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  • 4 months ago

Happy Weekends Event - Week 1

Hey guys,
Celebrate the weekends with some awesome (and free) gifts!
We'll be hosting a 6 day event over this week and next week, where we'll be distributing some juicy coupons.

Collect a total of 600 Event NP by entering a 100 Event NP coupon code daily!

*Week 1: Sept. 30th (Fri) 5:00 PM ~ Oct. 3rd (Mon) 4:59 PM (PT) (Total of 300 Event NP)
*Week 2: Oct. 7th (Fri) 5:00 PM ~ Oct. 10th (Mon) 4:59 PM (PT) (Total of 300 Event NP)

Further information will be revealed next week.
Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!

Happy Weekends Event - Week 1

1. When to redeem coupons:

- Week 1

Coupon Code

Coupon Redemption Period


Sept. 30th (Fri) 5:00 PM ~ Oct. 1st (Sat) 4:59 PM (PT)


Oct. 1st (Sat) 5:00 PM ~ Oct. 2nd (Sun) 4:59 PM (PT)


Oct. 2nd (Sun) 5:00 PM ~ Oct. 3rd (Mon) 4:59 PM (PT)

※ Week 2 coupons will be announced next week.

2. How to redeem coupons
- Go to [Settings] -> [Support] -> [Use Coupon] and insert the coupon code.
- Coupons can only be claimed during the active times shown above.
- Only one usage per account is alllowed.

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