Welcome to Lumia Island!

On the remote island named Lumia, the scientific group AGLAIA conducts secret experiments on humans in search to perfect a new race of extraordinary humans.

Work with your teammates and craft weapons and armor that are required for you to survive!

Eternal Return brings your favorite characters to a new and exciting Multiplayer Battle Survival Arena.

  • Craft

    Search for materials and craft powerful weapons, armor, and items.

  • Fight

    Squad up with friends and discover different synergies and strategies as a team to take out every other player.

  • Survive

    Search, Craft, Hunt, Fight.
    Plan your strategy and be the last one standing.

Unique Test Subjects

Eternal Return features tons of different characters, all with unique gameplay styles.
Find and master your favorite character!
View all characters

Game Modes

Get rid of every other survivor in the island with the help of your friends in Squad Mode.

  • Tutorial

    Before you jump right into Eternal Return, learn the basics in the tutorial.
    You can unlock Yuki, Hyejin, and Eva!

  • Practice Mode

    Learn the ins and outs of your character in practice mode.
    In practice mode you can spawn dummies, adjust your strength, explore the map, work out cool combos and more!

  • vs AI

    Choose a character and a difficulty and practice against AI.
    Difficulties: Easy, Normal, or Hard
    *Only accounts under level 20 earn experience and A-Coin.

  • Custom Games

    You can create your own room or input a code to enter another player's room.
    Call your friends now and play together!

  • Normal

    Available in Squad Mode.
    Fight against other players of the same level as you!
    You can earn experience and A-coin, but not Rank Points (RP).

  • Ranked

    Squad up and compete against other players to raise your tier!
    You can raise your tier by earning Rank Points (RP).
    You will earn or lose Rank Points (RP) depending on your wins and losses.
    At the end of the season, you will get special rewards based on your end-of-season tier!


Resources from the Fankit can be used
in secondary creation related to Eternal Return.

Fankit Link

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