• Patch Notes
  • 5 months ago

0.50.0a Hotfix

The 0.50.0a Hotfix is being pushed to servers starting from 00:30 (PT).

The hotfix will require both a client update and server distribution.

Please restart the client to receive the update.

(The update could take around 10 minutes to be fully applied.)

  • Removed System chat ping sound.
  • The auto equip feature will now only equip items that are in the same slot of the finished item as the one in your Saved Plan.
  • Game UI Fixes
    • Adjusted overlapping and scaling issues
    • Fixed EXP Bar UI
    • Other parts such as the portrait are to be further adjusted in the future.
  • Bianca: Sanctuary (W) can now properly be canceled while charging Circulation (E).
  • Aiden: Dissipation (W)'s Sparkring now works properly when used just after casting Bolt Rush (E2).
  • Aiden: Aiden's next Dissipation (W) after casting Backstep (E1) - Dissipation (W) - Bolt Rush (E2) can now be fully charged properly.

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