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[Edited] PATCH NOTES 0.73.0 – December 7th, 2022

Servers will be temporarily offline for an estimated time of 4 hours on December 7th at 6 PM (PT) to update Patch 0.73.0. 


New Character - Irem

A lovable catgirl is clawing her way to Lumia Island!

Irem will cost 9,900 A-Coin in her first 2 weeks post-release. She will be available in Ranked matches starting on December 13th (KST). 

“Did you just say you like me?”



Catitude (P)

When Irem enters a different area, her Vision Range increases by 0.75/1/1.25. After staying in the same area for 15 seconds, instead of Vision Range, her other abilities are enhanced.

As Irem: Cooldown Reduction 1/3/5%

As a cat: Defense Increase 2/10/18

Eating food made with fish immediately recovers her HP for 10% of Max Food HP Regen.

Bouncy Ball (Irem Q)

Irem throws a bouncy ball, which becomes stronger with each bounce and deals 50/75/100/125/150(+25% Skill Amp) to a max of 75% skill damage to enemies in range.

  • Bound Damage Increase: 25/50/75% Increase for each bounce from the 2nd bounce

  • Range: 9.4m

  • Effect Range: Radius 0.9m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m (Circle)

  • Cooldown: 6.5/6/5.5/5/4.5s

  • SP Cost: 50/55/60/65/70

Let's Be Friends! (Irem W)

Irem creates a small field that slows enemies by 20% and deals 20/40/60/80/100(+40% Skill Amp) skill damage after 1 second. Enemies hit by the damage are charmed for 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1/1.2s. The slow is maintained for 1 second after the enemy leaves the field.

  • Range: 3.5m

  • Effect Range: Radius 1.75m (Circle)

  • Cooldown: 15/14.5/14/13.5/13s

  • SP Cost: 50/60/70/80/90

Love Jump! ♥ (Irem E)

Irem quickly moves toward a certain direction and leaves a Fish Mark at her original spot.

  • Movement Distance: 2m

  • Cooldown: 22/21/20/19/18s

  • SP Cost: 80/90/100/110/120

Pet Me! (Irem R) 

If a Fish Mark is created with Bouncy Ball or Love Jump! ♥, Irem's next basic attack has increased range, deals additional 10/70/130/190(+25% Skill Amp) skill damage, and leaves a Cat Bell Mark that lasts for 4 seconds. The target with a Cat Bell Mark shares their vision to Irem.

Fish Marks last for 10 seconds, and Irem can create up to 2.

  • Range Increase after Fish Mark: 1.5m

  • Basic Attack Range as a Cat: 1.5m

Using this skill will transform Irem into a cat. (Can be used from Level 1)

  • Cooldown: 1.5s

    • Not affected by item Cooldown Reduction.

  • SP Cost: 0

Cat Pawnch (Cat Q)

Next basic attack, Irem charges to her target, dealing 60/90/120/150/180(+40% Skill Amp) as additional skill damage.

If you attack a target with a Cat Bell Mark, the enemy is stunned for 0.75 seconds.

Afterward, for 0.5 seconds, Irem strikes every 0.1 seconds, and each enemy within range takes 6/9/12/15/18(+5% Skill Amp) skill damage.

If the target is affected by crowd control, deal additional 50% skill damage.

  • Range: 3m

  • Effect Range Radius 2m, 140 degrees (Cone)

  • Cooldown: 5.5/5/4.5/4/3.5s

  • SP Cost: 50

Hissy Fit (Cat W)

Irem spins in the air, powerfully striking enemies with her tail, dealing 30/60/90/120/150(+50% Skill Amp) skill damage, and knocking up enemies airborne for 1 second.

Damaging an enemy with this skill reduces the cooldown of Love Jump! ♥ and Purrfect Pounce! by 2 seconds.

  • Effect Range: 1.75m * 3.5m (Rectangle)

  • Cooldown: 9s

  • SP Cost: 50/60/70/80/90

Purrfect Pounce! (Cat E)

Irem leaps, dealing 10/30/50/70/90(+30% Skill Amp) skill damage to enemies within range. Leaping towards a Fish Mark increases jump distance.

  • Movement Distance: 2.5m / 6m

  • Effect Range: Radius 0.75m (Circle)

  • Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6s

  • SP Cost: 50/60/70/80/90

Love Me! (Cat R)

Moving to a Fish Mark as a cat grants a shield that lasts 1.5 seconds and absorbs 20/50/80/110(+10% Skill Amp) damage.

Using this skill will transform Cat into Irem. (Can be used from Level 1)

  • Cooldown: 1.5s

    • Not affected by item Cooldown Reduction.

  • SP Cost: 0

New Skins & Emotes

Underworld Org Isaac (Rare) will soon be available for purchase.

“I'll have your back! ...If you have mine.”


Broken Glass Tazia (Rare) will be available for purchase on Monday, December 12th (PT).

“Art is finding beauty where there's only destruction.”


Mai Emotes will be available for purchase.


To celebrate the release of Mai's emotes, we'll be selling a Mai bundle for one week!

  • Sale Period: Wednesday, Dec 7th after maintenance - Wednesday, Dec 14th 21:59 (PT)

  • Package Price: 2,010 NP (40% Discount)

  • Included Items:

    • Character: Mai

    • Skin: Transfer Student Mai

    • Emotes: All 4 Mai Emotes

    • Boost: 1 A-Coin Boost (3-Day) / 1 ER Point Boost (3-Day)

  • This product is discounted and cannot be partially refunded if you already own it.

  • Depending on which item you already own, you can purchase any additional items at a discount. (Boost is immediately applied)

  • This product cannot be gifted, and will be immediately sent to/applied to your storage box.

  • This product cannot be refunded.

Camilo is ready to test his Rapier skills!

Camilo can now use Rapier as well! Time to give his new weapon a whirl.

  • Rapier Mastery Per Level

    • Crit Damage 1.3%

    • Basic Attack Amp 2.8%

    • Skill Amp 3%

  • Mode Balancing

    • Rapier

      • Duo

        • Damage Dealt 98%

        • Damage Taken 100%

      • Squad

        • Damage Dealt 96%

        • Damage Taken 97%

        • Shield Received 95%

      • Cobalt Protocol

        • Damage Dealt 102%

        • Damage Taken 97%

        • Recovery Given 100%

        • Ultimate Cooldown Reduction 25%

Silvia’s New Voice

Thank you for your patience! Silvia now has a new voice and is debuting a few new lines for her skin Donutdasher Silvia as well!

“Call me for the speediest delivery in town!”


Game Tip

  • Added a Game Tip Menu!

  • Info that can be difficult to learn through game play is now explained with pictures and brief explanations.

  • Game tips will be continuously added through future updates.



Analysis and Graph Addition

A game results board and graph has been newly added!

  • Added a Stats Board to Cobalt Protocol.

  • “Total damage dealt to players” graphs will also be displayed.


Multiple Spray Equip Function

Just like the emotes, you can now equip multiple sprays!

  • Set your Spray wheel by going to Collection → Miscellaneous → Spray

  • Can be used by pressing the Spray Hotkey (G).

Patch Change Thought Process and Direction
  • Character adjustments are mainly (but not all) based on high-tier statistics. You can see the stats right here  [See Stats Here]More details can be found under the character names!

  • New, fresh items are out to offer more late-game choices.

    • Crimson Bow offers a non-VF Blood Sample upgrade for Basic Attack Bow users.

    • Purple Monarch is the second Spell Amp Dual Sword choice.

  • Addressing teleport issues: getting your teleport canceled repeatedly, especially early in the game can be frustrating. We don’t want the experience of stopping teleports completely gone as we believe there is a ‘fun’ aspect to it (as long as you are not the victim) - so we are going to approach the issue in two steps (due to the amount of development needed)

    • This Update: Crowd Control will not stop Hyperloops on Day 1

      • Hyperloops can not be canceled until Night 1

      • This change is to alleviate the issue with Tazia; we’ll revert her last hotfix adjustment.

    • Patch 0.74: Crowd Control will stop Hyperloops, but will grant immunity to Hyperloop cancelations for a short period of time afterward.

      • Players can have their Hyperloop canceled once, then recast without worry.



Prices lowered – check this out!

  • Tazia

    • Price:

      • 9,900 A-coin → 8,020 A-coin 

  • William

    • Price:

      • 970 NP → 870 NP

      • 5,290 A-coin → 4,340 A-coin 

  • Rozzi

    • Price:

      • 870 NP → 645 NP 

      • 4,340 A-coin → 2,140 A-coin 

  • Irem, Johann, and Nicky’s prices will be reduced on Wednesday, December 21st (PT).



We’re lowering Nadine’s power as she was showing an overly high win rate.

  • Basic Attack Amp per Bow Mastery Level 2.8% → 2.5%

  • Attack Speed per Bow Mastery Level 2.4% → 2.1%



We’re lowering Nathapon’s early damage just a tad bit.

  • Timelapse (W)

    • Damage from Last Photograph 70/100/130/160/190(+55% Attack Power)(+70% Skill Amp) → 50/85/120/155/190(+55% Attack Power)(+70% Skill Amp)



Nicky’s performance seems to overly fall off in the late game, so we are giving her a bit more scaling durability.

  • Defense per Level 2.3 → 2.5



We’ve adjusted Tia’s early damage to address her high average kill rate in the early game.

  • Brush Stroke(Q)

    • Damage 65/100/135/170/205(+10% Attack Power)(+40% Skill Amp)45/80/115/150/185(+10% Attack Power)(+45% Skill Amp)

  • Full Rainbow(R)

    • Damage 250/375/500(+30% Attack Power)(+80% Skill Amp) → 200/350/500(+30% Attack Power)(+80% Skill Amp)



Laura has been performing well, especially with her high average kill rate. We are adjusting her base ability to tone her down.

  • Thorn Lilac (Q)

    • 1st Hit Damage 25/55/85/115/145(+10% Attack Power)(+45% Skill Amp) 20/50/80/110/140(+10% Attack Power)(+40% Skill Amp)

    • 2nd Hit Damage 35/65/95/125/155(+15% Attack Power)(+50% Skill Amp) → 35/65/95/125/155(+15% Attack Power)(+45% Skill Amp)



We’re giving Rozzi some help through scaling durability.

  • Defense per Level 2.1 → 2.3



We’re lowering Luke’s Attack Power as he is cleaning up the Island with both Vajra and Mallet - but compensating the damage lost for Skill Amp-based builds.

  • Basic Attack Power 33 → 31

  • Clean Sweep(Q)

    • 2nd Hit/Reactivation Damage 50/80/110/140/170(+80% Attack Power)(+50% Skill Amp) → 50/80/110/140/170(+65% Attack Power)(+60% Skill Amp)



We’re giving Markus a tad bit more HP to help him overall.

  • HP 790 → 820



We’ve increased damage for Magnus, especially for Basic Attack based builds.

  • Attack Power 42 → 44



We’re toning down Bianca’s power as she has been performing overly well in both win rates and average kill rates.

  • Skill Amp per Arcana Mastery Level 5.2% → 4.8%



Bernice’s falcon now flaps faster early so Bernice can check vision around early objectives more often.

  • Falconry(E)

    • Cooldown 18/16/14/12/10s → 16/14.5/13/11.5/10s



Xiukai’s late game scaling was falling flat compared to the potential he should be reaching.

  • Skill Amp per Spear Mastery Level 3.3% → 3.5%



Sua has a low win rate, so we are helping her by reducing her ultimate cooldown in the mid to late game.

  • Memory(R)

    • Cooldown 50/45/40s → 50/40/30s



Silvia’s early game was stronger than we planned, so we are lowering her early game damage.

  • Front Flip(Bike W)

    • Damage 90/125/160/195/230(+30% Attack Power)(+90% Skill Amp) → 60/100/140/180/220(+30% Attack Power)(+90% Skill Amp)



We’ve decided to keep Aya in check due to her high average kill rate.

  • Skill Amp per Pistol Mastery Level 4.8% → 4.6%



We’re improved the quality of life regarding jumping walls with his ultimate.

  • The Heavy Hand of the Law(R)

    • If the cast destination is a blocked-off area, the landing destination will be determined as the further side of the terrain.



Alex was overly durable with his synergy with passive. Alex was also overly safe with the in-combat mobility he would get as well.

  • Infiltration(P)

    • Defense Increase when equipping a Melee Weapon 10/20/30 → 7/14/21

    • Movement Speed increase for 2s when infiltrating 3/9/15% → 3/7/11%



We’re making the Basic Attack - Q combo smoother.

  • From Head to Toe(Q)

    • (NEW) 0.25 Basic Attack Range increase when used



We’ve toned down 2H Jackie who has been showing an overly high performance, as well as her late-game transition. (Check Two-Handed Sword section)

  • Basic Attack Amp per Two-Handed Sword Mastery Level 5% → 4.7%

  • Attack Speed per Two-handed Sword Mastery Level 3.9% → 3.6%



We’ve improved his overall damage, and now he can use Rapier as well. DUENDE

  • Attack Speed per Dual Swords Mastery Level 2.2% → 2.6%

  • Added Rapier



Cathy has a high win rate when she’s using Dagger, so we lowered her power just a bit. On the flip side, DS Cathy was not performing. We are helping DS Cathy through scaling Skill Amp and a new choice for her weapon (Refer to Dual Swords section)

  • Skill Amp per Dual Swords Mastery Level 3.4% → 3.5%

  • Amputation(W)

    • Edge Damage 70/120/170/220/270(+40% Skill Amp)(+60% Skill Amp) → 50/100/150/200/250(+40% Skill Amp)(+60% Skill Amp)



We’ve lowered her damage as she was showing an overly high win rate, but we’re also reverting the stamina gate we put on Spada.

  • Stiletto/Spada(Q)

    • Stiletto (Glass Blade) Damage 30/50/70/90/110(+30% Skill Amp) → 20/40/60/80/100(+30% Skill Amp)

    • Spada (Glass Sword) Throw Damage 30/50/70/90/110(+30% Skill Amp) → 20/40/60/80/100(+30% Skill Amp)

    • Spada (Glass Sword) Explosion Damage 50/90/130/170/210(+60% Skill Amp) → 40/80/120/160/200(+60% Skill Amp)

    • Spada (Glass Sword) SP Cost 440/440/0/0/0 → 0

  • Pulizia(E)

    • Shield when Glass Shards are destroyed 30/50/70/90/110(+60% Skill Amp) → 30/50/70/90/110(+50% Skill Amp)



We’re giving some help to Fiora by increasing the reward for hitting the Q sweet spot.

  • Fente(Q)

    • Edge Damage 70/140/210/280/350(+40% Attack Power)(+65% Skill Amp) → 70/145/220/295/370(+Attack Power)(+70% Skill Amp)



We’ve increased the reward for hitting center Q.

  • 40mm Grenade(Q)

    • Center Damage 70/95/120/145/170(+60% Skill Amp) → 80/110/140/170/200(+60% Skill Amp)



Dual Swords

  • Dual Sword Rampage(D)

    • Damage per Hit - 1st cast (+25/40% Attack Power)(+5/6% Skill Amp) → (+25/40% Attack Power)(+6/7% Skill Amp)

    • Damage - Recast (+125/225% Attack Power)(+50/60% Skill Amp) → (+125/225% Attack Power)(+50/70% Skill Amp)


  • (NEW EPIC) Black Butterfly

    • Recipe: Pocket Aces + Hardcover

    • Stats

      • Attack Power 30

      • Skill Amp 40

      • Skill Amp per Level 2

    • Primordial Hex - [Unique Passive]

      • Hitting an enemy with a skill hexes them for 4s.

      • Deals 50(+15% Skill Amp) true damage when the hex expires.

      • Targets cannot be hexed again for 8 seconds (Reduced by 1 second when hit with Basic Attack.)

      • Cooldown: 2s


Two-Handed Sword

  • Aurora Longsword

    • Attack Power 71 → 67

    • Magnetic Midnight - [Unique Passive]

      • Slow target by 35% for 1.5s → Slow target by 25% for 1.5s



  • Rain of Arrows(D)

    • The colors for the effects of Rain of Arrows when used by an enemy have been adjusted and will now define ally’s from enemy’s usage more clearly. 

  • Stallion Bow

    • Basic Attack Amp per Level 1% (REMOVED)

    • (NEW) Attack Speed 5%

  • Ancient Bolt

    • Attack Power 70 → 65

    • Basic Attack Amp per Level 1.2% (REMOVED)

    • (NEW) Attack Speed 5%

    • (NEW) Vigor - [Unique Passive]

      • Hitting a test subject with a basic attack deals skill damage equal to 2% of the target’s current HP and grants you a stack of Vigor for 5 seconds. Each stack of Vigor increases your Attack Speed by 4%.

      • At the max of 4 stacks, you gain extra 10 Attack Power and 0.05 Movement Speed.


  • (NEW LEGENDARY) Crimson Bow

    • Recipe: Longbow+ True Samadhi Fire

    • Stats

      • Attack Power 68

      • Attack Speed 10%

    • (NEW) Vigor - [Unique Passive]

      • Hitting a test subject with a basic attack deals skill damage equal to 3% of the target’s current HP and grants you a stack of Vigor for 5 seconds. Each stack of Vigor increases your Attack Speed by 5%.

      • At the max of 4 stacks, you gain extra 10 Attack Power and 0.1 Movement Speed.




  • Burgundy 47

    • Defense 9 → 6

  • Holy Orders

    • Defense 17 → 15

    • Max HP 150 → 120



  • Persona

    • Skill Amp 70 → 68



  • Bloodripper

    • Attack Power 20 → 18



  • Red Shoes

    • Attack Power 19 → 15

    • Omnisyphon 15% → 18%



  • Necronomicon

    • Skill Amp 50 → 47

  • Sanguine Gunbai

    • Swift Strides - [Unique Passive]

      • Max Movement Speed 0.15 → 0.1




  • (New Food - Event Item) Snowflake

    • SP Regen +350

    • Additionally obtainable at a certain chance from wild animals or Air supply boxes

    • Use them in the Let it Snow! Event

    • Check out more details on the Official Let it Snow! Event Page! (Coming soon)


Traps and Cameras

Explosive impact of the explosive traps have changed for the Let it Snow! event period.

  • Effects of the traps remain unchanged.

  • Included Traps

    • Dynamite, Explosive Trap, Mine, RDX, Fire Trap, C4, Claymore, Smart Bomb, Remote Mine




  • Cobalt Protocol Shield 65+Level*2 → 85+Level*2


Mode Balancing


  • Crossbow

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 94% → 96%



  • Camera

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 96% → 98%



  • Whip

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 108% → 106%


Li Dailin

  • Nunchaku

    • Damage Dealt in Duo 108% → 110%



  • Bow

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 93% → 91%



  • Camera

    • Damage Dealt in Duo 100% → 96%

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 100% → 97%



  • Whip

    • Damage Taken in Duo 104% → 106%



  • Axe

    • Damage Taken in Squad 96% → 98%



  • Bat

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 98% → 100%



  • Sniper Rifle

    • Damage Taken in Duo 100% → 98%



  • Throw

    • Damage Taken in Squad 100% → 102%



  • Spear

    • Damage Taken in Squad 97% → 99%



  • Shuriken

    • Damage Taken in Squad 102% → 104%

  • Throw

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 90% → 88%



  • Pistol

    • Damage Taken in Squad 95% → 97%



  • Rapier

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 91% → 89%



  • Arcana

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 90% → 92%



  • Assault Rifle

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 94% → 92%



  • Axe

    • Damage Taken in Squad 101% → 103%



  • VF Prosthetic

    • Damage Dealt in Duo 100% → 102%

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 97% → 95%



  • Arcana

    • Damage Dealt in Duo 105% → 103%



  • Arcana

    • Recovery Given in Duo 100% → 95%



  • Two-handed Sword

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 99% → 101%



  • Dagger

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 97% → 99%



  • Guitar

    • Shield Given in Squad 90% → 85%



  • Rapier

    • Damage Dealt in Duo 106% → 104%



  • Nunchaku

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 100% → 98%


  • Guitar

    • Damage Dealt in Squad 104% → 102%


Cobalt Protocol

Cobalt System Improvements

  • Defense Turret

    • Attack Speed 1.2 → 1.4



  • Totem Mk2

    • Armor Penetration 10% → 12%

  • Sanguine Gunbai Mk2

    • Skill Amp 25 → 30



  • Health Insurance

    • 400 Shield for 30s → 450 Shield for 60s

  • Noxious Aftermath

    • The effects and duration of Noxious Aftermath have been improved!

  • Gag Order

    • Silence Duration 1.75s → 2s

  • Valkyrie Drive

    • No longer a Hidden Infusion.

      • Price: 50 Credits

    • 700 Shield for 5s, 50% Movement Speed Increase → 450 Shield, 30% Movement Speed Increase 

    • Cooldown 55s → 60s

    • Stock for Team: 1

  • A.M.D.S

    • Cooldown 30s → 45s

      • Homing missile

        • Damage 225+13% True Damage of the enemy's current health → 125+10% True Damage of the enemy's current health

        • Slow 50% every 2 seconds → Slow 20% every 2 seconds

    • Players can now purchase this buff as an infusion at a low chance.

      • Slaying Gamma still grants the buff as before.

    • Stock for Team: 1

  • (NEW/REWORKED) Overcharge

    • 3 levels to 1

    • Can only be found through the Synthesizer

    • Armor Penetration 25, HP 450 Increase


Cobalt Protocol Mode Balancing


  • Dagger

    • Damage Dealt 108% → 106%



  • Whip

    • Damage Dealt 97% → 94%



  • Dagger

    • Damage Dealt 90% → 92%



  • Hammer

    • Ultimate Cooldown Reduction 30% → 25%



  • Shuriken

    • Damage Dealt 84% → 82%



  • Arcana

    • Damage Taken 95% → 93%



  • Crossbow

    • Damage Dealt 111% → 108%



  • Shuriken

    • Damage Dealt 92% → 95%

    • Damage Taken 93% → 91%


Bug Fixes & Improvements

Gameplay Improvements

  • Removed a luggage case near the fountain in Hotel

    • Some players were confusing the luggage as a lootable Box, so we’re removing it to avoid confusion for newer players. 

  • Pinging item cooldowns for teammates will work as intended.

  • Escape zones will no longer turn into a restricted area when not intended.

  • UI will no longer display enemies as if they are in vision when they have left line of sight.

  • Some of the pathings have been fixed to be more natural in School.

  • Notification UI has been realigned to fit better for all resolutions.

  • Clicking to collect Tree of Life will work smoothly and will no longer make characters pause in front.

  • Equipment with no crafting recipes will no longer be available as an option for the Saved Plan base build.


Character & Weapon Improvements

  • Additional slow effects from enemies will no longer apply while casting Nunchaku Weapon Skill Breath of the Dragon (D).

  • Swapping to Rio 's Daikyu after using Fleeting Soul (R1) will now correctly apply cooldown reduction on her ultimate.

  • Martina’s Basic Attacks will apply Critical Strikes as intended.

  • Cobalt Protocol: Fissure will no longer cause Martina to not be able to cast Rewind(E2).

  • Martina’s Record(R) tooltips will be correctly displayed for the enemy.

  • Casting Mai’s Grappling Whip(D) and Shawl Veil(W) at the same time will no longer cause Mai to use multiple charges.

  • Bianca’s corpse will no longer disappear after a certain period of time after death. 

  • Silvia has a new voice!

  • Donutdasher Silvia now has new lines in English!

  • Jan’s enhanced Basic Attack after Bob and Weave(E) will no longer be able to unintendedly kill Chloe/Nina that is casting Soul Link.

  • Casting Jan’s Bob and Weave(E) and Leaping Knee(Q2) at the same time will now place Jan at the intended position.

  • Aiden’s Overcharge(P) tooltip has been fixed to show the correct numbers.

  • Emma’s CheerUP♥(P) tooltip has been fixed to show the correct shield number. 

  • Emma’s Dove Dealer(Q) projectiles will no longer disappear in Replay mode. 

  • Jenny’s Persona(E) cooldowns will no longer be reduced when not intended

  • Hart’s Peacemaker(R) has been edited to be easier on optimization 


Lobby Improvements

  • Changed up some of the placements within UI for Item Catalog.

  • Fixed some of the overlapping text in the Information tab.

  • Corrected some of the priority ordering for VF and Force Core items.

  • Adding weapons in the additional Saved Plan Equipment slot will count materials properly.

  • Adding two of the same items on item slots for Saved Plans will no longer count as one. 

  • Random emotes will no longer cover the screen when looking at Misc. Collection.

  • Pop-ups will appear when intended while a teammate has a Leave Penalty. 

  • The option to give Party Leader will appear as intended.

  • ER Pass Season Mission claim button will work as intended.

  • Promotion screens will no longer inappropriately appear when accepting ER Pass levels.

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