• Patch Notes
  • 10 months ago

1.0.0 Tactical Skills, Weapon Skills, Augments

Tactical Skills

Accessories have been removed from equipment and Tactical Skills are introduced.

  • There are 12 Tactical Skills in total, and you can choose one during the game preparation phase.

    • When you select a Saved Plan, the recommended Tactical Skill is selected and can be changed.

    • You can't change it after the game starts.

  • You can upgrade your Tactical Skills using Credits.

    • Level 1: 10 Credits

    • Level 2: 100 Credits

    • Level 3: Purchase Tactical Skill Modules at a Kiosk - 250 Credits

      • Earn Tactical Skill Modules as a reward for winning in a Battle Zone - Required Battle Zone Markers: 4

Tactical Skill Types


01. Blink

Teleport a short distance toward a targeted direction.

  • Travel Distance: 2/3/3m

  • Cooldown: 120/70/45s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement

    • When used, it grants 2.5 seconds of Collision Immunity.

    • Increases movement speed by 15% for 2.5 seconds when used.



02. Quake

Slow nearby enemies.

  • Effect Area: 4m

  • Movement Speed Reduction: 20/35/50%

  • Duration: 1/2/2s

  • Cooldown: 60/30/30s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement

    • Passive: Every time you move a certain distance, a shockwave is tossed dealing damage to nearby enemies.

      • Damage: 50(+Level*5)

      • Effect Area: 2.5m

      • Travel Distance Required for Triggering: 5m


Protocol Violation

03. Protocol Violation

When used, the drone explodes after a period of time. Allies receive an HP healing buff, while enemies get their Defense reduced.

  • Max HP Increase: 100/200/300(+Level*5/10/15)

  • Defense Reduction: 10/20/30%

  • Range: 10m

  • Effect Area: 5m

  • Duration: 6s

  • Cooldown: 60/30/30s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement: Gives a stronger effect.

  • You can use it when you’re under CC.


Electric Shift

04. Electric Shift

Quickly move a short distance. Basic Attack Range is increased for a certain amount of time.

  • Travel Distance: 2m

  • Travel Time: 0.1s

  • Basic Attack Range Increase: 10/10/15%

  • Electric Shock Duration: 4/8/12s

  • Cooldown: 60/45/30s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement: Gives a stronger effect.


Force Field

05. Force Field

Obtain shields for a period of time upon use.

  • Shield: 50/100/150 + 50/100/150% of Additional HP Recovery

  • Duration: 2/3/3s

  • Cooldown: 60/30/30s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement

    • Passive: Increases movement speed by 1-15% based on the amount of shields you have.

    • Maximum amount of shields that grant increased movement speed: 1000



06. Totem

Enter Stasis for a short moment. No one can stop you!

  • Duration: 2.5s

  • Cooldown: 150/70/45s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement

    • Passive: When stunned by a Totem, skill cooldowns are recovered 150% faster.



07. Nullification

Instantly cleanse debuffs or crowd control effects on you.

  • Cooldown: 60/30/30s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement

    • Grants immunity to Crowd Control for a period of time.

      • Duration: 2s


Soul Stealer

08. Soul Stealer

Gain energy based on HP lost during combat with nearby test subjects.

Upon use, all energy is consumed, and nearby allies receive Movement Speed and Omnisyphon buffs.

  • Energy

    • 1 charge per 1/1/0.6% of Max HP lost

    • Charging Range: 12m

    • Max Energy Charge: 50/50/80

  • Movement Speed increase: 0.2/0.4/0.6 (+ 1% of Energy)

  • Min Omnisyphon Increase: 2/5/8%(+ 10% of Energy)

  • Duration: 3s

  • Effect Area: 12m

  • Cooldown: 60/45/45s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement: Gain more energy.


Blasting Bullet

09. Blasting Bullet

Basic Attacks deal damage over a wider range for a certain period of time.

  • Range Damage

    • Melee: 80/90/100%

    • Ranged: 40/50/60%

  • Effect Area: 3m

  • Duration: 6s

  • Cooldown: 60/15/15s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement

    • Basic attacks deal additional skill damage while the effect is active.

    • Damage: 3% of enemy test subject's current HP


Blade of Truth

10. Blade of Truth

Deals damage to nearby enemies and increases Movement Speed based on how many targets were hit.

  • Damage: 100(+Level*20)

  • Effect Area: 2.5m

  • Movement Speed Increase on hit: 5/15/15%

    • Movement Speed Increase per additional target hit: 5/5/10%

    • Max Movement Speed Increase: 15/25/35%

  • Duration: 2.5s

  • Cooldown: 60/15/15s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement

    • Increases damage dealt to the target.

      • Damage Increase: 15%

      • Duration: 2.5s


False Oath

11. False Oath

All damage increases at the expense of your HP. Used HP is slowly recovered.

The it lasts, the stronger the effect.

  • HP Consumed: 300

  • Duration: 5s

  • HP Recovery per Second

    • Melee: 80~120

    • Ranged: 50~75

  • All Damage Increase

    • Melee: 8~16%

    • Ranged: 4~8%

  • Max HP based on HP Consumed: 1/15/30%

  • Cooldown: 60/30/30s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement: The effect duration is updated when a slay is involved.


Healing Wind

12. Healing Wind

All allies within range recover HP.

  • HP Recovery: 100/100/200(+Level*10/10/15)

  • Effect Area: 7m

  • Cooldown: 60/30/30s

  • Level 3 Module Enhancement:

    • When used, the target's defense increases.

      • Defense Increase: 20

      • Duration: 3s


Weapon Skills

Glove - Uppercut

Punch your target, dealing (110% Additional Attack Power * Basic Attack Amplification)(+ 30% Skill Amplification) basic attack damage and an additional 40/65/90% of final damage and 50/60/70 true damage. Damage dealt with Upper Cut can not Critically Strike.

  • Range: Basic Attack Range + 0.4m

  • Cooldown: 15/10/5s

Pistol - Moving Reload 

Reload your ammo and move faster by 30/45/60%(+Skill Amplification 2%) for 1s. Once reload is complete, basic attack speed of the next 2 attacks increases by 70%.

  • Cooldown: 40/32/24 


Guitar - Love&…

Release a sound wave in the targeted direction, dealing 80/120/160(+Additional Attack Power 100/130/160%)(+Skill Amplification 35/40/45%) skill damage to the first enemy hit. Enemies hit by the sound wave are possessed by the music, moving towards the source of the wave for 0.8/1/1.2s.

  • Cooldown: 25s


Dagger - Cloak and Dagger

Cloak: Become invisible for 2/3/3s seconds and increase your movement speed by 5/15/15%, decaying over 2/3/3s seconds.

Dagger: Activate the skill on a targeted enemy to blink behind them, dealing 50/100/150(+Additional Attack Power 85%)(+Skill Amplification 25%) skill damage and 10% of the target's current HP as true damage and slowing them by 20/35/35% for 1 second.

  • Cooldown: 40/30/20s


Axe - Maleficent Helix

While moving in the targeted direction, swing your Axe to deal 100/150/200(+Additional Attack Power 100/140/180%)(+Skill Amplification 45%)(+7% of Target’s Max HP ) skill damage to all enemies within range, and restore your HP for {4} of damage dealt. Cannot go over walls. Deals 110% damage to Wild Animals.

  • Effect Area: Circle Radius 2.5m

  • Dash Range: 1m

  • Cooldown: 8/6/4s


Assault Rifle - Overheat

When hitting an enemy with a basic attack, you gain 3 Overheat stacks for each shot. (Maximum of 50/75/100 stacks)

If you do not basic attack for 6 seconds, you lose 10 stacks every second.

Activating Overheat instantly reloads your ammo and puts you in an Overheat state for 0.1-5 seconds.
During this period, extra basic attack damage is increased by 0-5 and attack speed is increased by 20/35/50%. The attack speed cap is ignored during this time.

Extra Basic Attack Damage and Overheat's duration is also increased based on the number of Overheat stacks.

  • Cooldown: 17s


Rapier - Quick Cut

Charge towards the targeted enemy, dealing 80/140/200(+Additional Attack Power 60/70/80%)(+Skill Amplification 20/35/50%) skill damage.

  • Range: 5m

  • Cooldown: 30/22/14s


Hammer - Armor Piercing

Smash the hammer down, dealing 180/260/340(+Additional Attack Power 70/100/130%)(+Skill Amplification 50%) skill damage and reducing the defense of enemies hit by 15/25/25% for 6 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 30/25/20s


Bat - Full Swing

Swing your bat in front of you, dealing 100/200/300(+Additonal Attack Power 150%)(+Skill Amplification 30/45/60%) skill damage and knocking back all enemies in the targeted area 4m. Enemies hit into wall are stunned for 0.8 second.

  • Cooldown: 25s


Crossbow - Expulsion Shot

Fire a powerful crossbow shot in the targeted direction. Targets hit by the arrows take 50/100/150(+Additional Attack Power 50/60/70%)(+Skill Amplification 30%) skill damage and are knocked back. Enemies knocked into a wall are stunned and take 50/100/150(+Additional Attack Power 50/60/70%)(+Skill Amplification 30%) extra skill damage.

  • Effect Area: 5.5m, Angle 60°, Impact Area: Radius 0.3m

  • Cooldown: 40/32/24s


Dual Swords - Dual Sword Rampage

Charge and swing your swords in the targeted direction, dealing 20/30/40(+Additional Attack Power 20/30/40%)(+Skill Amplification 6/7/8%) skill damage 6 times to all enemies in your path.

If you damage an enemy at least 4 times, you can reactivate the skill one more time within 5 seconds.

Upon reactivating the skill, dash in the targeted direction, dealing 100/150/200(+Additional Attack Power 100/125/150%)(+Skill Amplification 50/60/70%) skill damage to all enemies in your path.

  • 1st use Range: 3.5m, 2 use Range: 5.5m

  • Cooldown: 30/25/20s


Nunchaku - Breath of the Dragon

Swing the nunchaku quickly while moving, creating a gust of wind and slowing the caster by 45%. Recasting launches the gust of wind in the targeted direction dealing 100/175/250(+Additional Attack Power 50%)(+Skill Amplification 40%) ~ 200/350/500(+Additional Attack Power 150%)(+Skill Amplification 80%) skill damage depending on charge time. Swinging the nunchaku for more than 0.8 seconds stuns enemies hit for 1 seconds.

  • Range: 6 ~ 10m, Effect Area: 1.5m

  • Cooldown: 28/24/20s


Shuriken - Caltrops

Throw caltrops on the ground in an area for 8 seconds, dealing 60/90/120(+Additional Attack Power 50%)(+Skill Amplification 20/25/30%) skill damage to enemies that step on them and reducing their movement speed by 30/40/50% for 2 seconds.

Stepping on additional caltrops reduces the damage dealt by 45%.

  • Range: 5m, Radius: 2m

  • Cooldown: 30s


Two-handed Sword - Parry

Raise your sword and take a defensive position for 1.75s, becoming immune to damage and blocking effects. After, you charge towards the attacking enemy 3m, dealing 100/150/200(+Additional Attack Power 150/175/200%)(+Skill Amplification 70%) skill damage to enemies.

  • Cooldown: 30s


Sniper Rifle - Ballistic Advantage

Activate Ballistic Advantage in the targeted direction. When Ballistic Advantage is active, your vision is increased by 30 but your angle of vision is decreased.

Crippling Shot: Grants you 6 vision, deals 100/200/300(+Additional Attack Power 160%)(+Skill Amplification 30/35/40%) skill damage, and grants you vision of enemies hit for {3} seconds. Enemies hit are slowed by 90% for 0.5 seconds.

Dead to Rights: Grants you 1.5 vision and deals 150/300/450(+Additional Attack Power 180%)(+Skill Amplification 40/45/50%) skill damage to enemies hit. Dead to Rights deals more damage based on the target's missing HP.

  • Range: 30m (Angle: 60°)

  • Cooldown: 40/35/30s


Spear - Shadow Stab

Powerfully lunge your spear 4m in the targeted direction, dealing 100/150/200(+Additional Attack Power 80/110/140%)(+Skill Amplification 20/30/40%) skill damage to enemies and slowing them. Enemies within 2m take an additional damage and are knocked back based on your basic attack range. Enemies hit are slowed buy 35% for 2 seconds.

  • Cooldown: 30/25/20s


Whip - Wind Cutter

Snap your whip twice, dealing 40/70/100(+Additional 40%)(+Skill Amplification 30%) skill damage per hit and reducing movement speed by 20/25/30% for 1s.

  • Effect Area: 6m

  • Cooldown: 30/25/20s


Camera - Flash

Flash your camera in the targeted direction, dealing 50/100/150(+Additional Attack Power 60/90/120%)(+Skill Amplification 30/40/50%) damage. Enemies facing you take 100/150/200 additional damage and have reduced vision for 2 seconds.

  • Effect Area: 4m (Angle: 100°)

  • Cooldown: 30s


Throw - Smokescreen

Throw a smokescreen at the targeted location that lasts for 2.5 seconds. Enemies inside the smokescreen will have their vision reduced.

  • Range: 6m

  • Effect Area: 2m

  • Cooldown: 40/32/24s


Tonfa - Quick Spin

Block damage coming from all directions for 0.75 seconds and return 20/35/50% of the damage back to the attacking enemy. (Does not block attack effects.)

  • Cooldown: 30/25/20s


Bow - Rain of Arrows

Fire a volley of arrows at the targeted area.

The arrows reach the target after 3 seconds, dealing 100/200/300(+Additional Attack Power 100%)(+Skill Amplification 25%) skill damage to each enemy hit, and reducing their movement speed by 15%. Enemies at the center of the rain of arrows take 200/400/600(+Additional Attack Power 190%)(+Skill Amplification 55%) damage.

  • Range: 28m

  • Effect Area: Radius 4m

  • Center Effect Area: Radius 2m

  • Cooldown: 35/30/25s


Arcana - VF Dispersion

Create 3 spheres of condensed VF energy around you. The spheres fly towards nearby enemies, dealing 30/50/70(+Skill Amplification 25%) skill damage to the target and its surroundings.

Damage to Wild Animals is increased by 50%.

  • Cooldown: 30/25/20s


VF Prosthetic - VF Stabilization

Echion channels for 1 second, gaining additional effects based on the state of his VF.

  • Below 50: Gains 45 VF.

  • 50 or higher: Consume 45 VF to reduce the cooldown of all non-weapon skills by 60% and increase your movement speed by 20% for 0.85 seconds.

  • During VF Overflow: The duration of VF Overflow is increased by 1.5/2.5/3.5 seconds, the cooldown of all skills, excluding VF Stabilization, is reduced by 60%, and his movement speed is increased by 20% for 0.85 seconds.

  • During Exuviation: The duration of Exuviation is reduced by 5/7/9 seconds.





Frailty Infliction

Your 3rd basic attack or skill against the same test subject within 5 seconds deals (Level*{2}) true damage and reduces their defense by (Level*{1.5})% for 7 seconds. (Cooldown 20s)
Multi-hit effects only grant 1 stack.



When you use your Weapon Skill, gain additional Attack Speed. (Melee) Gain 60 (+ Level*2%) Attack Speed for 3 seconds. (Ranged) Gain 40 (+ Level*1.6%) Attack Speed for 3 seconds. (Cooldown: 30s)


Vampiric Bloodline

Damaging a test subject with a skill grants you 3% Omnisyphon, for up to 4 stacks. At max stacks, attack power is increased by 10(+Level*1) or skill amp by 20(+Level*2). Omnisyphon gained from Vampiric Bloodline lasts for 6 seconds and is regained every time you damage an enemy with a skill. (Cooldown 2s)


Red Sprite

Damaging an enemy with a skill spawns a sprite that deals 15(+Level*2)(+Attack Power 20% or Skill Amp 26%) additional skill damage and can chain to multiple enemy test subjects. If at least one other test subject is within 4m of the sprite, its additional damage is reduced by 50% but chains and damages both enemies. If no other test subjects were in range, the sprite's additional damage is increased by 20%. Every time you damage an enemy test subject with a skill, the cooldown of Red Sprite is reduced by 0.5s. (Cooldown 10s)



Every time you damage an enemy test subject with a Basic Attack or spend 3 seconds in combat, gain a stack of Adrenaline, up to a maximum of {1.2} stacks.
(Melee) Stack up to 10 stacks, and each stack increases your attack speed by 1.8 (+level * 0.5)%. At maximum stacks, gain an additional 1 (+level * 1)% basic attack damage amp.
(Ranged) Stack up to 10 stacks, and each stack increases your attack speed by 1.5 (+level * 0.4)%. At maximum stacks, gain an additional 1 (+level * 0.8)% basic attack damage amp.

Stacks expire upon exiting combat.. (Cooldown 2s)


Stopping Power

Gain 6% Armor Penetration.


Dismantle Goliath

Deal 10% - 40% extra damage to enemy test subjects with 3.5% - 14% more Max HP than you.



Deal 10% more damage in safe zones after final restricted areas are activated.


Spirit Culling

Restore 15% of your damage dealt as SP.



You and your summons deal 15% more damage and heal for 10% of damage dealt to wild animals. You and your summons also deal 12% more damage and heal for 8% of damage dealt to Alpha, Omega, Wickeline.


Anima Reaper

Killing a test subject, bear, or boss monster will grant a stack of Anima Reaper.
(Gain up to 10 attack power or 20 skill amp based on stacks.)

Squad: 10 per test subject , 8 per bear or boss monster



Diamond Shard

Immobilizing an enemy player increases your Defense by 30(+Level*3) for 3 seconds.
After {0} seconds, deal (Level*10) Skill Damage in a 3m radius around you.
Enemies hit are slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds. (Cooldown 30s)



Using a Weapon Skill makes you Ironclad, reducing your damage taken and granting you Tenacity.
(Melee) Reduces damage taken by 25%(+Defense 15%) and grants you 12(+Level*1)% Tenacity for 3 seconds.
(Ranged) Reduces damage taken by 5(+Level*1)% and grants you 18%(+Defense 15) Tenacity for 2.5 seconds.
(Cooldown 20s)


Oblivion Can Wait

Take less Basic Attack Damage when your HP is low.
(Melee) Take 60 - 20% reduced Basic Attack damage if your HP is below 0 - 15%.
Damage reduced is multiplied by 0.2(+Defense 1.25%) and is reflected to the inflictor as Skill Damage.
(Ranged) Take 60 - 20% reduced Basic Attack damage if your HP is below 0 - 12%.
Damage reduced is multiplied by 0.2(+Defense 1.25%) and is reflected to the inflictor as Skill Damage.


Heavy Kneepads

Gain a shield proportional to your max HP.
(Cooldown 55s)

(Melee) Gain a shield with HP equal to 15% of your max HP. When the shield is broken, immediately cleanse all crowd control and debuffs and gain 35% additional movement speed for 0.5s.
(Ranged) Gain a shield with HP equal to 15% of your max HP. When the shield is broken, immediately cleanse all crowd control and debuffs and gain 35% additional movement speed for 0.5s.

Cannot cleanse Airborne, Knocked back, or Grabbed.
If the shield is broken by damage from a wild animal, this Augment's cooldown is reduced by 70%.


Bitter Retribution

Gain 1 stack per 1% HP lost in damage taken from enemy test subjects.(Max 30 stacks)
(Melee) At max stacks, your next Basic Attack consumes this Augment's stacks to slow the enemy by 50%% for 1.5 seconds and deal (Level*20) additional skill damage. (Cooldown 2s)
(Ranged) At max stacks, your next Basic Attack consumes this Augment's stacks to deal (Level*20) additional skill damage. (Cooldown 2s)

If stacks expire, you return to a Calm state and recover 0.5% of your max HP for each stack that expired.



Increase your Defense by 8(+Level*1.5) for 3 seconds after gaining a shield from a skill/augment, or being healed by a skill/augment. (Cooldown 10s)



Reduce damage taken by 2% for each other player in a 6.5m radius.



Take 6(+Level*0.2)% less damage when immobilized.


Dulled Blades

Upon receiving critical strike damage, critical strike damage taken in the next 5 seconds is reduced by 7.5%. (Cooldown 10s)


Reinforced Armor

Damage Reduction stats on items are 125% effective on you.


Dine n' Dash

Automatically consumes a food item in your inventory when your HP falls below 85%, increasing your Attack Power based on the rarity of the food consumed. Automatically consumes a beverage in your inventory when your SP falls below 50%, increasing your Defense based on the rarity of the beverage consumed. Higher rarity consumables will be consumed first. Consumables of the same rarity will be consumed in inventory order.

Uncommon : Attack Power(1.5+Level*0.1) or Skill Amplification({3+Level*0.2), Defense(1+Level*0.1)
Rare : Attack Power(3+Level*0.15) or Skill Amplification(6+Level*0.3), Defense(2+Level*0.15)
Epic : Attack Power(4+Level*0.2) or Skill Amplification(8+Level*0.4), Defense(3+Level*0.2)
Legendary : Attack Power(4+Level*0.25) or Skill Amplification (8+Level*0.5), Defense(4+Level*0.25)



Healing Factor

Your skills or augments' heals and shields are 20% more effective. Whenever you heal or shield a target, their Attack Power is increased by (Level*2) or Skill Amp is increased by (Level*4) for 4 seconds. (Cooldown 7s)
Does not include HP recovery from consumables, Life Steal, HP Regeneration, or Resting.


Healing Drone

Using your ultimate summons a Healing Drone that follows you for 5 seconds.
The drone heals you and your allies in a 3m radius for 3(+Level*0.15)% missing health every second. (Cooldown 30s)
When receiving healing from multiple Healing Drones, each Drone heals you for 50% of its original amount instead.


Amplification Drone

Using your ultimate summons an Amplification Drone that follows you around for 4.5 seconds.
The drone increases Movement Speed by 5(+Level*0.3)% and Skill Amplification by 15(+Level*1)% to all allies within a {1}m radius. (Cooldown 30s)

Multiple Amplification Drones do not stack.


Run It Back

After killing a Wild Animal, you recover [10(+Attack Power 25%)(+Skill Amplification 15%)]~[(30(+Attack Power 75%)(+Skill Amplification 45%)] of HP, depending of your lost HP. Moving towards another enemy gradually increases your movement speed up to 25%.
Instead of recovering HP, slaying a test subject, Alpha, Omega, Gamma, or Wickeline reduces taken damage by 20% for 5s, and increases your movement speed by 2x.\n(Cooldown 10s)



Damaging an enemy test subject with a skill grants you and your allies within 8m a shield that lasts up to 6 second(s). (Cooldown 6s)
When you fall below 20% HP, the shield is increased by 1.5 times. This shield's HP cannot exceed 35% of your max HP.

Squad: Shield 55(+Level*2)
Cobalt: Shield 85(+Level*2)


Thorn Shackles

Immobilizing a target causes them to take 4% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds. (Cooldown 12s)



Using your ultimate grants you and your allies in a 4m radius a shield for 3 seconds, absorbing (Level*11) damage. (Cooldown: 20s)
When receiving another shield from Assembly within 7 seconds, the shield is decreased by 50%.



Gain (1+Number of surviving allies including you) Disinfectant (s) every night.
Disinfectant is dropped on the ground if you have insufficient inventory space.



Increase your Vision Range at night by 1.25m.


Urban Warfare

Gain 10% Attack Power for 6 seconds if an enemy triggers one of your traps. Gain 30% Defense for 6 seconds if you trigger an enemy's trap. (Cooldown 2s)


Head Starter

Start the game with 'Clogs' equipped. Out of combat movement speed is increased by 0.05 while equipped with a Epic or Legendary leg item.


Penny Pincher

Kiosk is discounted by 15 Credits.


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