Plus: Instantly boosts your season level by 19.
  • ER Pass Upgrade: If you've purchased only the ER Pass, you can still purchase ER Plus and it will only cost you the difference in cost between the two.

What if I don't buy the ER Pass? Can I still earn rewards for free?

  • Yes, free rewards can be earned even if you don't purchase the ER Pass. To earn all the rewards you must purchase the ER Pass.

Is it possible to purchase ER Pass/Plus/Points with the unlocked unactivated ER Pass?

  • Yes, it only affects the paid rewards and your level in the season Pass you purchased.

Which season will gain ER Points through in-game mail?

  • It will be accumulated in the current activated ER Pass.

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