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[Edited] Season 6 - Special Rewards for Top Players!

Only a few days left until the end of the season!

We hereby announce who's taking the special rewards for the season!

<Season 6 Ranked Rewards>

Ranked rewards will be given out after maintenance on August 31st (PT), based on your final rank of Season 6 (locked in at the start of maintenance on August 17th). 

(Ranked games that end during the maintenance beginning on August 17th will be applied to your final rank.)

* You must login by Thursday, December 1st 07:59 AM (PT) to receive the rewards.

* Players with a ban history of 14 days or more are ineligible for ranked rewards.

Rewards per server (End of the Season Rank)

Asia 1

  • Immortal Rank (Solo/Duo/Squad) (Top 200 in each mode)


  • Top 50 in Solo
  • Top 10 in Duo


  • Top 50 in Solo


  • Top 25 in Solo

*The number of rewards per server is based on the total number of players on each server, active players playing ranked games, and tier distribution.

* Rank for each server is based on your most played server.

* The leaderboards for each server are available through the developer API and on <here>.

Now is the time to climb up your ranks!

We wish you luck, and as always, we sincerely thank you all for playing Eternal Return!

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