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Esports During ER Season 8 (Asia)

Hello Lumia Island survivors!

Thank you all for supporting the English coverage of Eternal Return Masters and the Season 7 Finals. This post will discuss a bit about the future plans and changes for Season 8 Esports (in regards to Asia server). We’ll update you all regarding NA/EU/SA esports a bit more later down the road. 

So let’s get right into what Season 8 Tournaments will look like!

Season 8 esports Tournament Schedule

We’ll be holding this season’s S-Tier Eternal Return Masters Open once again. Like Season 7, there will be 2 Solo and 2 Team events.

Mandatory 3-Player Teams

The biggest change this season is coming to the Team side. Teams this season will be required to have 3 players. Our plan is to open up windows for Squad Matches. While S-Tier Tournaments and Season Finals for Season 8 will be held in Duo format, Squad format will be open for other competitions. We hope that players will have a wider range of choice between competitions.

Guidelines for Esports Events

If you plan to host any Eternal Return esports events in the Seoul server, you can share your plans with us and join the official esports circuit! There are a few limits to hosting an official esports event in the circuit, but we’re hopeful that the events created by our enthusiastic partners like you guys will make up for it!

Season 8 esports Circuit Event Hosting

Event Period for Hosting Events

Sunday, Jan 22nd, 2023 - Saturday, March 11th, 2023 (PT)

Results must be finalized within the event period.

Circuit Point Splits


Solo Mode


Duo Mode / Squad Mode

*Check out the guidelines for esports events here: [LINK]

*Apply to host an esports event here: [LINK]

Plans for esports In-game Items

We’re always thankful to all of the amazing players who participate in our esports scene. In return, we plan to produce and distribute in-game items like emotes to commemorate the winners of each season’s finals, including the Season 7 Finals. We’ll let you know details about which items will be released later. The esports in-game items produced before official launch will be free for a short period of time. Although there aren’t any concrete details yet, we’re looking into ways to boost competition through paid sales of esports in-game items.

Info on the Season 8 Finals

We had a ton of fans visit the Daejeon Esports Arena to witness the Season 7 Finals! The players gave their all to make it a great set of matches as well. We’re in talks to host an offline Season 8 Finals and are currently looking into the best venue for the competition. The current idea is to host the Season 8 Finals during the last weekend in March, but as mentioned before, we’re still looking for a venue, so this is subject to change.

Eternal Return Esports is consistently growing thanks to all the players and viewers. There are still areas we need to improve upon. All of us, from observers to production, are working our hardest to provide the best scene possible. 

We’ll see you guys for Season 8 as well. Thank you!

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