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Cobalt Challenge Cup #3 Registrations

Greetings Lumia Island survivors!

Cobalt Challenge Cup #3 Applications are now open!

The Cobalt Challenge Cup is a tournament that mixes Cobalt Protocol with a Pick / Ban system that allows you to pick your favorite character, ban your opponent's characters, and play an even more strategic game.

* All teams who register can participate in Qualifiers. There is no ranking cutoff for this tournament.
* Semifinals and Finals will be broadcast live on our official channels.

■ Event Name
- Cobalt Challenge Cup #3

■ When

Qualifiers (Single match)

2024.01.21 (Sun) 8 AM (UTC)

Round 8 (BEST OF 3)

2024.01.27 (Sat) 10 AM (UTC)

Semifinals (BEST OF 3) / Finals (BEST OF 5)

2024.01.28 (Sun) 10 AM (UTC)

* Qualifiers will not be broadcast.

■ Prize Pool


600,000 KRW


200,000 KRW

100,000 KRW


1,000,000 KRW

Registration and further information can be found in the Official Eternal Return Cobalt Challenge Cup Discord

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