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FIRST EVER ER Partners Grab Bag DROPS + Squad Showdown!

Hello, Lumia residents!    

Bored during pre-season? Not anymore! Watch your favorite ER Partner streamers and receive a randomized reward of A-Coin or NP!    

Get at least 1,000 A-Coin to up to 2,000 NP per hour!     

Event 1. ER Partners Grab Bag DROPS!

Event Details

  • Event: ER Partners Grab Bag DROPS!
  • Period: May 11th after maintenance to May 25th before maintenance
How to get rewards
ChannelWatch any of our ER Partners channels
Rewards (Get A-Coin or Event NP per hour to up to 5 hours per day!) 
Event NP

  • Drops: 
    • You can only receive DROPS rewards if you watch the channels listed below during the specified time above.  
    • Drops obtained through this event will be kept in your Twitch inventory for 3 days from the moment you received them. After claiming them from your inventory, you can redeem them in-game by going to the Store -> Drops within 7 days before they expire.


ER Partners



※Viewing time is added up across all channels viewed and the reward can be claimed upt to 5 hours every 24 hours.

※Cumulative viewing time is updated daily at 23:59 KST (07:59 PT).

※The validity period of the Event NP depends on the quantity (1 to 3 days).

※This is the list of Partners for your region, you can see Partners from other regions if you change your language settings.

Event 2. ER Partners Squad Showdown!

AND we're also holding our FIRST EVER ER Partners Squad Showdown!

The winners of the showdown will get their emotes designed and added in-game! Mark the date on your calendars and come support your favorite Partners! 

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