• Patch Notes
  • 1 year ago

0.52.0c Hotfix

The 0.52.0c Hotfix is being pushed to servers starting from February 21st 22:00 (PT).

The hotfix will require a client update.

Please restart the client to receive the update.

With the bumpy start of the new season due to the crashes and temporary disabling of ranked, we didn't gather enough data for the patch as we usually like.

We're only tweaking a few things for Laura's arrival to Ranked and we'll hold on and push out an additional balance hotfix later this week.

*Some changes may not be applied to tooltips or Practice modes.


  • She is now available for Ranked.
  • Thorn Lilac (Q)
    • 1st Hit After Delay 0.3s → 0.27s
    • 2nd Hit After Delay 0.3s → 0.27s
    • 3rd Hit After Delay 0.42s → 0.27s


  • Gleipnir
    • Extra Skill Damage 27 → 23
  • Thunder Whip
    • Skill Amplification 10% → 12%
    • Attack Speed 10% → 12%
  • Cathode Lash
    • Streamlined
      • Cooldown 6s → 5s
  • Bloody Nine Tails
    • Attack Power 75 → 70
    • Cooldown Reduction 15% → 13%

  • Fixed possible causes of players being unable to move upon game start (Will continuously be monitored after hotfix)

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