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  • 10 months ago

1.0.0 (July 20th, 2023)

On July 20th, 2023 at 5 AM (UTC), Eternal Return 1.0 will officially launch.

Preseason for Season 1 Begins!

We’ll be entering into our first 2-week Preseason before Season 1 begins.

  • Season 9 Ranked Rewards based on the final LP of Early Access Season 9 (including the Cadet Jackie skin) will be distributed with the start of Season 1.

  • Season 1 is scheduled to begin on Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 upon maintenance completion (1.1).

  • At the start of Season 1, your ranked record for the Preseason period will be soft reset based on your final score.

Season 1’s 1.0 Pack Pre-Purchase

The 1.0 pack containing pretty much everything being released in Season 1 will be available for purchase!

  • Purchase Period and Sale

    • July 20th after maintenance ~ August 3rd before maintenance: 16,400 NP6,900 NP (nearly 55% OFF)

    • August 3rd after maintenance ~ August 26th before maintenance: 16,400 NP10,500 NP (nearly 50% OFF)

  • 1.0 Pack

    • Purchase these 1.0 Pack Exclusive Items

      • Epic Skin: Summer Party Magician Emma

      • 1 emote: Summer Party Magician Emma

      • 1 tombstone: Summer Party Magician

    • 4 Characters from Season 1

      • Debi & Marlene (July 20th, 2023)

      • Arda (August 17th, 2023)

      • Abigail (August 31st, 2023) - Season 1 Bonus Character

      • Alonso (October 12th, 2023) - Season 1 Bonus Character

    • 7 Skins from Season 1

      • Rare Eleven Skin, Epic Shoichi Skin and Other 7 skins

    • 100 Vacance Tokens and ER Point Boost (14-Days)

    • ER PASS (Level 1):

      • 5 Skins (Including 1 Epic Skin)

      • 12 Emotes

      • 6 Tombstones

      • 2 Drones

      • 6 Sprays

      • 2 Cameras

      • 4 Kill Announcement Icons

      • 9 Profile Icons

      • 6 Announcers

      • 5 Profile Backgrounds and Borders

      • AND 100 Vacance Tokens, 1400 NP, Currency and Boost

[Check out the Season Pack Website!]

When you purchase the Season 1 Pack, you'll receive a special Epic Skin, Summer Party Magician Emma.

Did you miss me? The summer special show is about to begin!

New Character - Debi & Marlene

New test subjects, Debi & Marlene, who use two-handed swords, arrive on Lumia Island.

Debi & Marlene will be available for 9,900 A-Coin for two weeks after launch and will not be selectable in Ranked Matches until Tuesday, July 25th.

“Stick with me! I got this.” 

“Like hell you do.”

Blue & Red (P)

Passive:When Debi's in control, their Defense is increased by 5/10/15, and when Marlene takes over, their basic attack range changes to 4.0m. Debi & Marlene basic attack deals Attack Power 75% damage.

Debi & Marlene's basic attack and skills ink the target with Blue & Red, respectively. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
When Blue & Red's ink changes from one color to another, the original color disappears, dealing 10/20/30(+70% Additional Attack Power)(50% of Critical Strike Chance Damage Increase) skill damage to the target and increasing Debi & Marlene's movement speed by 1/2/3% for 3 seconds. (Max Stacks: 5)
Additionally, the cooldown of Cover Me, Marlene! or Now, Debi! is reduced by 0.5 seconds when the colors are inked, and dealing damage with Blue & Red reduces its cooldown by 1 second.

  • Debi & Marlene's Basic Attack doesn't critically hit, but increases Blue & Red's damage by 50% of their Critical Strike Chance.

Hard Slash (Debi Q)

Debi slams her sword forward, dealing 50/75/100/125/150(+Additional Attack Power 75%) skill damage. Hitting an enemy increases her Attack Speed by 9/10.5/12/13.5/15% for 5 seconds (Max Stacks: 4).

  • This skill is also considered as a basic attack and its effect is activated upon hitting an enemy for the first time. Cooldown and Casting Time are reduced based on additional Attack Speed.

  • Range: 4.5m * 1m

  • Cooldown: 4s


Whirl Dance (Debi W)

Debi swings her sword wildly, dealing 40/70/100/130/160(+Additional Attack Power 60%)(+Target's Max HP 10/11/12/13/14%) skill damage, and blocking enemy projectiles and basic attacks in range.

  • Cooldown and Casting Time are reduced based on additional Attack Speed.

  • Range: Radius 3m

  • Cooldown: 10s


Cover Me, Marlene! (Debi E)

Passive: Debi & Marlene's movement speed increases by 20% when they switch, and they return to normal after 1.5 seconds.

Call Marlene to switch. When switching, she moves backwards and releases energy, dealing 30/65/100/135/170(+Additional Attack Power 70%) skill damage to the first enemy she hits. After 1.5 second, that enemy and all nearby enemies are slowed by 20% for 0.75 seconds.

Debi remains in her switched position for 5 seconds, and using Crescent Slash causes Debi to dash forward, dealing 30/70/110/150/190(+Additional Attack Power 70%) skill damage to enemies in her path and knocking them airborne for 0.5 seconds.

  • This skill is also considered as a basic attack and its effect is activated upon hitting an enemy for the first time. Casting Time is reduced based on additional Attack Speed.

  • Marlene

    • Backwards Move Range: 2m

    • Projectile Range: 6m

    • Range: Radius 0.8m

  • Debi

    • Dash Range: 4.5m

    • Damage Range: 6m * 1.2m

  • Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12s

    • Its not affected by Cooldown Reduction.


Crescent Slash (Marlene Q)

Marlene releases energy, dealing 50/75/100/125/150(+Additional Attack Power 70%) skill damage. Hitting an enemy increases Attack Speed by 9/10.5/12/13.5/15% for 5 seconds. (Max Stacks: 4)

  • This skill is also considered as a basic attack and its effect is activated upon hitting an enemy for the first time. Cooldown and Casting Time are reduced based on Additional Attack Speed.

  • Projectile Range: 6.25m

  • Projectile Size: Radius 0.5m

  • Cooldown: 4.5s


Crescent Dance (Marlene W)

Marlene spins rapidly, releasing 3/4/5/6/7((+Max 7 of Additional Attack Speed) bolts of energy that fly toward nearby enemies. Enemies take 10/30/50/70/90(+Additional Attack Power 45%) skill damage and are inked with Blue & Red every 2 hits. Enemies already hit by the energy take 30% damage..

  • Increases the number of energy shots fired up to a maximum of 14 based on additional attack speed, while reducing cooldown.

  • Enemy Detection Range: 5m (Activate skill when Enemy is in a 5m Range)

  • Cooldown: 9s


Now, Debi! (Marlene E)

Passive: Debi & Marlene's Movement Speed increases by 20% when they switch, and they return to normal after 1.5 seconds.

Call Debi to switch. When switching, Debi lunges forward, dealing 30/70/110/150/190(+Additional Attack Power 70%) skill damage to enemies in her path and knocking them airborne for 0.5 seconds.

Marlene remains in her switched position for 5 seconds, and using Hard Slash causes Marlene to move backwards and release energy, dealing 30/65/100/135/170(+Additional Attack Power 70%) skill damage to the first enemy hit. After 1.5 seconds, that enemy and all nearby enemies are slowed by 20% for 0.75 seconds.

  • This skill is also considered as a basic attack, and its effect is activated upon hitting an enemy for the first time. Casting Time is reduced based on Additional Attack Speed.

  • Debi

    • Dash Range: 4.5m

    • Damage Range: 6m * 1.2m

  • Marlene

    • Backwards Move Range: 2m

    • Projectile Range: 6m

    • Range: Radius 0.8m

  • Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12s

    • It is not affected by Cooldown Reduction.


Twins Rush (R)

Debi & Marlene dash together, dealing 100/200/300(+Additional Attack Power 100%) skill damage to all enemies in their path before pulling them towards them and stunning them for a short period. Enemies also take 5/10/15(+Additional Attack Power 10%) true damage 5 additional times, and are inked with Blue & Red. Cover Me, Marlene! or Now, Debi!'s cooldown is also reset.

  • Dash Range: 8m

  • Range: 8m * 2m

  • Stun Duration: 0.5s

  • Cooldown: 90/70/50s

New Skins & Emotes

Treasure Finder Lenox (Rare) will be available.

“Let's see what is hiding in those treasure chests!”

Admiral Leon (Rare) will be available. Admiral Leon Skin can be obtained through an event.

“Our voyage begins now.”

Ly Ahn Emotes will be available for purchase.

Regular Season 1 Annoucement

Announcement Regarding Game Modes

The new changes to Lumia Island through Eternal Return 1.0 will find Squad Mode as the starting point. Solo and Duo will be temporarily closed until later notice. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to fans of the locked modes.

Eternal Return 1.0 will offer the following 3 modes: Normal (Squad), Ranked (Squad), and Cobalt Protocol. Normal and Ranked modes will set the place for team competitions between 8 teams (a total of 24 players). Characters and major systems have been adjusted for the Squad mode.


When you open the game for the first time, the following video will greet players! What a better way to start Eternal Return 1.0!

[Link to Video]

After that, players can select to watch it again on Settings.

Briefing Room

Players that finish loading will now be placed in a Briefing Room before moving onto Lumia Island.


Before, players were forced to just stare at the loading screen, even though they’re match had already load. Now, players that load fast can wait in the Briefing Room.

  • Briefing Room sets all Test Subjects at Level 20, allowing all skills levels to be used.

  • Players can not craft or discard items, earn credits in the room or leave the match.

  • Test Subjects will instantly recover their HP and SP if they die to another player while waiting in the room.

  • The room has a Practice Dummy for players to practice combos and check damage.

  • You can chat with your teammates, look at the Item Catalog or modify your item list.

  • The sound volume in the Briefing Room can be set separately, as 24 players in one room can get loud.

After every player has finished loading, or after a certain amount of time has passed, the test subjects in the Briefing Room are sent to their starting area.

Lumia Island Map Reconstruction

We did some big construction work on Lumia Island. We separated 4 regions in two while adding new paths and opening up buildings. Through the process, we were able to make the map 15% bigger. The paths around the map for farming and fighting should be more comfortable and less awkward cutoffs. The yellow part of the map are newly opened sections.

 For more details regarding our map work, feel free to check out the Dev Journals below.

2. Lumia Island - 1st Update

6. Lumia Island - 2nd Update

9. Lumia Island - 3rd Update

Here are the new areas of Lumia Island.

  • Previously Alley: Alley and Gas Station

  • Previously Avenue: Police Station and Fire Station

  • Previously Pond: Pond and Stream

  • Previously Dock: Dock and Warehouse

Operator Nadja

Operator Nadja will lead and assist new players learn the ropes around Lumia Island. She gives real-time advice through text and voice in-game.

  • Operator Nadja takes the players' Saved Plans and current situations into consideration, then gives in-game options players can choose from.

  • At the start of the game, she helps with the farming process. Afterward, she leads players to meet with their team, use campfires, hunt wild animals, etc.

  • Nadja also reminds players about map objectives that appear depending on the game phase.

  • Nadja gives tips to upgrade gear if a player gets a rare material, as well as informs players to revive their teammates. Overall, Nadja will try her best to help.

Operator Nadja is customizable.

  • Operator Nadja voices are available in English, Japanese, and Korean.

  • Players can adjust sounds as well as select presets.

    • New players will meet Nadja at her fullest through the beginner option.

    • Once hitting level 30, Nadja will ask the player if they want to move onto the more experienced settings, since advice regarding late-game items and such may not be as beneficial for a veteran.

    • Players can also customize which kind of information they want to hear about or don’t want to hear about from Operator Nadja.

Victory Poses

Now, after a win, characters will celebrate with a pose.


Epic skins will get their own animations as well.

Ranked System

The ranked system is getting a revamp.

Entry Cost will change according to a player’s rank, and players will now get points from placement and kills.

Players can now see their score in real-time on the top right of the screen.

Players can also see the breakdown of how their score was calculated after the game’s over.

  • While Entry Cost will get more expensive throughout the tiers, points gained will stay the same regardless of placement. However, players with an overly large rank differential compared to the rest of the lobby will get points adjusted.

    • Kill scores are the highest value when you fully eliminate an enemy. Only downing enemies are worth 50% compared.

    • The value of kill scores goes up with placements.

    • However, downing one player overly repetitively in a short time span may not grant points.

    • Kills from Battle Zones are flat 3 points.

    • A successful escape grants 10 points.

  • Placements that hide player tier until placement end is no longer.

    • Players new to Ranked start at Iron with 0 points.

    • Iron has no Entry Cost so players should be able to move up fast.

  • There will be soft rank resets at the start of a new season.

    • Players with ranked experience will start at a higher tier than Iron.

  • Promotion and Demotions are different now as well.

    • There are no longer separate promotions, and players will raise in tier if they just hit the tier goal.

    • Successful promotions will grant a bonus of 50 points in order to stop demotion risk right away.

    • Demotions will put players at 0 even if players fell below their tier. If a player loses points again, the player will be demoted with 50 points reduced from their rank.


Players can meet a variety of items through Forging. There are two types of boxes: Research Center Data Box and Skin Data Box.

Research Center Data Box can be earned by playing the game. 

  • ER Pass Rewards (Free, Paid)

  • Achieving certain account levels

  • Chance to drop from daily missions

  • Purchase with EP Tokens (Limited)

  • Upcoming Events

  • Price for 1 Box: 140 NP

Research Center Data Box randomly includes 1~4 of the following. The rates can be found in-game.

  • Test Subjects

  • Skins

  • Skin Design

  • Emotes

  • Tombstones

  • Camera / Drone skins

  • Lobby Screens / etc.

Skin Data Boxes can be purchased or obtained through the ER Pass. Each box includes a maximum of 2 skins or skin designs.

  • Price for 1 Box: 300 NP

  • Some skins suche as Cadet Skins and Limited Skins are not included.

Both boxes require Data Keys to be opened. Data Keys can also be found through missions, ER Pass, ER tokens, and gameplay. Players can also opt into purchase them straight from the Store.

  • Price for 1 Box: 140 NP

  • Bundle Price for 10 Skin Data Key + 10 Data Key 10 (+1 Extra Set): 3,325 NP

Skins and skin designs can be used to craft and gain items through the Forging menu.

  • You need Data Fragments to craft skins and Rare Data Fragments to craft Epic Skins.

  • You cannot craft already owned items.

If you get an already owned item or design, you can disassemble it in Forging.

  • You use A-coin to disassemble.

  • You can get Data Fragments from disassembling items and Rare Data Fragments from disassembling Epic and Rare skins.

  • You can also get Season Tokens (this Season: Vacance Tokens) from disassembling full items.

  • You can get a new design at a certain probability from disassembling.

You can exchange items in the Exchange menu with Season Tokens.

  • Tokens are reset every season. This Season we have Vacance Tokens.

  • You can obtain Vacance Tokens through:

    • ER PASS Reward

    • Season Pack Purchase

    • Store EP Tokens Purchase

    • Disassembling full items

Items that can be purchased with Season Tokens change every season. This season can purchase the following items using Vacance Tokens.

  • Scarlet Vampire Shoichi (Epic) Skin (October 12th)

  • Snow Blossom ER Pass Skins (Winter Carnival Hart, Winter Carnival Sissela, Winter Carnival Shoichi)

  • You can also purchase other Snow Blossom items such as Borders, Background and so forth.

  • Data Keys

Forging rewards will be added when the necessary account level is achieved, and existing players will receive the added rewards up to their current account level.

Changes to Saved Plans

UI for Saved Plans has been revamped.

We realigned the screen information to go from the left to right, top to bottom to create a natural intuitive read.

We attempted the screens to be more approachble, and avoid having overwhelming information in one screen. The auto-route generator has also been updated, and should help a lot when creating new plans.


Various optimizations were made in Eternal Return 1.0.

  • Light Map Application

  • Grid Map Application

  • Optimization to the UI and Management of Information

  • Enhancing the Reusability of Resources

  • Effects Optimizations

  • Unity 2022 Engine Update

You can check more info about this on our Frame Report Dev Journal.

Read Dev Journal 21: Frame Report 

Changes to Character Prices

With the Eternal Return 1.0 Official Launch, we're changing the pricing structure for characters. There are four tiers based on release date and difficulty, with some of the characters’ having their price adjusted twice each season.

  • 285 NP, 620 A-coin: Jackie, Aya, Hyunwoo, Nadine, Yuki, Bernice, Leon, Eleven, Eva, Johann

  • 645 NP, 2410 A-coin: Zahir, Li Dailin, Hyejin, Xiukai, Chiara, Sissela, Lenox, Luke, Barbara, Sua, Rio, Daniel, Jenny, Camilo, Bianca, Mai, Elena, Priya, Markus

  • 870 NP, 4340 A-coin: Fiora, Magnus, Hart, Isol, Silvia, Adriana, Shoichi, Emma, Rozzi, Cathy, Adela, Alex, Nathapon, Jan, Chloe, Celine, Echion, Aiden, Laura, Tia, Felix, Adina, Karla

  • 1075 NP, 8020 A-coin: Estelle, Piolo, Martina, Haze, Isaac, Tazia, Irem, Theodore, Ly Ahn, Vanya

Crafting Guide & VPad

The Crafting Guide has been revamped and the new VPad has been introduced.

VPad stands for Vectorized Projection Assistance Display, which is a vector screen projected from a bracelet on the test subject's wrist that allows the subject to see their current status during the experiment.

As this is the most popular UX change, we're giving it its own page!

1.0.0 Crafting Guide & VPad

Additional Important Changes 

Eternal Return 1.0 is getting large changes, almost to the level of it being a sequel to the first Eternal Return. While rotating to Squads, there are changes from items to characters. Many material locations have been shifted, and the new 24 player lobbies with new revives will feel like a very different system.

With how many changes there are, delivering all the information is not the easiest. For example, many characters base stats are changing to fit the new mastery system in the new environment. But for 1.0’s first patch notes, we’ll be trying our best to show you guys all the changes.

We have prepared links to seperate documents for each topic below.


Bug Fixes & Improvements

With the Unity 3D version upgrades, there were many reconstructions that allowed us to fix previous bugs. For example, the old Battle Zone timer bug as well as not being able to surpass the first loading screen when launching the game. We also addressed suspicious error codes that may be causing the cursor change issues and the 9219 error codes. There were no reports of these issues in our most recent playtest. We’ll continue to monitor and address issues that pop-up as we have done before. Replay issues are still occuring when certain characters are in the game, and we’re addressing right now.

With how different the clients are with 1.0 being a big revamp, as well as the large difference in client compared to 0.88, we will be skipping the specific bug fix listings for this patch notes.

Caution: Keybinds and Saved Plans Reset

With new keys being added to the game, there was an overall Keyboard Shortcuts reset. Please reset the keys as you need after launch.

With how different each area is in, the old Saved Plans sadly won’t hold anymore. We will be removing the older saved plans.

We apologize for the inconvience caused by the resets.

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