• Patch Notes
  • 1 month ago

0.58.0a Hotfix

We will roll out a quick maintenance-free update, and it will be applied for games starting after 03:35 AM (PT).

*Some changes may not be applied to tooltips or Practice modes.




  • Kyudo Instinct (Q)
    • Daikyu
      • Attack Speed Decrease 0.15 → 0.25 (Rollback)

Weapons & Armor

  • Ancient Bolt
    • Basic Attack Amplification per Level 1.4% → 1.2%
  • Laurel Wreath
    • Attack Power 32 → 16
    • Changes regarding Smolder damage will require additional coding and is schedueled for a change tomorrow.

  • Tuxedo
    • Defense 20 → 12
    • Basic Attack Amplification per Level 1.4% (REMOVED)
    • Life Steal 11% (REMOVED)
    • Omnisyphon 12%(NEW)

Bug Fixes

  • Flowers are now included in Harvesting/Hunting materials.
  • Pop-up images after purchasing the Season 6 pack will now properly be displayed as Season 6.
  • Issues that require code fixing (e.g. corpses covering the transfer console boxes, Laura's Infinite Teaching of Nerea (P) bug) are scheduled to be fixed by tomorrow.

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