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Augment System Introduction - Day 2!

It's your friend Aesop here to introduce a brand new Augment category: Fortification.

If you guessed that Fortification augments give you some defensive synergies then.. well.. you'd be right.

Though innately defensive, Fortification augments aren't just to reduce your damage taken - they can help you deal some hits too.

Augments should also be able to carve out better, more defined, roles in Team Modes, granting you more agency, power, and of course, skill expression as a member of a team. Smart tactics are always a surefire way to win.


First off: Ironclad. Using a Weapon Skill makes you Ironclad, reducing your damage taken and granting you Tenacity for its duration.
With this augment, your weapon skill helps you counter 100 to 0 combos! Or extra defense when you're running away with a classic Moving Reload.
Dedicated tanks in team modes in particular benefit from this - jus try not to get caught out before you learn your weapon skill..
If you're going up against an Ironclad, try baiting out the weapon skill first before you blow all your skills on them!


Steadfast: Take less damage when immobilized.
For all of those who like to walk near walls when you're next to Cathy or Hyunwoo.

Dulled Blades

Dulled Blades: Upon receiving critical strike damage, take less damage from critical strikes in the next few seconds.
Don't want to try and build critical damage reduction this game? Dull their blades! Or really really pile on that crit reduction and ruin that Fiora's spear.

How's it look so far? I'm sure a lot of you have already started theorycrafting some stuff!

Next up we'll have some yummy Support augments, so stick around for that and don't touch that dial!

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