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  • 5 months ago

Gen.G X ER Collegiate Cup 2022 Summer Registration

Hello ER college students,

If you’re in North America and you’re interested in participating in an exclusive Eternal Return tournament, this is your chance!
Apply now and be a part of the 2022 Collegiate Cup!

The winning team will get a 1800$ total prize PLUS NP to enjoy in-game! 

Entry Information

Register using the QR code below.



1st Place

1800$  team total + 500 NP per player

2nd Place 

900$  team total + 500 NP per player

3rd Place

300$ team total + 500 NP per player

4th Place

1,000 NP per player

5th-6th Place

500 NP per player 

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*A network connection is required. Check age restrictions before playing. Game includes in-game purchases.

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