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Account Suspensions - 2022.8.11

Note: For quicker and easier results, we ask that you submit reports with videos and screenshots (the more the better). Reports without evidence are more difficult to confirm and take action on! In order to help us investigate your inquiry, please include video evidence of the accusation. Video evidence that identifies the player and highlights possible violations of our Ban Policy and/or game rules greatly assists us in investigating the matter. Thank you for your assistance.

Here are the accounts that have been temporarily or permanently suspended due to violating our Terms of Service:

Please follow our guidelines to ensure fair gameplay to all Lumia survivors.

If you observe a player violating our Terms of Service, please make sure to report it in-game or through our support platform.
[Eternal Return Customer Service]
Please use the official support platform to attach additional evidence (attach screenshots or videos).

If your account has been suspended and you would like to appeal your case, please contact us through:
[Eternal Return Customer Service]

Use the Issue Category: Player Report

You can find our Rules of Conduct in the link down below:
[Nimble Neuron Rules of Conduct]

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