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Introducing the New Season of Eternal Return Esports

Howdy, survivors!

To start off, thank you for all your continued support and love for Eternal Return Esports!

Eternal Return League, Eternal Return Challengers, Eternal Return Masters - these are just some of the many previous tournaments that allowed us to watch intense competitions between amazing players, including offline (LAN) events that let us feel the hype together in real time.

Starting from Season 7, the esports scene for Eternal Return will be renovated to create a fresh and enjoyable experience. We are looking to build and strengthen the culture around Eternal Return Esports. We will illustrate what the future holds through today’s post.

“Tiers Within Esports Competitions”

This season, each Eternal Return Esports event will be pre-categorized into different tiers.






Total Prize Pool of
 3 Million Won or More.

Total Prize Pool Between 1 Million and 3 Million Won.

Total Prize Pool
Under 1 Million Won.


3 Days or More
(Qualifiers Not Included)

1 Day or More

(Qualifiers Not Included)


Players with Team Mode Seeds Guaranteed In




Online Broadcast Required
(Official Nimble Neuron Channels Available Upon Negotiation)

Online Broadcast Optional

If you have inquiries regarding the tier guidelines, please email esports@nimbleneuron for further details. The email is also open to any tournament hosts and organizers, thank you.

“Two-Track Between Solos and Team Modes”

Eternal Return Esports will be separated into: “Individual” (Solo) and “Team” (Duo).
Teams who were part of ERL will be given Seeds, which will prioritize their qualifications within S tier tournaments.
This season will focus on Duos format as the main Team format. We are also open to looking into different formats such as ‘Squad’ or ‘Cobalt Protocol’ depending on how the game changes throughout time.

“Circuit Points per Tournament Tier”

Each player/team can earn Circuit Points depending on the tier of the competition. Circuit Points will operate separately between ‘Individual’ and ‘Team’, and players may get into the Season Finals with their collected Circuit Points.

“S-tier: Eternal Return Masters Tour”

Text-in-Image: “Individual and Team are separate, each tour will be held in the span of 3 days”

This is the format for the long awaited Eternal Return Masters Tour. Individual and Team segments will each take 3 days to complete. A new format has been applied to the Team segment of the competition.


On the first day of the Team segment, ‘Survival Stage’ will not follow the traditional point system. Rather, the stage will shine the light on the final victors of each game. Teams who successfully place first place in Game 1~6 will proceed right to the ‘Tour Finals’. The winning team will no longer play in the ‘Survival Stage’, and the empty slot will be filled by Teams who placed top 5 in the qualifiers. The 1st place in ‘Qualifiers’ will be the first to step in, and the rest of the placements will follow in order. Therefore, performing well on the ‘Qualifiers’ will offer more opportunities to proceed to the Finals. We are hoping to increase the competitiveness in ‘Qualifiers’ with this new format.

This season will involve 4 total tours: 2 Individual and 2 Team Tours. More information can be found about each tournament in future announcements regarding the Eternal Return Masters Tour.

“Top-Heavy Prizing Rework”

While staying consistent with previous prize pools, we are decreasing the prizing differences between Solo and Team Mode tournaments. We are also making the prizing more “top-heavy” to reward top placing players. Each Masters Tour will have a total pool of 3 Million Won/4 Million Won. The Season Final will carry a total pool of 10 Million Won for each Individual and Team segments.  

“Revitalizing the Hype: Daejeon Dream Arena”

The 18 players and 9 teams that have the highest Circuit Points will qualify for the Season Finals. Both Individual and Team segments will take place over 2 days. Season 7’s Season Finals are planned to be held on November 26th and 27th. 

We are pleased to announce that this season’s finals will take place at Daejon Dream Arena, which was previously used to host the Finals of Masters in May. Further information will be released closer to the event.

We are working our hardest to bolster the Eternal Return Esports scene in Season 7. We hope that we can showcase our hard efforts with good results. Please continue to support Eternal Return Esports, and thank you for everything. See you guys again soon!

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