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Season 5 Info - Ranked Rewards and more!

Greetings, survivors of Lumia Island!

Ranked rewards for Season 5 are finally revealed!

You've seen Cadet Eva but we've got even more stuff for you on the way!


  • All rewards are given based on your highest tier among Solo, Duo, and Squad at the end of the season.
  • Season 5 will end on May 12th, 2022 with the start of maintenance. Tiers at the end of the season will decide your ranked rewards.

* Tier results will include games that started before the maintenance and ended after the maintenance starts.

* Players with ban records of 14 days or longer will be excluded from all ranked rewards.

How to receive your rewards

  • Rewards will be given out on May 26th, 2022 after the maintenance. Log in until August 26th, 2022 to claim them!

First off, those who end the season with a tier of Gold and above will receive Cadet Eva!

Ranked rewards for season 5 are as follows.

1. Rewards for all tiers

  • Icons, backgrounds, and borders that differ by tiers. 
  • Show off what you accomplished during the past season!

2. Ranked Gold and above

  • Cadet Eva (Reaching Gold in any mode - Solo/Duo/Squad)
  • LMAOing at your life Emote (Reaching Gold in 2+ modes - Solo/Duo, Solo/Squad, Duo/Squad.)

3. Ranked Platinum or higher

  • Suffering Squirrel Emote

4. Ranked Diamond or higher

  • 500 NP

5. Ranked Titan or higher

  • 1,000 NP

6. Ranked Immortal or higher

  • Special Profile Icon, Profile Border, Profile Background, Emote just for Immortal! (Permanent)

* Icons, backgrounds, and borders given out as season 5 ranked rewards can only be used before the start of season 7.

* Season 4 ranked rewards can only be used before the start of season 6.

Now is the time to climb up your tiers! 

As always, thanks a bunch for playing Eternal Return. Good luck!

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