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PATCH NOTES 0.57.0 – APRIL 27TH, 2022

Servers will go down April 27th at 7 PM (PT) to apply Update 0.57.0.

Looking into the crystal ball, we see Patch Notes from the not so distant future!

Windy here with this season’s final patch bringing changes, adjustments, and Lumia’s favorite astrologer, Adina!

We thank everyone sticking with us during Season 5, and hope Season 6 will be a banger as well!

New Character - Adina

Adina, the arcana-wielding astrologer has been spotted floating on Lumia Island!

Adina will cost 9,900 A-Coin during her first 2 weeks. She will be available in ranked matches starting on May 4th (KST).

"Fate comes secondary to our determination."

Stargazing (P)

Stargazing : Adina's crystal ball generates celestial signs that alter the effect of her skills. Casting a skill consumes Adina's currently selected celestial sign, changing the effect of the skill depending on the sign consumed.

Once all signs have been consumed, Adina enters a state of Stargazing, refilling all empty slots with new celestial signs and increasing her movement speed by 3/7/11% for 2 seconds. Adina's next basic attack within 3 seconds after Stargazing slows the target by 80% for 0.6 seconds.

Combust : Adina engulfs enemies affected by
Sun sign skills in flames, dealing 4% of the target's max HP damage every second for 3 seconds.

Luminary (Q)

Adina launches a celestial sphere in the targeted direction, dealing 50/75/100/125/150(+40% Attack Power) skill damage to enemies hit.

Sun : Fires a large sun sphere, applying Combust to enemies hit.

Moon : Fires a moon sphere that explodes on impact, stunning the target by 0.5 seconds and knocking them 0.75m back.

Star : Fires a comet that leaves a tail behind for 4 seconds, increasing the movement speed of allies touching the tail by 15%.

  • Projectile Range : 8m

  • Projectile Radius : 0.6m

    • Sun Projectile Radius : 0.75m

  • Projectile Speed : 9.75m/s

    • Star Projectile Speed : 14.25m/s

  • Cooldown : 5.5/5/4.5/4/3.5s

  • SP Cost : 50/55/60/65/70

  • Sun Conjunct

    • When casting Luminary with two aligned Sun signs, Adina fires a larger sun sphere that deals 30/45/60/75% extra skill damage and burns enemies in the area of effect for 10(+10% Attack Power) skill damage every 0.2 seconds.

      • Enhanced based on the level of Celestial Prophecy (R).

    • Projectile Range : 1.7m Radius

    • Projectile Speed : 5m/s

Astral Trine (W)

Adina draws an astral triangle at the targeted location, dealing 40/70/100/130/160+(+60% Attack Power) skill damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 35% for 1 second.

Sun : Applies Combust to enemies hit.

Moon : Enemies hit are stunned for 1 second.

Star : The triangle is completed faster, and allies in range become Unstoppable for 1 second.

  • Range : 7m

  • Radius : One Side=4.5m (Equilateral Triangle-shape)

  • Activating Speed : 0.8s

    • Star Activating Speed : 0.5s

  • Cooldown : 14/13/12/11/10s

  • SP Cost : 50/60/70/80/90

  • Moon Conjunct

    • When casting Astral Trine with two aligned Moon symbols, Adina fuses the Moons from each vertex to create an explosion, dealing skill damage after 1 second and slowing enemies hit by 45/50/55/60% for 1.8 seconds.

      • Enhanced based on the level of Celestial Prophecy (R).

Fated Horizon (E)

Adina marks her target, dealing 20/30/40/50/60+(+20% Attack Power) skill damage. A celestial body then descends upon the target, dealing 40/65/90/115/140(+30% Attack Power) skill damage to enemies in range. Does not damage allies.

  • Sun : A large Sun sphere descends upon the target, applying Combust to enemies hit.

  • Moon : A Moon sphere descends upon the target, stunning enemies hit by 0.8 seconds.

  • Star A comet quickly descends upon the target. When marking an ally, they are healed by 10/15/20/25/30+(+10% Attack Power), then an additional 20/32.5/45/57.5/70(+15% Attack Power) from the comet. ({9} of original damage).

  • Range : 6m

  • 2nd Cast Damage Range : 1.8m

    • Sun 2nd Cast Damage Range : 2.25m Radius

  • 2nd Cast Damage Time : Marks for 1.3 seconds, descends for 0.7 seconds

    • Star 2nd Cast Damage Time : Marks for 0.5 seconds, descends for 0.2 seconds

  • Cooldown : 12/11/10/9/8s

  • SP Cost : 80/90/100/110/120

  • Star Conjunct

    • When casting Fated Horizon with two aligned Star symbols, the comet leaves behind a nebula that heals allies within a 1.8~2.8m radius.

      • Duration : 4s

      • Reaches its largest radius at 2 seconds, which persists until the end of the skill’s duration.

      • Recovery : 10/20/30/40(+Skill Amplification * 0.2) every 0.5 seconds

        • Enhanced based on the level of Celestial Prophecy (R).

Celestial Prophecy (R)

  • Effect : Celestial Prophecy

    • Adina swaps the current sign with one in her crystal ball, altering her fated path.

  • Passive : Conjunct

    • When aligning celestial signs, Adina can cast a powerful Conjunct skill by consuming both signs. Conjunct skills are enhanced by leveling Celestial Prophecy.

    • Sun x2: Enhances Luminary(Q), increasing damage dealt.

    • Moon x2: Enhances Astral Trine(W), increasing its slow.

    • Star x2: Enhances Fated Horizon(E), providing extra recovery.

    • Casting a Conjunct skill causes Celestial Prophecy to go on cooldown for 13/10/7/4s, temporarily preventing Adina from altering her fate.

  • Cooldown: 0.1s

  • SP Cost: 0

New Skins & Emotes

Transfer Student Mai (Rare) will be available for purchase.

"So, where's my seat?"

Magical Girl Rio (Rare) will be available for purchase on May 5th (KST).

"May justice guide my arrow!"

A Magical Girl Rio special bundle will be available from May 5th to May 17th (KST) to celebrate the release of Magical Girl Rio!

  • Price: 2,275NP

  • Contents

    • Character: Rio

    • Skin: Magical Girl Rio

    • Emotes : 4 Magical Girl Rio Emotes

    • Profile Icon: Magical Girl Rio

    • Spray: Magical Girl Rio

Also, check out the Doki Doki Lumia Island event starting on May 5th, where you can get Lovely Magical Girl Rio (Rare) just by clearing missions! Look forward to Rio’s magic!

"My arrow will expel the darkness!"

Plague Doctor Daniel has been upgraded to an Epic skin. Check out his fresh moves in-game! (Plague Doctor Daniel’s English voicelines weren’t finished in time for this patch, but will be updated later on.)

"What a mess. Time to patch things up."


Eleven Emotes will be available for purchase!

A special Eleven bundle will be available for purchase to celebrate the new Eleven emotes!

  • Price: 2,010NP (40% Discount!)

  • Content

    • Character: Eleven

    • Skin: Sugar Rush Eleven

    • Emotes: Hi Eleven!, Wishful Eleven, Taunty-leven, Salty Eleven


Character Selection Screen Team Voice Option

  • You can now turn voice chat on/off in the character selection screen.


Character Price Reduction

  • Priya

    • A-coin 9,900 → 8,020

  • Bernice

    • NP 1,075 → 970

    • A-Coin 8,020 → 5,290

  • Shoichi

    • NP 970→ 870

    • A-Coin 5,290→ 4,340

  • Li Dailin

    • NP 870→ 645

    • A-Coin 4,340→ 2,140

  • Adina, Barbara, Emma, Xiukai’s costs are set to be reduced on May 12th (KST).


Giving Nathapon time for one more photo mid-fight. Click click.

  • Panorama (E)

    • Cooldown 20/18.5/17/15.5/14s → 16/15/14/13/12s


Letting Laura take advantage of basic attack canceling for smoother transitions and burst capability.

  • Phantom Thief (P)

    • Resets the cooldown of basic attacks when Teachings of Nerea (P) is activated.

    • Casting Sly Step(E) before dealing damage with an enhanced basic attack will not activate Teachings of Nerea. We’re working to get this fixed in the next update!


Giving Leon a lil' boost to glide on those waves throughout the game.

  • Attack Power per Level 2.5 → 2.8

Li Dailin

The kung-fu master is chopping up her enemies in every rank.

  • Dialed In (P)

    • Second Basic Attack Damage 30/50/70% → 30/45/60%


Magnus is upgrading his hammer!

  • Per Hammer Weapon Mastery Level

    • Skill Amplification 2.1% → 2.4%


  • Animations that became abnormally long after the animation cancel calibration update have been fixed.


Toning down Celine, who’s been setting off too many blasts in high elo.

  • Plasma Bomb (Q)

    • Damage 20/40/60/80/100(+20% Attack Power) → 18/36/54/72/90(+20% Attack Power)

  • Blast Wave (E)

    • Knocked Back Bomb Stun Duration 0.8s → 0.7s

  • Magnetic Compulsion(R)

    • Damage 20/40/60/80/100(+25% Attack Power) → 18/36/54/72/90(+25% Attack Power)


It’s time for autoattack Xiukai to take the spotlight. We hope!

  • Per Dagger Weapon Mastery Level

    • Attack Speed 3% → 4%


Sua is also polishing her hammer. 

  • Per Hammer Weapon Mastery Level

    • Skill Amplification 1.8% → 2.2%


  • Animations that became abnormally long after the animation cancel calibration update have been fixed.


Isol has been hittin the gym. 

  • Base HP 682 → 692

  • Per Pistol Weapon Mastery Level

    • Attack Speed 3.6% → 4.5%

  • Animations that became abnormally long after the animation cancel calibration update have been fixed.


Knocking Alex down a few notches to keep him from overrunning high elo. 

  • Attack Power per Level 2.6 → 2.4

  • Per Pistol Weapon Mastery Level

    • Basic Attack Amplification 3.7% →  3.4%


Adjusting Echion’s power spike.

  • Dry Bite (E)

    • Damage 10/35/60/85/110(+30% Attack Power) → 10/35/60/85/110(+35% Attack Power)

  • Envenomization (R)

    • Viper, Death Adder Damage 135/180/225/270(+120% Attack Power) → 95/180/225/270(+120% Attack Power)

    • Black Mamba, Sidewinder Damage 130/185/240/295(+120% Attack Power) → 95/185/240/295(+120% Attack Power)


Adjusting Elena’s passive towards lategame viability.

  • Winter Queen's Dominion (P)

    • Damage 25/50/75(+50% Attack Power) → 15/30/45(Character Level*5)(+20% Attack Power)


Dual Swords has been showing too strong in lower elo.

  • Per Dual Swords Weapon Mastery Level

    • Basic Attack Amplification 4.4% → 4.0%


Cmon, where’s the love for autoattack throw Zahir?

  • Per Throw Weapon Mastery Level

    • Attack Speed 1.2% → 2.2%


Same thing as Yuki, but Jackie’s been committing murders in high elo.

  • Per Dual Swords Weapon Mastery Level

    • Basic Attack Amplification 4.0% → 3.4% 


We’re returning some power to Jenny who’s been having a hard time after Persona got nerfed in a previous patch.

  • Persona (E)

    • Enhanced Basic Attack Damage 8/16/24/32/40(+115% Skill Amplification) → 8/16/24/32/40(+130% Skill Amplification)


Camilo has been sweeping too many opponents off their feet.

  • Per Dual Swords Weapon Mastery Level

    • Basic Attack Amplification 3.7% → 3.1% 


It’s been a tough time for doctors… Including Cathy! 

  • Attack Power Per Level 2.5 → 2.8

  • Double Bypass (Q)

    • Passive(Enhanced Basic Attack) Damage (+80% Attack Power)(+Level*6) → (+85% Attack Power)(+Level*6)


Nina has grown a little taller.

  • Living Marionette (P)

    • Nina’s stats based on Chloe’s power (42+Chloe’s Level*2)% → (52+Chloe’s Level*2%)


Too much zooming. Now there’s less zooming.

  • Movement Speed 3.5 → 3.45


Making Priya a better support option. 

  • Portamento (W)

    • Shield 10/20/30/40/50 (+60% Skill Amplification) → 30/40/50/60/70(+80% Skill Amplification)

    • Cooldown 13/12/11/10/9s → 11/10/9/8/7s


Compensation for the Windrunner nerf (see below).

  • Bluff (W)

    • Cooldown 28/25/22/19/16s → 24/22/20/18/16s


We’re aiming to make shuriken Hyejin more relevant in solo and less oppressive in team modes.

  • Per Shuriken Weapon Mastery Level

    • Attack Speed 3.5% → 4.0%

    • Skill Amplification 2.2% → 2.5%



  • White Claw Punch

    • Critical Strike Chance 33% → 29%

    • Critical Strike Damage 7% → 5%

Assault Rifle

  • Gatling Gun

    • Extra Basic Attack Damage 7 → 6

  • Agni

    • Extra Basic Attack Damage 11 → 9

  • XCR

    • Extra Basic Attack Damage 6 → 5


  • Eighteen Foot Spear

    • Attack Power 90 → 87

    • Movement Speed 0.06 → 0.04

  • Cosmic Bident

    • Attack Power 115 → 108

    • Attack Speed per Level 1% → 2%

  • Spear of Longinus

    • Attack Power 90 → 100


  • Windrunner

    • Shield 225 → 200

    • Cooldown 5s → 7s



  • Tellurian Timepiece

    • Defense 33 → 25

    • Attack Speed 20% → 30% 

  • Flower Liquor

    • Amount 5 → 6

Team Mode Damage Adjustments
  • Tia

    • Damage dealt in Duo 100% → 97%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 95% → 92%

  • Rio

    • Damage dealt in Squad 85% → 84%

  • Mai

    • Damage dealt in Duo 103% → 100%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 100% → 97%

  • Magnus (Bat)

    • Damage dealt in Squad 95% → 97%

  • Sissela (Shuriken)

    • Damage dealt in Squad 86% → 85%

  • Sissela (Throw)

    • Damage dealt in Squad 95% → 93%

  • Adriana

    • Damage dealt in Duo 93% → 91%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 87% → 85%

  • Isol (Pistol)

    • Damage dealt in Squad 95% → 97%

  • Jan

    • Damage dealt in Squad 104% → 106%

  • Jackie (Dagger)

    • Damage dealt in Squad 105% → 107%

  • Jenny

    • Damage dealt in Duo 107% → 105%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 103% → 101%

  • Camilo

    • Shield received in Squad 85% → 100%

  • Cathy

    • Damage dealt in Duo 99% → 100%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 95% → 98%

  • Chiara

    • Damage dealt in Duo 104% → 102%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 100% → 98%

  • Priya

    • Damage dealt in Duo 94% → 98%

    • Damage dealt in Squad 88% → 94%

  • Hyejin (Shuriken)

    • Damage dealt in Squad 92% → 90%

Bug Fixes & Improvements

We’ve been rebuilding our action frame event system to fix bugs such as overlapping effects and effects getting unintentionally skipped.

Our goal this patch is to successfully kick off the new system. Some of the previous bugs we've been facing will be fixed. Issues such as footsteps overlapping, ghost steps, and the volume of sound effects will be improved over time.

(Being able to see enemies' weapons in FoW is documented as a separate bug and will be fixed this update.)

Gameplay Improvements

  • Enemies’ weapons no longer appear through FoW.

  • Unique resources of certain characters(e.g. Yuki’s cufflinks) now display properly.

  • Animations from Meteorite impacts now play properly.

  • Meteorite damage timing has been fixed to match the visual effects in-game.

  • Changes to the ’Item Quick Cast’ hotkey are now applied properly.

  • Fixed specific terrain that was blocking the player cursor.

  • Some boxes now open properly.

Character & Weapon Improvements

  • Assault Rifle: Skills can now properly be cast while basic attacking with Overheat (D) on.

  • Celine: Consecutively casting Detonate(W) with Plasma Bomb(Q) now properly decreases the cooldown.

  • Adela: The 50% damage decrease per piece from Checkmate (R) is now properly calculated upon activating a Rook.

  • Echion: Swift Strides on Sidewinder no longer sometimes stacks with the Swift Strides ability on other items.

  • Echion: Fixed an issue where VF Overflow’s effects will sometimes activate even when VF Overflow is deactivated.

  • Yuki: From Head to Toe(Q)'s damage timeframe has been fixed when cast while having low attack speed.

  • Elena: Danse Macabre(R) can no longer be cast while Double Axel(W) is being used with Spiral(E).

  • Aiden: Casting Bolt Rush(E2) on a test subject near a wall no longer causes Aiden to get stuck in the wall.

  • Eleven: Sugar Rush Eleven’s skill indicator has been fixed to a cheese-shape.

  • Cathy: Crossing Jan’s The Tetragon(R) rope with Double Bypass(Q) will now cause collision with the rope.

  • Felix: Being downed while casting Retail Spearman’s 2nd & 3rd hit will no longer retain Retail Spearman stacks

  • Specific test subjects will now react properly when right clicking the enemy while charging a skill.

Lobby Improvements

  • Tombs and sprays can now be disabled in custom games via a checkbox.

  • Spamming in chat will temporarily restrict your ability to send messages.

  • Improved chat security.

  • Completing the Daily Quest now shows the proper amount of EXP rewarded.

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