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  • 2 months ago

Mid-Autumn Festival Login Event!

Hello Lumia Island survivors,

Full moon, full heart – that's what Mid-Autumn is all about! 

Receive warm rewards during the event period just by logging in to Eternal Return 1.0 every day!

Mid-Autumn Festival Login Event

1. All Characters Unlocked
- From Sept 27th 15:00 (UTC) to Oct 3rd 14:59!
- Now's the time to play whoever you want!

2. Mid-Autumn Festival Rewards
- Get warm rewards during the event period!
- Check out the event schedule below for more details!

☀ Event Notes
- Rewards will be delivered to your mailbox immediately upon access, and you'll have 1 day to claim them.
- Rewards that expire will not be reissued.
- Please restart the game if you do not receive your reward.

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