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Cobalt Protocol Streamer Invitational

How’s it goin’, Eternal Return community? We’re here to put the heat and the ER in SummER with a Cobalt Protocol invitational tournament!! 

This time, 32 streamers across 8 teams will go head-to-head in our new 4v4 mode. Each team will be made up of 2 Gen.G streamers and 2 ER Creators/Partners.

Event: GenG X NN Cobalt Protocol Streamer Invitational
  • When: June 26th, 1PM (PT)
  • Where: Official Nimble Neuron Twitch Channel & Gen.G Twitch Channel 
  • Prizes:
    • Giveaway items for the winning team’s community 
      • 1st Place: 4 Xbox Series X consoles (1 per streamer), 200 Gift Subs (50 per streamer)
      • 2nd Place: 200 Gift Subs (50 per streamer)
      • 3rd and 4th Place: 100 Gift Subs (25 per streamer)

Grab Bag Drops
  • Grab Bag Drops will also be enabled during the stream! Get randomized rewards of up to 2,000 NP and 3,000 A-Coin for 1 hour of watchtime!

Here’s a list of the channels that will also have DROPS activated:

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