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Introducing two new stats: Skill Affinity & Affinity Factor

Hello, Lumia Island survivors!

For Season 7, the existing Skill Amplification system will be reorganized into the Skill Affinity & Affinity Factor system (tentative name).

What are Skill Affinity & Affinity Factors (tentative name)? As a whole, Affinity is a measure of how much additional damage a skill can do based on the stats of the test subject.

In Eternal Return, skill damage is currently calculated by combining the base damage of the skill and its scaling ratio, and then increasing this amount by the percent denoted in the caster’s Skill Amplification stat.

Skill Amplification as a stat had several issues. For one, it made the damage gap between tank builds and DPS builds insignificant.

It was common for tank builds to incorporate just a little bit of Skill Amp and still output big damage or for DPS builds to mix in a defensive item or two to maximize effective damage.

Also, skills that get multiple level points put into them during the early game end up having more impact overall than other skills. 

Additionally, because every skill also scaled with Attack Power, skill-based test subjects would still need items with it. As a result, we have skill-oriented test subjects whose basic attacks also slap.

The introduction of Skill Affinity & Affinity Factors in Season 7 provides a stat specific to each skill that acts as a coefficient for the skill’s additional damage scaling.

A skill’s Affinity Factor doesn’t affect the base power or base scaling of the skill. It instead gets multiplied by your test subject’s Affinity to calculate the amount of extra damage the skill would do. 

For example, if a skill has an Affinity Factor of 0.5 and your test subject has 100 Skill Affinity, the skill will do 50 additional damage. 

By solving the design problems around Skill Amplification, we’re hoping Skill Affinity will also improve the integrity of the game in whole.

Right now, the term used to describe this stat is still to be determined since “Affinity” might be an unintuitive descriptor to some. So, here are some options that the community can vote on.

We’ve narrowed it down to these 3 keywords — which one sounds best to you?

① Skill Affinity/Affinity Factor

Pros: Conceptually, it’s the most accurate

Cons: The word "affinity" may be unfamiliar to some and therefore unintuitive.

② Skill Amplification/Amplification Factor

Pros: A familiar term unique to Eternal Return

Cons: Could be misunderstood to imply that skill damage is amplified by a certain percent (like the current system).

③ Skill Power/Power Factor

Pros: Relatively clear and easy to understand

Cons: We already have SP as an acronym for stamina points so this name could cause confusion. Also, calling it Skill Attack Power could run into the same issues with Attack Power already being a thing.

Other options were also suggested, but we’ve narrowed it down to these 3 with each of their own pros and cons. Here’s where your player opinion comes in!

Vote now

Visit our Official Discord Server now to vote for the term you think is best!

Examples of Skill Affinity & Affinity Factors



[Mastery level]


[Character skills]

[Weapons skills]

[Item skills]


* The term 'Affinity' has not been confirmed yet and is still subject to change.

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