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  • 3 months ago

[New Skin] Magical Girl Rio, the Arbiter of Justice!

What's up, survivors of Lumia Island? Remember when we totally pranked you guys with some definitely fake (not real) skin concepts on April Fools? Well, they were actually real the entire time! Who wouldda thunk? 

Anyways, the normal Rio we know and love signed some contract with a suspicious looking bear, and... transformed into Magical Girl Rio! She now proudly holds her head high as the protector of peace on Lumia Island.

Check out Magical Girl Rio's skin preview on the Eternal Return Youtube channel!

  • Skin: Magical Girl Rio
  • Rarity: Rare

* Magical Girl Rio will be available for purchase on May 5th (KST).

New Bundle

A Magical Girl Rio special bundle will be on sale to celebrate the release of Magical Girl Rio!

  • Sale Period: May 4th 08:00 ~ May 16th 22:59 (PT)
  • Price: 2,275NP (10% Discount!)
  • Contents:

Rio Character

Magical Girl Rio Skin

1 Magical Girl Rio Spray

1 Magical Girl Rio Profile Icon

                               4 Magical Girl Rio Emotes

*Items you already own will be refunded via in-game mail. (Refunds for owned characters will be in A-Coin, and refunds for owned skins will be in NP.)

*The Magical Girl Rio Emotes, Profile Icon, and Spray are limited items exclusive only to this bundle!

Doki Doki Lumia Island Event!

A super powered-up magical girl has arrived to turn the stormy skies of Lumia Island into sunny days! That's right, it's Lovely Magical Girl Rio -- and she'll fight evil by your side, as long as you can acquire a total of 3,500 A-Coin by playing Normal/Ranked games in the event period!

  • Event Period: May 4th 8:00 AM ~ May 25th before maintenance (PT)

How to Participate

Step 1. Check your event missions!

Step 2. Click the confirm button that looks like “✔” after completing the mission.

Step 3. Your skin reward will be instantly redeemed!

 Event Details

* Must acquire a total of 3,500 A-Coin to complete the mission.

* Only A-Coin acquired through Normal/Ranked games will count.

* Your skin reward will be instantly redeemed upon completing the mission.

* Lovely Magical Girl Rio may be available for purchase or in events in the future.

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